Ashwood High School turns 60 in 2018

Ashwood High School turns 60 in 2018

We have a big celebration planned for our 60th birthday in 2018.


Our major alumni event will be held Sunday 28 October 2018 at Ashwood High School and will include displays, music, photographs, a coffee cart and food, photo booth and lots of memorabilia! We encourage ALL years who attended Ashwood High School or Ashwood College to attend.  Entry is $15 to this event charged to ex-students and ex-staff ONLY. If you are an ex-student or ex-staff member you need to purchase a ticket. If you bring family or friends along with you during the day event, your family or friend will gain free admission and a visitor pass.

Once you have purchased a ticket by registering here you will recieve a name badge on the day indicating your status and years of attendance at Ashwood. Admission to displays and photos will be available to those who hold a badge. Family and friends who accompany you on the day will also gain access with a special visitor pass.

Although you may prefer to purchase a ticket on the day of the event, keep in mind that these queues will be lengthy.  The best way to ensure your day is hassle free is to pre-purchase a ticket and enter displays via the pre-paid line.


Later that night, there will be a cocktail party to celebrate this important occasion, also held at Ashwood High School. The cost of tickets (per person) is $35.00.


You can book tickets for the day event, the evening event or both!


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