About Ashwood College

Ashwood College is different. It looks different. It’s surrounded by playing fields and parkland. (We even have our own wetland.) It’s a pleasant and stimulating learning environment that our students value and help to maintain. But it’s more than the environment in which we teach. More even, than the teachers and the facilities.

It comes down to one thing: a philosophy. We focus not on teachers, or processes, or efficiencies of scale, but on the student. We always remember that every student is an individual: a unique young person, with all the complexities, ambitions, uncertainties and talents that come with adolescence.

Some students thrive in big schools. But others need a more personalised environment, a place that’s nurturing as well as disciplined. Ashwood College is a smaller school which allows students to achieve their best with a real sense of community, as well as academic excellence. Our size is part of our philosophy. We like being small. And our students like us being small.

We have roughly equal numbers of girls and boys. Class sizes are small. Our students are all known as individuals by staff and by each other. The relationship between students, particularly those of different ages, is very important to us. Bullying is not tolerated. We don’t accept it; neither do the students. Older kids look after younger kids.

We have high standards. Our teachers are at the top of their profession. They’re committed to ongoing professional development. We’re disciplined. Our uniform reflects the pride we have in our school. Fundamental to our philosophy is the idea that no student can interfere with any other student’s learning.

Our students have achieved great results, academically of course, but in ways defined by them, not by the ‘system’. We’ve had students who’ve gone on to study Medicine at Melbourne University and others, equally gifted, who’ve become sculptors or jewellers. Our students succeed in the areas in which they want to succeed.

About Us