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Education is a journey. Yours starts at Ashwood.

A great school doesn’t simply pass on knowledge. It develops a child’s capacity for understanding, leadership, communication, resilience, tenacity, organisation, creativity and, above all, happiness and self-confidence. A great school challenges its students. It provides a caring environment, but remains firm on discipline.

A great school helps students discover talents they never knew they had. It helps them develop a passion for learning, takes them places they never imagined they could go.

Academically, socially, physically, creatively: by any measure Ashwood College is a great school. A school that will help students achieve.



Fri 19th Sep
College Name Change: A school is a close-knit community where people of different ages, backgrounds, experiences and expectations come together to serve a common purpose. Its influences on thos... Read more...
Fri 19th Sep
The Maths and Science Pathway have certainly had an action packed term.  As teachers introduce new and exciting content this semester, students have been immersed in authentic learning task... Read more...



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You would have read all about our interesting Science excursions and incursions in the last edition of Ashwords.

Find out more about the Year 12 Deakin excursion at -


The article outlines the day and stars one of our very own Year 12 students.


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