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College Name Change

A school is a close-knit community where people of different ages, backgrounds, experiences and expectations come together to serve a common purpose. Its influences on those individuals are profound and lasting. Whilst the prime purpose of any school is to provide an education to its students, its role and function is so much more. It is during the formative years of schooling that students change and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. Lessons are learnt, knowledge is increased, both happy and challenging moments are shared. Many enduring, life-long friendships are formed; fond, amusing memories are created; a sense of belonging is forged.

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Principal for a day

The ‘Principal for a Day’ program was introduced in 2001 with the aim of increasing and strengthening partnerships between Victorian schools, business and the community.

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VET Aviation has landed at Ashwood Secondary College

Ashwood Secondary College are excited to announce that as of 2015 they will be offering a VET Certificate IV (Partial) in Aviation.  This course provides an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in the aviation industry. 

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The Collaborative Learning Centre

At Ashwood Secondary College we are committed to providing an environment in which every student can flourish. It is our collective responsibility to ensure all students optimise their potential for excellence.

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