Welcome to Ashwood College

Education is a journey. Yours starts at Ashwood.

A great school doesn’t simply pass on knowledge. It develops a child’s capacity for understanding, leadership, communication, resilience, tenacity, organisation, creativity and, above all, happiness and self-confidence. A great school challenges its students. It provides a caring environment, but remains firm on discipline.

A great school helps students discover talents they never knew they had. It helps them develop a passion for learning, takes them places they never imagined they could go.

Academically, socially, physically, creatively: by any measure Ashwood College is a great school. A school that will help students achieve.



Mon 8th Sep
Principal for a Day:
The ‘Principal for a Day’ program was introduced in 2001 with the aim of increasing and strengthening partnerships between Victorian schools, business and... Read more...
Thu 4th Sep
We are very proud to announce the success of one of Ashwood College’s Year 8 students, Alan Martin, who has worked hard to be selected in the Victorian Under 13 yo Table Tennis Team t... Read more...



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Latest News

Go Melbourne !’-  Year 9 Inquiry Program 2014

As an important part of the Inquiry Unit all Year 9 students are required to attend the Go Melbourne! Program in the city, commencing on Monday 15th September. A more detailed outline of the program and its aims is available on Moodle and at http://dbm.thewebconsole.com/S3DB8441/images/2014-Go-Melb-printable-student-booklet.pdf.


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Ashwood College welcomes you to take a tour of our school.

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