Ashwood High School June News

Test Issue

Principal's Comment

Return to Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning - ‘From Great to Exceptional’
The return of students to Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning has been a resounding success. The safety, health and wellbeing procedures we have put in place have allowed a relaxed and focussed return to school. Some adjustments to the school’s processes and protocols have been necessary and worthwhile. Letters outlining these adjustments were sent to parents on a weekly basis; Friday 15 May 2020, Friday 22 May 2020 and Friday 5 June 2020.

As Term 2 comes to a close, I would like to acknowledge the incredible work of Ashwood High School staff over this period. Staff have risen to every challenge with professionalism and an unwavering determination to do the very best by their students. I would also like to take this opportunity of acknowledging the contribution of parents, carers and families.

Congratulations to parents, carers and students who have shown support, resilience and adaptability in ensuring purposeful and stimulating learning, first in the home and then back at school when it was considered safe to do so. Thank you for your words of support, encouragement and appreciation which have kept us going on ‘The Path Forward at Ashwood High School’ throughout this term.

Capital Works Program - ‘From Great to Exceptional’
As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Ashwood High School has been successful in gaining part of $2.7 billion in funding for building projects across the state. Thank you to all members of the community who completed the survey which was outlined in my letter sent to all families on Friday 12 June 2020. I am grateful that school’s vision for 21st century teaching and learning is shared by our community. Along with a new entry on High Street Road, it is hoped we will receive funding for a Senior/STEM Centre. Within close proximity to our wetlands, and together with a partnership with the CSIRO, a STEM centre would afford the school the opportunity to provide further subject offerings. A new building that provides high-end, state of the art facilities in STEM, Robotics, Computer Engineering and Environmental Science, coupled with functionally designed flexible learning spaces, will ensure that the school fully delivers on its promise to provide a quality education as good as the neighbouring private competitors.

Virtual Tour – ‘Increasing Positive Community Engagement’
I am very proud to premiere our virtual tour, available on our website and distributed to interested parties this week. The photos in the virtual tour will be repeated later this year once all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Staffing – ‘Valuing Staff and Building Capacity’
Ashwood High School is continuing to retain, develop and attract quality staff to fulfil our school’s Vision – ‘A school of first choice, a school with high social and academic outcomes for students, a positive school culture of empowerment and excellence based on mutual respect’ The most recent recruit to Ashwood High School is Alina Li, an Interpretive Aide and assistant to the International Student Program Manager.

Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment (ACE) Program – Approved SEAL – ‘Growing Pride and Achievement’
Round 1 testing for the ACE Program took place on Saturday 13 June 2020. Testing for Round 1 was online and at the student’s home. Successful candidates will be notified once this rigorous and comprehensive selection process has been undertaken. There has been strong interest in the ACE program for 2021. Round 2 testing dates will be released in Term 3 2020.
Ashwood Alliance - Deakin University Partnership – ‘Increasing Positive Community Engagement’; ‘Valuing Staff and Building Capacity’

The Ashwood Alliance is continuing to deliver on its objectives. It is an alliance of schools working in collaboration with Deakin University to provide outstanding experiences for pre-service teachers as part of their professional practice. In addition, it is enabling Ashwood High School staff and students to work in collaboration with staff and students from our local primary schools. When forging this important partnership, it was understood that these connections would become extremely positive as part of realising our school Vision as a school of first choice in the local community.

Assessment Week – Student Assessment and Reporting – ‘Growing Pride and Achievement’
Due to the period of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning, Exam Week was substituted by an Assessment Week which featured opportunities for catch-up, extension and standardised testing. This adjustment to the usual school processes for assessment has been designed to acknowledge the different learning that has occurred during this time and, as a result, make accommodations that are in the best interests of student learning and wellbeing during this time. The General Achievement Test (GAT) for all students completing a Unit 3-4 VCE class will be undertaken Wednesday 9 September 2020. This test plays a role in the calculation of students’ ATAR scores.

Pupil Free Day – Report Writing Day – ‘Valuing Staff and Building Capacity’
A pupil free day was held on Friday 12 June 2020 and was allocated to Report writing. Reports are published on Compass on the last day of school for Term 2, Friday 26 June 2020.

Subject Offerings 2020 – CAPs, VCE, VET & VCAL Programs – ‘Growing Pride and Achievement’
Resource allocations for 2021 will be based on providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum. We are preparing for our highly professional and productive information sessions and subject selection programs which will take place in Term 3. All programs will be relevant and highly rigorous. We expect to deliver our Information Evening to parents and families via Webex, details will be provided via Compass early in Term 3.

Virtual Assembly – ‘Enhancing the Student Culture’
Although, due to COVID-19, we were unable to gather together in the PAC for an assembly, our two latest ‘virtual’ assemblies have been a huge success. Each class has taken part via our video screens which are a feature of every classroom. Our students showed admirable respect and gratitude to be back at school on the first day of their return:
Stage 1 (Years 11 and 12): Tuesday 26 May 2020
Stage 2 (Years 7-10): Tuesday 9 June 2020.

Staff Workforce Planning 2021 – ‘Valuing Staff & Building Capacity’
Ashwood High School will continue to retain, attract and develop quality staff to the school. This period of growth and prosperity provides us with an opportunity to strengthen the quality of our workforce in service of improved social and academic outcomes for students.

School Governance – ‘From Great to Exceptional’
From the evidence it would suggest that Ashwood High School has served its community with honour and respect during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Thank you for your commitment to the improvement process at Ashwood High School. We are certainly on track to achieve the goals and targets of the Annual Implementation Plan for 2020 and the Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022.
Thank you for your support over the duration of Term 2. I hope that your family has a safe and restful break.

Brett More | Principal
Friday 26 June 2020 

Victorian Chief Health Officer Message to Parents

Acting Assistant Principals Reports

A Culture of High Expectations: Evaluating Impact on Learning, Assessment and Reporting
Teachers work diligently throughout the year to get to know each of their students. They build personal relationships at the same time as collecting and analysing various elements of data to determine each child’s point of need. This enables teachers to design the best possible learning activities for each class, ensuring each student can develop and achieve at their own level.

In this way, assessment should be considered as the constant and ongoing process of gathering, analysing and reflecting on evidence. This evidence takes many forms; incorporating students’ submitted work, their actions and participation in class (both in person and remotely) and how they interact and contribute outside of the classroom. The transition to Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning disrupted the usual ways in which teachers and students interact. This led to the discovery and creation of new learning evaluation practices and communication tools such as Webex and Teams to ensure reliable assessment continued to occur. The use of Learning Tasks in Compass assisted students and parents to keep track of work progress and submit tasks online. It also allowed teachers to receive, mark and provide feedback on individual student’s work from the safety of their remote teaching space.

As a School, we understand that the transition to and from remote learning has been easier for some students and their families than it has for others. Teachers have worked with House Coordinators to ensure that informed and consistent judgements have been made that allow them to plan for future learning and also report on current progress and suggest areas for improvement.

Assessment Week and the return to Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning
Assessment Week provided all students a week of revision and extension classes during which they had the opportunity to catch-up on work outstanding and seek support as required to ensure all assessment tasks were submitted. The decision to cancel Semester 1 exams also afforded the opportunity, for many classes, to reflect on what they had learned throughout the remote period and the styles of tasks and learning that worked best for them. Assessment Week also became a time to make plans for the exciting return to Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning the following Tuesday.

Semester 1 Reports
As I write this newsletter article my markbook and a pile of assessment rubrics sit by my side. I’ve completed my classes reports and am impressed with the big and not so big progressions my students have made in their knowledge and understanding throughout the semester. I’m always most in awe of those students who honestly reflect on their assessment outcomes – both positive and not so positive - and how this enables them to accurately identify the specific areas they will focus on for improvement. Metacognition is crucial for self-improvement. Students who set positive and meaningful Learning Goals for themselves have the most success in achieving them. Teachers have spent the last few weeks assessing work and collating the semester’s student learning data. The careful analysis of this data allows teachers to evaluate students’ learning growth and their individual development over the course of the semester.

Collation of student learning and engagement data enables teachers to identify areas for future improvement. Each report includes the results of a number of common assessment tasks and an assessment against the Victorian Curriculum Achievement Standards, reflecting what students have demonstrated throughout the semester. Student Reports also include a number of other factors that impact on student learning such as their attendance and their Learning Characteristics as displayed in each subject, with each individual teacher. For this semester, each student’s report also contains comments regarding their engagement and learning effectiveness during the Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning period. Such a dramatic change away from the traditional teaching and learning environment must be acknowledged as to the impact this has had for some students. The remote period has seen some students thrive, far less distracted than when in class with their friends. For others it has been a time of resilience building and a fast track to improving their technology skills.
For all learning, regular attendance (face-to-face or via Webex) coupled with a positive and open to learning attitude are key elements for success. I encourage students and parents to consider how these elements might also be improved to further assist students to learn new skills and consolidate their knowledge in each subject area.

The General Achievement Test (GAT) – Wednesday 9 September, Week 9 of Term 3
All students undertaking a Unit 3 and 4 VCE subject will undertake the GAT on Wednesday 9 September. The GAT is a test of general knowledge and skills in:
  • written communication
  • Mathematics, Science and Technology
  • Humanities, the Arts and Social Sciences.
The exam represents a body of general knowledge and skills that students develop through their school years. Students’ GAT results act as an additional set of data regarding their general aptitude, skill and ability. GAT results are a good predictor of how well a student will do in their various subjects within the VCE. The results are used to cross-check teachers’ internal assessments and students exam results, the idea being that these should form an alignment. If there is a large discrepancy in results the VCAA may decide to look at individual pieces of assessment more closely. The GAT can also be used to help determine a student’s grade for an exam if for some reason they were unable to sit the exam, for example if they were hospitalised due to illness.

More information about the GAT can be found here.

Key dates for Term 3:
  • Curriculum Day (Student Free Day): Thursday 13 August
  • Interim reports Published: Tuesday 18 August
  • Student-led Conferences (no regular classes): Wednesday 26 August (bookings open Wednesday 19 August)

Ms Allison Jenner
Acting Assistant Principal Curriculum, Operations and Learning

The staff have thoroughly enjoyed students’ return to Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning at Ashwood High School from Term 2 – Week 7 for our Years 11 and 12 students and Term 2 – Week 9 for our Years 7 - 10 students. Teachers and support staff have worked diligently to ensure the smooth transition of students in their return to school. I would again would like to take the opportunity to kindly thank students, parents and families for your ongoing support.

Focus on Safety, Health and Wellbeing
In support and re-iteration of the Principal’s eLetter 11 COVID-19 Successful End of Term 2 – for students and families distributed Friday 26 June 2020, please know that the staff of Ashwood High School care first and foremost about the safety, health and wellbeing of our school community. Whilst teachers take a well-earned break over the upcoming holidays, please know that hosts of external agencies are available for wellbeing support for your young person. Please do not hesitate to be in contact with external agencies in our absence from wellbeing duties for the two-week period.

A list of excellent resources are included below: 
  • Beyond Blue
  • Headspace
  • SAFEminds - see attachments provided in Principal’s eLetter 11 COVID-19 Successful End to Term 2 - Parents and Families

Reminder about Ongoing PE Uniform Adjustments and High Expectations
Please be advised that adjustments to PE uniform for students in Years 7 to 10 will be in force next term and until further notice. Please refer to the full details as supplied in the Principal’s eLetter 9 dated 5 June 2020.

In addition, please be advised that our Uniform Policy clearly stipulates our School’s expectations of changes to personal appearance and accessories. This includes descriptions about hairstyle, jewellery and accessories. In anticipation, thank you kindly to students and families for your support of high expectations of our students in all respects.

We have high expectations of all members of our community at Ashwood High School. Please be advised that, in line with our high expectations, student behavior and approach to learning emulate our school’s CHOIR values at all times. Student conduct, as evidenced through the wearing of the school uniform, has been excellent. Many thanks to students and their families in upholding the CHOIR values through pride in our school uniform.

VCE Study Break Classes
A s erie s of VCE teachers and students will be learning on-site during Week 2 of the upcoming school holidays. Please refer to the published timetable from Ms Julie Huggins – Senior School Coordinator on Compass. In anticipation, thank you kindly to those teachers who devote their time to ensure their students have the best chance of success in their academic pursuits. Thank you also to families of VCE students for your support of the School.

Please be reminded that the adjustments in support of safety, health and wellbeing will continue to be in force during these Study Break classes. For a full break down of the adjustments Ashwood High School has undertaken in the interest of safety, health and wellbeing during the period of COVID-19, please refer to the Principal’s eLetter dated 5 June 2020.

In closing, we wish students and families a restful Term 2 holiday break. We will look forward to welcoming our students and staff back onsite at the commencement of Term 3 on Monday 13 July 2020.  

Ms Meg McLellan
Acting Assistant Principal Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Transitions

School Captains' Report

Welcome back to on-site learning at Ashwood High School. We have been so happy to see you all and enjoyed the much-needed social interaction after a long period of remote learning.

Ours is an incredibly historic senior year. It’s not often a global pandemic impacts entire populations, forcing us to isolate. In particular, in our last year of school, the rest of our lives are likely shaped and influenced by the events occurring right now. We hope your time at home was productive and allowed for reflection and improvement. It isn't easy learning through a computer screen and we hope you balanced your education commitments and your mental wellbeing appropriately.

That being said, we are only half way through this year. While the last 3 months in isolation have gone quickly, maintaining sustainable and healthy study habits are essential to success this year. This requires an incredible capacity for flexibility and rapid adjustment to a new routine. We commend every single student for your patience and cooperation during this time of uncertainty.

We would like to express our gratitude towards Mr Moore and the staff for their incredible effort in ensuring the school runs smoothly in these times of rapid transition. We also want to say thank you to families for putting up with us while we worked at home; we really appreciate how understanding and involved you have been. On behalf of the Ashwood High School student body, we would like to thank all staff for their empathy, understanding and maintenance of a rigorous curriculum that enables us all to thrive regardless of the learning environment. We appreciate all of you.

In many ways this isolation period has proved just how valuable education is and how we sometimes take that for granted. We are incredibly privileged to have been able to continue our learning online and incredibly fortunate that the impact of COVID-19 on Australia is, while devastating, relatively low. We now have the opportunity to learn and grow, perhaps becoming the next generation of researchers and politicians who can prevent and manage any future threat of a pandemic.

Communities are tested in times of crisis and it is small communities like ours here at Ashwood High School that have a responsibility to do our part to prevent any further loss of life or spread of COVID-19. With the right attitude, healthy habits and respect for social distancing policies, we can ensure that this year will no longer be interrupted and that we will all make use of 2020 with a newfound respect for the people around you.

Nicole Dreyer and Xander MorganSchool Captains
Wendy PanInternational Student Captain

Hello students, teachers, and friends,

It is so wonderful to see everyone back at school, as we understand the benefits only face-to-face learning can offer.

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, all extracurricular activities have been postponed until further notice. Though, we are remaining optimistic and resilient that school life will hopefully return to ‘normal’ shortly, to give us the chance to run and participate in an array of activities. If there are any concerns or queries surrounding any aspect of leadership, please feel free to talk to anyone on the leadership team.

Lastly, we wish everyone a safe and productive holiday, we look forward to seeing everyone after the term break.

Amy Peters and Huon DigginsSchool Vice Captains

Senior School Report

As expected, the high expectations, wellbeing support and rigorous academic teaching and learning environments where maintained within the Senior School during the Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning period.

Support for both students and staff continued to be provided throughout the period and upon return to on-site learning in Term 2, 2020. To maintain continuity, it is a pleasure and privilege to continue sharing with the broader Ashwood High School community the efforts and expertise of staff new to the Senior School this year. Most notable, alongside their experienced colleagues, their display of adaptability and professionalism whilst teaching off-site was outstanding. They have and will continue to make a positive impact on the engagement and learning of each student they teach. Biology teacher Ms Richards and students from the Year 11 Biology class have shared their experiences.


Ms Chevelle Alderton

Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Pathways Leader

This year in Year 11 Biology has been a little different from previous years. The transition to Remote and Flex-ible Teaching and Learning has been a challenging but rewarding experience. We used many interactive online resources which students were able to engage with on a daily basis. Through this period students have demonstrated great resilience, independence and commitment to their studies.

It is exciting that we are now all back together in the classroom. The last two weeks have been wonderful to check in with students and further extend their knowledge of Biology. The great thing about science is the ability to complete practicals and now that we are back on site students are able to catch up on the experi-ments that we missed in the online teaching period. Biology offers a brilliant range of practical investigation tasks including a rat dissection, looking at specimens under a microscope and looking at the relationship be-tween photosynthesis and respiration.

We are all looking forward to spending the rest of the year collaborating in the classroom and striving for excellence in biology.

Ms Stephanie Richards
Maths/Science Teacher

“This semester, Year 11 Biology has been really interesting and engaging. Some of the subjects we explored included cell structure, plasma membrane, ecosystems, biodiversity and body system. We have explored these topics through a variety of different learning styles that have been engaging and effective. The teaching methods have been really helpful as this is my first VCE subject. It is easy to pitch in and collaborate in the safe environment made by the students and teacher. All students are appreciated and heard, which makes it easier to contribute with confidence. I love this subject and highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in science. This semester has set me up well for future years and I am so excited to see what next semester and the coming years will bring.”
Abby Helm - Year 10

“I love Biology because you are able to learn about all sorts of real life related ideas. It is very content heavy but it is great if you are interested in life sciences.”
Jadrien Noel - Year 11

“Biology allows us to learn how the world works around us in a highly engaging fashion.”
Dannah Casanova - Year 10

“You should study Biology if you are interested in doing anything about the body in the future. You learn about how cells are processed which will be useful in future studies.”
Sarah Webster - Year 11

The images below are highlights from the Year 11 Biology class, 2020

This semester has certainly been like no other that we have experienced and I would like to congratulate the Senior School students on their adaptability with the manner in which they approached their studies this semester. Students have been very ably supported by the fantastic efforts of their teachers and support staff.

The return to school has seen the completion of many SACs and Outcomes for our VCE and VCAL students, with just a few remaining to take place in early Term 3 to enable the finalisation of Unit 1 and Unit 3 results.

The upcoming mid-year break is a good opportunity for our senior students to rest and regroup before the rigours of Term 3. It is also a good opportunity for students to review their work habits of the first semester, as outlined in their report comments, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth and positive outcome for the year. This should include revision and summary of Unit 3 coursework, and Unit 1 where applicable for our VCE students, and planning and preparation for major projects for our VCAL students. A number of teachers will be available in week two of the break to work with the students and all students are encouraged to attend these sessions where applicable. Please check Compass for details.

Students will also have tasks to complete over this break.
With the restrictions currently in place a number of events for the senior students have been moved to Term 3, including Elevate Exam sessions for the Year 12 VCE students and Careers and pastoral sessions for the Year 11 students. Students are advised to check Compass regularly for updates and locations regarding these events.
With the change of date for the GAT, as advised in the last newsletter, an information session for students on this has also been moved to Term 3.

The Year 12 students will undertake VTAC counselling in the coming months, with the opening of applications in early August. In preparation for this, students are encouraged to participate in the online virtual Open Days being offered by many of the tertiary institutions. Students can visit the individual websites of the various universities, TAFEs and private institutions for the information and dates, and also the Ashwood High School Careers site.

Students in Years 10 and 11 are also encouraged to attend these Open Days to assist with subject selection for their final years.

The VCAA has recently published the Exam Timetable for Units 3/4 subjects and this can be found using the following link:

In addition the VCAA have advised that VCE results will be released to students at 7am on Wednesday 30 December.

Year 12 students and families are also advised that the revised date for the Celebration Day and Valedictory Dinner is Tuesday 27 October 2020. Further details will be provided in Term 3.

I wish all of our students and staff a safe and restful break.

Mrs Julie Huggins

Senior School Coordinator

Important Updates

Student Drop Off & Pick Up Points
A reminder to all parents that the drop off and pickup points for students are the rear main carpark at the corner of Vannam Drive and Poplar Avenue, the Farmer Street Carpark (the netball courts) at the east end of the School or along Vannam Drive towards the High Street Road end.


Change of Contact Details
As soon as you are aware of any changes of address, phone numbers, medical details, living arrangements or any long term absences, please notify the school on 9807 1333 to ensure all records are accurate.

Engagement, Wellbeing & Transitions

In what has been a challenging term full of learning, our students in the Middle School have thrived, showing their adaptability, innovation and optimism. On 9 June, staff eagerly welcomed back students in Years 7 – 10 to Face to Face Teaching and Learning. It has been wonderful to see students enjoying being with their friends and teachers in the classroom and our beautiful school grounds.

Students were welcomed back through an innovative Webex assembly, allowing for a strong sense of community and connectedness upon their return to school. Mr Moore spoke, along with our School Captains, Xander Morgan and Nicole Dreyer. All speakers congratulated the students on their resilience during Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning and spoke of gratitude for our wonderful school community who have all played a part in allowing our school to thrive during this period.

The Middle School has been busy whilst students have been undertaking Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning, ensuring that our students return to beautiful and safe learning spaces. The wellbeing and safety measures put in place for all students have been outlined by Mr Moore in previous communications, but we also have exciting changes taking place in preparing Building D for hosting assemblies when we can all meet together again.

In order to support the wellbeing and engagement of all students in the Middle School, the Pastoral Group program was implemented during Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning, which facilitated daily reflection on the challenges students were facing and the successes they were achieving. Since the return to Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning, we have now transitioned back to the STAR Group program. Reflective practice is still equally important and, as such, students have been busily completing a reflection on this period, which will be featured on their semester reports. A big thank you to the Pastoral Group teachers who have supported our students through this period, assisting them with strategies to fulfil the High Expectations of Ashwood High School.

Now that we have returned to Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning, please observe our usual communication structures in the Middle School, with your students’ House Coordinators as the first point of contact for any assistance in supporting their wellbeing and engagement.

Term 3 will also see an enthusiastic relaunch of the student leadership program after this period of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning. It has been fantastic to see the excitement and plans our student leaders have, now that we have returned. Thanks to Ms Rimmer for her oversight of this important program as Student Voice, Leadership and Agency Coordinator.
Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning has seen a greater diversity of student learning needs than has ever been encountered before. On behalf of the school community, I would like to thank our Student Services Team, led by Ms Lea Marrison. Our Integration Aides (Mr Matthew Dexter, Mr Matthew Feeney, Ms Jessie Coe and Ms Julie Clearwater), our School Chaplain Ms Michelle Stancliffe and Ms Lea Marrison have been integral in providing the support needed to our students as they have adapted to new ways of learning.

The dynamic and dedicated Middle School team have delivered on a seamless and supportive transition away from and back to Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning for our students. Many thanks to the House Coordinators (Mr John Sheehan, Ms Vicky Dernikos, Ms Lucy Rimmer and Ms Sachael Miller) and Student Services Manager/PSD Coordinator (Ms Lea Marrison). We would like to wish everyone a safe and restful holiday – without the possibility of a quick trip somewhere warm, we hope you are able to spend quality time with family and support your students in reflecting on a very unique semester, which we are sure they will remember for many years to come.

Ms Meg Brydon
Acting Student Engagement, Wellbeing & Transitions Leader

Enrichment, Pedagogy, Partnerships & Professional Learning

Reflecting back on the period of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning, the last two months have showcased the extraordinary resilience, flexibility and dedication of the staff at Ashwood High School. Since the commencement of online teaching and learning in Term 2, staff have participated in over 32 hours of professional learning. Much of this learning has been targeted to support the development of skills and knowledge needed to facilitate the successful transition to a model of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning.

Following on from the staff conference on Tuesday 14 April that was described in the previous edition of this newsletter, a webinar for our VCE teachers took place on Wednesday 13 May to introduce staff to the online learning platform, Edrolo. The workshop was led by guest presenter Mr Campbell Rushton-Smith from Edrolo. Thanks must go to Campbell for his very informative introduction to the Edrolo platform.

Mr Colin Shnier (Director of Studies) also led a highly successful webinar on Wednesday 20 May that focused on building our teachers’ written communication skills in the lead-up to the Semester 1 report writing period. The workshop was well attended by our provisionally registered teachers who were able to take away a wealth of strategies for communicating their students’ achievements clearly and succinctly. A special thank you to Mr Shnier for preparing such an engaging and informative workshop.

Monday 25 May was mandated as a Professional Learning Day by the Department of Education and Training and provided staff with the welcome opportunity to prepare for the return of face-to-face teaching.

Staff in their first and second years of teaching attended a webinar on the VIT registration process on Tuesday 26 May, led by Mrs Caroline Servadei (Enrichment, Partnerships, Pedagogy and Professional Learning Leader). First year teachers completed the AITSL Teacher Self-Assessment Tool as part of their first step on the journey of reflection that is the VIT registration process, while the second year teachers shared their reflections on the journey so far in preparation for their workplace panel presentations in Term 3.

Finally, a webinar on reporting and the performance development process in 2020, led by Ms Allison Jenner (Acting Assistant Principal), helped to tie all the learning of the term together in preparation for the end of semester reporting period and the commencement of the 2020 performance development cycle.

While professional placements for our pre-service teachers will resume in Term 3, we were fortunate to be able to welcome back to Ashwood High School Ms Runa Zhou from Deakin University who completed her second placement for the year via remote on Monday 18 May. Runa completed a blended placement, engaging with students via face-to-face and remote learning. She is shown below leading an assessment circle in Zoom with her mentors from Deakin University. Also shown in the picture is Runa’s mentor Mr Dom Holloway (English/Languages Faculty Leader).

A special thank you to Runa and her mentor Mr Holloway for their flexibility and intrepid spirit as they navigated the adventurous new world of online teacher placements together. We look forward to welcoming Runa back for her third and final placement for the year in Term 4.

Ms Caroline Servadei
Enrichment, Pedagogy, Partnerships & Professional Learning Leader

House Corner

Cowan House
Wow! How fast the term has gone by. Dannah and I would like to take the time to congratulate you on the completion of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning. These times were challenging and put a lot of us in a position that was unfamiliar. However we have since returned back to what seems normal, whilst still maintaining social distancing regulations as much as possible. We would like to inform you that the House activities including House Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals have been postponed indefinitely. We look forward to seeing your active participation and House Spirit to earn as many points as possible. Again we commend you on your efforts during the Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning period and hope that you have a well-earned break over the Term 2 holidays and come back in Term 3 ready to beat Flynn!
Courtney Tulia and Dannah Casanova

Flynn House
A massive and warm welcome back to all of our amazing Flynn peers. We’re so proud of how everyone has integrated from their excellent work with remote learning back to normal school! We’re so glad to see you happy and eager to reconnect with everyone and of course eager to get stuck back into school. With the restrictions of COVID-19 still in effect, House events have been post-poned indefinitely, but we all need to make sure we’re all keeping fit and healthy for whenever they return.

We as your Captains are here to help in any way possible and we are definitely looking forward to seeing what everyone has gotten out of this strange experience as I’m sure we have learned a lot about ourselves and what we can improve on.

Please make sure you are looking after yourself and challenging yourself in new ways.

Thank you, enjoy your holidays!

Lashaye Walker and Marvin Elliott

Melba House
Welcome back students to face-to-face classes!

Despite the current situation, we would like to congratulate everyone on an outstanding job in ensuring that they were maintaining the expectations of the school during Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning. While House events are currently postponed for the foreseeable future, we look forward to their return where we can display the House spirit we have strived to uphold throughout the year.

We look forward to seeing everyone back next term with a positive attitude and continue to develop and grow the House spirit that we currently have. We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Harry Jones and Greer Van Rooyen 

Paterson House
Hey Paterson House
Welcome back to school! We are stoked to see everyone back on campus as we have truly missed you all. Congratulations to every single one of you, for all your efforts in remaining connected to the school during the Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning period. Everyone did an amazing job at staying optimistic and always doing their best. We are so proud of all students for making it through that tough period of time.

We would like to remind you that all House events (Athletics, Cross Country etc.) will be postponed until further notice. We as your House Captains are hoping that they will happen sometime this year, and really look forward to them returning as soon as possible, so our House can win!

We would like to thank you all for always upholding the CHOIR values, and can’t wait to start Semester 2 off with a positive attitude. We hope you all have a lovely, and safe holiday break and we look forward to seeing you again in Term 3!!

Andy Kuok and Elizabeth Tziafas

House Coordinators:
Mr John Sheehan (Cowan House), Ms Vicky Dernikos (Flynn House), Ms Lucy Rimmer (Melba House), Ms Sachael Miller (Paterson House)

Student Voice Leadership Agency Report

Welcome back on-site to all students, and congratulations on your resilience and adaptability during this time. It was wonderful to have our School Captains, Xander Morgan and Nicole Dreyer address all students on their first day back at school. Congratulations to these Captains on an insightful speech that was beautifully delivered.

Unfortunately we have been very limited in what the Leadership team has been able to do during this time. However, the enthusiasm to resume and the planning that is taking place to pick up where we left off is very impressive and a true reflection of the effectiveness of our Student Leadership Team.

Congratulations to all Student Leaders on their highly successful, if not slightly interrupted, semester in their positions. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your planning in Semester 2.

Ms Lucy Rimmer
Acting Student Voice, Leadership and Agency Coordinator

Education Resource Centre

The Education Resource Centre (ERC) has introduced two new initiatives designed to project its information services out into the Ashwood High School learning community. To promote its resources beyond the confines of Room C13, ‘Education Resource Centre Resources’ folders are now included in the Compass Resources for many subjects and classes. These folders contain hyperlinks to Infiniti lists of relevant ERC resources. It is an efficient way of raising awareness of what the Education Resource Centre has to offer and presenting it where it is most useful.

Also, a recent software development has made it possible to extend access to our main online research database beyond the virtual space of the library webpage. Britannica School Insights is a new chrome extension that integrates a search of Britannica within Google searches. That means whenever you search Google you also get results from Britannica displayed separately in the top right corner of the search-results page. It is a convenient way to cut through the noise on the internet and get trusted verified information without logging on to Infiniti. Britannica is our recommended first port of call for all research and all students are encouraged to download and install the extension. Full details and installation instructions are on the library webpage.

In other Education Resource Centre news, the Premiers’ Reading Challenge continues. All Years 7-10 students are automatically registered, and it is not too late to read a book, log on to your PRC portal and earn some points for your House. Full details are on the library webpage.

To access the library webpage, go to ‘Compass’– ‘School Favourites (star icon) – ‘Library System’ and log on with your Compass username and password.

Mr Matthew Feeney

ERC Coordinator

International Student Program

A warm welcome to Alina Li. Alina joined our International Student Program Team in late May 2020.

Alina completed her Bachelor of Environments and Master of Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne as an International Student. Alina has lots of tips and advice to share with our International Students.

With excellent cultural awareness and passion to support International Students, Alina is providing language and administrative support to the International Student Program.

DET Social Distancing Learning Tips Competition
Our Year 8 student Ava Cai and Year 10 student Olson Ou participated in the Social Distancing Learning Tips Competition organized by the Department of Education and Training at the end of May 2020. We are still awaiting the results for the competition.

Here is the submission from Ava Cai: 
1. Keep a healthy daily routine
Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning means we don’t have to get up early, wear uniform or travel to school. But it also means we can get up and go to bed late. Staying up late at night could seriously affect our health. A healthy daily schedule has benefited my Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning . Here’s my schedule:
Get up at 7am and sleep at least 8 hours a day

  • Eat breakfast to ensure our brain is charged and works efficiently
  • Do exercises for at least half an hour every day to refresh our body and brain
  • Read books for half an hour after finishing homework
  • Occasionally take a hot bath before sleep to relax our body after a day’s hard work
  • Go to bed before 11 pm.

2. Keep learning efficiently
The most important thing for a student is learning efficiency. It’s important to find a way that suits your online learning with different teachers in different classes. Here’s my learning method:

  • Check the learning tasks and preview the lesson plan before class
  • Always ask teachers and classmates for help when you don’t understand
  • Never rush to do homework during recess and lunch, take a break when necessary
  • Complete the homework carefully
  • Help someone who doesn’t understand in class, for example, I offered help to my classmates who needed support
  • Recall what I have learnt before sleep.

3. Keep a positive attitude
We may feel bored and isolated at home during online learning. A positive attitude could improve our mental health, also help increase learning efficiency. Here are my ways to keep a positive attitude:

  • Keep contact with friends using social media platforms.
  • Never say I don't like learning, give myself a psychological hint, tell myself that learning is enjoyable
  • Don’t worry too much about the test results and assessment grades, instead, concentrate on studying and get the best possible results. I can then reflect and try to improve.

Our Homestay Experiences
During this COVID-19 period, I experienced a lot of wonderful things during our Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning.

First things first, I would like to share my excellent homestay experience with you. The most impressive memory in Term 2 was my homestay father John Wan who supported me to complete my cooking practice for Food Studies. He supervised me during the whole class and even took photos for me. He also took me out for a walk or a bike ride after I finished classes for exercise and relaxation. The exercises really helped me concentrate on my homework in the evening.

In addition, I really appreciated the excellent support from our school teachers. My teachers always answered my questions very patiently and gave me positive encouragement. Their support made me feel like the Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning period is the same as normal classroom learning. During this period, Ms Williams checked on us every week and encouraged me to share my learning experiences with other students to help my peers with their learning difficulties. I felt so rewarded and proud of myself when I received a School Colours certificate from Ms Williams.

As a homestay student away from my home in China, I am enjoying my life at Ashwood High School.
Olson Ou - Year 10

After the eight weeks’ online learning period at my homestay, I would like to say thank you to my teachers and my homestay parents for their care and support.

Our International Student Program Manager, Ms Williams really cares about us homestay students. In order to ensure a clean and safe environment for our online learning, Ms Williams asked all homestay students to clean their rooms every weekend. Ms Williams also asked us to send her some photos of our rooms after cleaning, and she sent the photos to our parents. My parents were happy to see those photos. 

During the Term 1 break, because I didn’t have any medical masks, my father was very worried and he asked Ms Williams to help buy some masks for me. Ms Williams agreed and she delivered some masks to my homestay one weekend which really touched me.

I feel so lucky to study at Ashwood High School and I like my new home in Australia.

Anthony Zhu, Year 10

Ms Yonghong Williams
International Student Program Manager

Debating Club

Ashwood High School’s Debating Club continued to run debating online after school on Mondays during the online schooling period. It was an amazing learning experience that helped us step out of our comfort zone when presenting our work in front of an audience online. None of us had experienced anything like this before and we adapted new dynamics while doing online presentations.

Throughout this period, we continued to exemplify and maintain our school’s CHOIR values. We exemplified C through our own community, O for optimism and maintaining our positive attitude, I for innovation in online debating, and R for the respect we had for each other. We quickly became flexible to our new environment and explored new ways to debate, especially within our new competition: the Ashwood Debating League.

The Ashwood Debating League offers great opportunities for us to grow as debaters and public speakers. Each week we are allocated into different groups and assigned new topics. At the end of the debate, points are awarded to the best speaker and the winning team. Some of our previous topics included “That Australia should adopt a new national flag” and “It is worth sacrificing some of our privacy so that COVID-19 can be prevented from spreading further”. This league has benefited our critical thinking skills, and tackling these topics encourages students to think outside the box of our own preconceptions. It has also taught us to base our opinions and arguments on facts rather than biased opinions. Everyone is welcome to join debating after schools on Mondays in B05!

Angela Hewerdine
Debating Captain

1st Row: Mr Ronald Lee, Grace Adler, Jimmy Zelos, Abby Helm, Angela Hewerdine
2nd Row: Caitlyn Lim, Celina Hewerdine, Christos Giakoumatos, Daniel Butler, Ella Brockway 3rd Row: Elsa Kurian, Gabriel Sebastian, Harry Wyld, Olivia Day, Evalyn Burton
4th Row: Sarah Lobbe, Tile Bodin
Absent: Oliver Butler, Tyrone Ni


Congratulations to all students for successfully navigating the challenges of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning and completing their studies for Semester 1. Students should by now have received feedback on their results and reflected upon their preparation and completion of all courses.

Please note that Semester Reports are published on Compass on Friday 26 June. Parents/Guardians/Carers are encouraged to sit down and review the reports with their children. Reports can be printed or viewed online.
For VCE studies, final S/N results will not be published at this stage. Due to the complex nature of learning this term, VCE students have an extra four weeks in Term 3 to demonstrate satisfactory completion of all learning outcomes for VCE Units 1 and 3. Semester 1 reports will be reprinted in Week 5 of Term 3 to include grades for all assessment tasks and all S/N results. These will be closely followed by Student Led Conferences in Week 7, which will give families, students and teachers a chance to reflect on learning and plan for the rest of the year.

Student reports provide students, teachers and parents with a clear and concise picture of a student’s achievement and progress at a point in time. Teachers make informed and consistent decisions about student progress against the achievement standards using a variety of assessments and observations to inform their judgement. They map the student’s learning against the achievement standards, and place the student on the learning continuum, that best reflect the student’s level of performance and progress.
The Victorian Curriculum is structured as a single developmental learning continuum and is organised by levels not years of schooling. The curriculum consists of Towards Foundation Levels A to D and Levels Foundation to 10. All curriculum areas have achievement standards, describing what students are able to understand (knowledge) and do (skill).

All students’ progress along the learning continuum at their own rate and from their own starting point. Students are taught at the level that suits their needs, rather than being taught to the year level and age group they are in. Teachers provide learning opportunities to support the learning for all students, including those students with additional learning needs or a disability.

Subject Selection and Course Counselling 2021
With the half way mark of the 2020 academic year approaching us it is time for our Year 10 and 11 students to begin considering their subject options for 2021. Year 9 students may also like to consider applying to study an Early Commencement VCE subject next year. To be eligible, they must consistently obtain strong academic results and display excellent learning characteristics.
There are a number of steps involved in the subject selection process and I encourage parents/guardians/carers to start having discussions around what your young adult is considering for their education moving forward. Thinking about what career they are interested in, their strengths as a learner and where their passions lie are important factors that should be taken into account.

Mr Colin Shnier
Director of Studies


The Humanities team are delighted about being back at school and being able to engage in Face-to-Face Teaching with our students again. It was very exciting to see the students, after an extended period of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning. We all dived into classroom learning activities with vigour.

The Year 10s finished their unit of work on Rights and Freedoms with a flourish, creating individual posters on a separate rights and freedom movement. The results and effort from the students were magnificent. They were able to discuss both the significance and effect of the events in question. Some of the topics included the Salt March (India), the rise and impact of Indigenous Sporting stars, the Freedom Riders, Occupy Wall Street, Wikileaks, Black Lives Matter and the Uluru Statement.

Our Year 7 students participated in an Ashwood Wetlands walk for their current unit of work. They are discovering the histories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Together they have been engaging with the '8 ways' of Indigenous understandings of the world around us. This includes discovering relationships with the land and significance of place to the traditional custodians of our land.

Year 7 students walking respectfully through the wetlands.

As the term (and the History component of Humanities) comes to an end, the Years 8 – 10 students have started learning Civics and Citizenship. The Year 8s are writing campaigns for an issue of their choice as a demonstration of political participation in a democracy. The Year 9s are exploring the value of democracy and are evaluating what is important to maintain democratic freedoms.

The Years 11 and 12 Accounting students are exploring the differences between cash and profit. We used blocks to build the relevant report to highlight the differences.

The last exciting event for the month of June was that the Senior School experienced a couple of digital incursions. Firstly, the Year 10s participated in a “Virtual Excursion” and watched the film “In My Blood It Runs” and then participated in a live online Q&A with the actors and filmmakers. The students were excited to speak with actors and filmmakers themselves and some of their insightful questions were selected by the panel.

Secondly, the Commonwealth Bank visited the Humanities, Business Management and Humanities classrooms virtually to discuss topics such as Earning, Investing and Setting up an Enterprise. Many of the students were able to take away some practical pearls of wisdom and an interactive classroom environment was created despite the physical distance.

We collected some feedback from the student on what they learned from the Commonwealth Bank incursion:

“I learnt to keep track of my tax so I can get money back from my tax. As well to make sure to get paid the correct amount from my managers.” Luka Perrovic

“I learnt that it is important to keep records of your pay and times you work, so you are not being taken advantage of. And also what to do in a situation where you’ve been taken advantage of and how to approach your employer.” Jakita Mann

“I learned what the tax file number is, what it does and how it benefits society. I learned that it is highly important to keep track of your records of working hours in case you're being underpaid.” Stacy Chishaka

“I learned the money you earned also depends on yourself and your first job may not be your final job.” Vivian Yan

“I learnt that the first job you do is to learn from it and to improve your skills on communication, then you will know what to do in your future jobs. I also learn to keep track of time and how much you should get paid.” Silang Song

“I learnt about the P.A.C.T tool online. It calculates the minimum wage for a certain job depending on different things.” Matilda Stanton

“Yesterday in Humanities I learnt that there are a variety jobs we can begin at this age. We also have some authority to decide what we get paid and what our rights are.” Kiara Hurlston

Ms Heidi Cornelissen
Humanities Faculty Leader


The return to Face-to-Face Teaching and Learning has allowed our students to engage in practical work in the science laboratory once again. Whilst our students and teachers showed great flexibility, creativity and adaptability during the period of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning, even managing to conduct some practical work at home, it has been all smiles in the science lab since we’ve been back!

Our Year 7 students have been presented with the challenge to construct a Rube Goldberg machine that incorporates each of the simple machines we are learning about in class. Students have enjoyed collaborating with one another as they follow the steps in the engineering process to test potential solutions to this challenge. Students have been brainstorming, researching and designing possible solutions and have even started building their prototypes!

In Year 9 ACE Science with Ms Lucy Rimmer students have been investigating light. Students conducted an eye dissection to understand how the eye bends light to form an image. Featured in this photo are Stephanie Millan and Mozhda Shekibi safely and respectfully completing their dissection.

Ms Niesha Moorad

Science Faculty Leader


As part of the Year 8 Rates and Ratios unit, students in Ms Richard's Maths class measured their hand and arm span, height, foot length and facial features to better understand ratios. These measurements were compared to the ratios in the 'Vitruvian Man', Leonardo Da Vinci's vision of the perfect proportions of the human body.

What I like about doing "The Perfect Human" task is that we were able to see what was the 'perfect human' back then, based on one persons body proportions. I found it really fun comparing our heights and other proportions with everyone and finding out that a lot of my proportions were the same as others. Olivia Day

What I thought was good was to get out and measure a full size human and making a ratio out of the data that we collected. Bertie Mangan

Arts & Food Studies

VCE Studio Arts
To welcome the VCE Studio Arts class back to Face-to-Face learning, with a three stage Observational Drawing lesson. Students had the opportunity to explore tone, texture, imagination, creativity and curiosity.

Students were each presented with an observational drawing that was wrapped and packaged in an organic and crumpled manner. They were given time to draw the parcel observing highlights, shadows, textures and lines. Moving on to the second stage, students were given time to artfully use their creative thinking skills to illustrate what they imagine to be inside their package, based on shape and touch. The third stage, is the big reveal, students unwrapped their parcels and drew the object using the Observational Drawing skills they developed and built in the first stage.

Congratulations to all; building your drawing skills to a high level, is a hard task, and is something that with practice and perseverance is to be rewarded and congratulated.

Ms Annalisa Buyks

Arts and Technology Faculty Leader

Food Studies
One of the many challenges the Food Studies teaching team faced in transitioning to remote learning, was how to undertake the practical (cooking) component of Food Studies. Our team worked together to strategise as we knew, with the support from our Ashwood High School families and leadership, it would be possible and enjoyable.

In particular, our students were able to demonstrate their resilience, perseverance, culinary skills, and community spirit.

Our team sincerely thanks the support from our Ashwood High School families enabling all of our students to cook at home, be it was written in the curriculum, helping out with dinner, or making those chocolate brownies that you just had to have.

Please find some examples of our Year 7s cooking adventures during Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning.

Ms Annalisa Buyks

Arts and Technology Faculty Leader

Food Studies

One of the many challenges the Food Studies teaching team faced in transitioning to remote learning, was how to undertake the practical (cooking) component of Food Studies. Our team worked together to strategise as we knew, with the support from our Ashwood High School families and leadership, it would be possible and enjoyable.

In particular, our students were able to demonstrate their resilience, perseverance, culinary skills, and community spirit.

Our team sincerely thanks the support from our Ashwood High School families enabling all of our students to cook at home, be it was written in the curriculum, helping out with dinner, or making those chocolate brownies that you just had to have.

Please find some examples of our Year 7s cooking adventures during Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning.

Ms Annalisa Buyks
Arts and Technology Faculty Leader 

Year 12 Visual Communications Design

The Year 12s here are working on a collaborative activity called a “Sketchakoocha” to think up new ideas for their Visual Communication and Design SAT folios.

Year 10 Design and Technology
During Term 2, the Design and Technology students have been challenged to convert their ideas from paper into a virtual environment on TinkerCAD. Have a look at what some of the students have produced.

Mr Rosario Ripper
Maths/Visual Arts/Computing Teacher

Year 9 Media
Upon their return to school the Year 9 Media class have been planning, shooting and editing a horror film. This film is the culmination of the work they have been doing whilst learning remotely. The production, however, had a couple of twists. Each group had to make an object the centre of their narrative. These objects were, the key, the gate, the locker and finally the ‘wild card’ where the group could choose their own item, the pen. These items were distributed by chance and were to be kept secret by each group. When each group had completed a storyboard, a treatment and a shot list for their film (they had one double lesson), they had to switch their plans with another group who could only use the pre-production notes they were given to shoot the films rushes. They then had a 50 minute lesson to complete this shoot. The footage was then swapped again with a group that had not worked on either the pre-production component or the production of that story. The group then edited these films using only the pre-production notes handed onto them. Students had the last double lesson of the year to edit their film. The final lesson was the screening of their work.

Ms Kath Robinson

Media Teacher

Year 8 Design Technology
Work of the Jewellery Design project that students have done over the Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning period.

Mr Calvin Yin
Maths/Arts/Digital Technology Teacher

Interschool Sport

Below is an executive summary of the provisional return to Interschool Sport directly from School Sport Victoria: Provisional Return to Interschool Sport Plan for 2020

Target Commencement Date #1 – From 13 July – Term 3
Updated 9 June 2020
Provisional return of interschool sport plan for Term 3 and Term 4
The provisional plan for the delivery of interschool sport in Terms 3 and Term 4 includes:

1. Provide cross country and winter team sports at a local level - (district (primary) and/or division level only -where possible, during Term 3. There will be no progression to Region or State Championships in 2020.
2. Provide track and field and primary summer and secondary term 4 team sports, with progression to State Championships, which are due to be held in Term 4.
3. No State Championships for swimming in 2020. Deliver the remaining Division and Region Championships in Term 4, where possible.
4. Work with State Sporting Organisation partners on whether their sports will be provided in 2020.
5. No senior team (Year 11 and 12) sports will be provided in 2020, including Premier League competitions.

In addition, schools are encouraged to organise local interschool ‘friendly’ matches, however, these will not be School Sport Victoria sanctioned events.

Provisional plan dependencies

Delivery of any interschool sporting events and competitions is dependent on:
  • DET restrictions - including allowance for students to attend school excursions and participate in interschool sporting activities (eg: contact vs non-contact sports, competitive sport), in line with advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer and the Victorian Government in relation to COVID-19.
  • Sport delivery guidelines and general hygiene measures - as outlined within the Federal Government Frameworks, as outline in plan developed by State Sporting Associations and other provisions from the DET (eg: physical distancing, attendance numbers at events, hygiene measures etc).
  • Venue availability, access and any additional restrictions on their use - noting that many council and community sporting facilities are currently closed.
  • Important to note is the provision that all venues are allowed to operation with gatherings of up to 100 people (Step 3 of CovidSafe Australia Framework) and further expansion of this in line with AIS Framework.  
  • The priority of engaging students in sport when schools resume to face to face teaching - compared to the priority of other learning areas, and whether schools and students are ready to participate when inter-school sport resumes (eg: team selection complete, skill and fitness levels of students).
  • Community and school confidence - including parents allowing their kids to play school sport and Principals allowing their students to attend inter-school events.
  • Local district, division and region school sport - including what inter school sporting competitions and events could be rescheduled and what has already been cancelled.
Mr Tom Grbac
Sports Coordinator


The Health and Physical Education Department is extremely excited to see all students back at school after our period of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning.

Over the past few weeks we have launched Orienteering as a new sport in Years 7-9. Not only does this sport require minimal equipment in light of our current climate, it promotes fitness and collaborative work. Students have been learning new skills such as orientating the map, reading legends, and thumbing a map. Feedback from both staff and students are that they have really enjoyed the adventure, competition and the learning of a new skill set. It has been wonderful to see students running around our wonderful grounds over the past few weeks.

A reminder to all students that full sports uniform is still to be worn during Physical Education practical classes. Socks should be white in colour, with NO logo and over the ankle. Please refer to the student diary or your teacher for clarification if needed.

We hope all families have a relaxing break over the holidays, and we look forward to the start of Term 3.

Ms Allison Phillips
Health/PE Faculty Leader

Instrumental Music

Congratulations to all instrumental music students and staff for a seamless return to face to face lessons. It may be just me, but the sound of scales and long tones in Building C is a welcome sign of life and relief as we emerge from our Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning scenarios. Instrumental music ensembles however, have not been able to rehearse as we follow closely the guidelines set out by DET, AMUSE and other organisations with regard to the health risks involved in music ensemble playing and singing. I am hopeful of a return to our instrumental music ensemble rehearsals adhering to socially distanced seating arrangements beginning Week 1 Term 3, in the following format;
  • Friday 7.45am String Orchestra- PAC Foyer.
  • Friday 7.45am Stage Band- wind/brass/rhythm section tutorials running simultaneously in both the PAC and the Music Classroom.
  • Tuesday 3.15pm Concert Band- wind/brass/percussion section tutorials running simultaneously in both the PAC and the Music Classroom.
Choir will not commence Week 1 Term 3. Please stay tuned for more information.

*New Instrumental Music Ensembles - Expression of interest
Please see Ms Anderson if you are interested in joining the Percussion Ensemble or the Guitar Ensemble. These ensembles will both run on Thursday afternoons from 3:15pm to 4:15pm commencing in Term 3, date to be advised.

Please note students are not permitted in the Music Studios, Music Classroom or the PAC at recess and lunch (unless undertaking music lessons), without permission from Ms Anderson.

The grand piano in the PAC is not to be used at any time without prior permission.

Classroom Music We look forward to a return to using the Classroom Music instruments in during lessons again next semester. Keyboards must be wiped down after use.

Please see photos from our Classroom Music program during Semester 1; Year 7 Homemade Instruments, Instruments of the Orchestra and Year 8 Band and Artist Research posters.

Ms Wendy Anderson
Director of Music

Accelerated Curriculum And Enrichment Program (ACE)

This edition of the Enrichment news is intended to have a slightly different flavour from previous issues as it aims to look back on the term that was and, in particular, the period of Remote and Flexible Teaching and Learning. This edition will also introduce a new segment titled ‘Spotlight On’. Each of the remaining issues of the newsletter this year will include a featurette on one of our ACE classes at Ashwood High School. For this Issue, this will be class 9Z who are pictured below.

From playing the simulation game “Who Wants to be a Cotton Millionaire” online to creating collaborative Lotus Diagrams documenting the development of fighting technologies in World War 1 in Teams; technology has been at the heart of our learning in Year 9 ACE Humanities this semester.

Microsoft Teams and Webex were our home for most of the remote learning period, whether it was messaging the teacher for essay help in Teams, using the whiteboard in Webex to present the top 3 causes of World War 1, or collaborating via the chat and video channels in Teams; technology has enriched and enhanced the learning of the students in Year 9 Humanities this semester.

Education Perfect, which was introduced in Term 2, proved to be a huge hit with students eager for instantaneous feedback on their learning, and sparked some friendly rivalries, spawned by interactive features such as EP Dash and the School Leader Board.

The featurette below focuses on the responses of two students from class 9Z who have reflected on their use of technology in Year 9 Humanities this year. A special thank you to James Talbot and Sebastian Millan for sharing the ways in which technology has enriched your learning in Humanities.

Ms Caroline Servadei
ACE Leader

Spotlight on 9ACE Humanities
“Throughout this semester in Humanities, we used technology in many diverse ways. One of the most unique ways was when we played ‘Industrial Revolution Simulator’ style games in Term 1. These ‘games’ made it not only much more engaging, but also helped reinforce my understanding of the topic. The use of technology was even more prevalent throughout Term 2 because of online and remote learning. Apart from WebEx and Teams which were used to connect us to the class, we also used Education Perfect to build our understanding of our topic – World War 1. This online tool helped us take in the information and then tested our knowledge with set questions at the end. Even though World War 1 is a very broad topic, I was able to understand and even analyse parts of it, thanks to our use of technology.” Sebastian Millan - 9Z

“Coronavirus has changed our lives in many ways including how we learn at school. Technology has played a vital part of how we have been learning recently whether it is online school or within our current learning while we are back at school. While learning in Humanities we have used a new resource called Education Perfect. This was a way that we could have deep thinking learning while not being in our normal physical class. We were able to learn information, apply the knowledge as well as incorporate this information while thinking deeper around extended response questions. This has helped to learn the curriculum and continue to get through work even during these times. We are all glad to be back at school and are excited to continue learning in Humanities.”
James Talbot - 9Z

Careers News

On Tuesday 16 June 2020 all Years 7 to 10 students participated in their first careers session for the year. All students completed tasks from the new Career Education resources developed by the Department of Education. This includes The My Career Portfolio platform where each student, by the end of 2020, will have competed a year level specific Career Action Plan (CAP).
Years 7 and 8 students completed year level specific pre-assessment work sheets, and several activities to assist in identifying their favorite things. The purpose of the lesson was for students to begin to develop the ability to recognise patterns of behaviours that lead to skill development.

Years 9 and 10 students commenced their Career Action Plans (CAP), although not all complete I have had a sneak peek and they are looking fantastic! You should all be so proud of your aspirations. Keep working away at your CAPS, if you require further assistance I am happy to meet with you during lunch and after school in G05.

A big thank you to all students who participated and teachers who ran the sessions. You made the lessons a success, your support of the Ashwood High School Careers Program is greatly appreciated.

Year 9 Morrisby Profiling
Thursday 18 June 2020 was the day the long awaited Morrisby Profiling commenced. Thank you again to all students and teachers who participated in the delivery of this wonderful program. If students do not complete the profile during the second session please do so over the holidays – you will still have access.

The Morrisby Interviews – this is the really interesting part – will commence early next term via Webex. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend. Interview dates will be released once confirmed.

My office is located in G05, all students are encouraged to please come and see me during lunch and after school if you require assistance.

Ms Jodie Hechenberger
Careers and Pathways Coordinator

Parents & Friends Network

A New Logo
A little over a month ago, we approached Sharon Westin-Shaw to see if she would help the PFN develop their own logo. Sharon is a parent of Connor Shaw (Year 9) and Mitchell Shaw (Year 7) and has run her very successful graphic design business for over 20 years. The only design brief we gave her was to use the school colours to create cohesion between the school and the PFN. She used the trees from the school logo to create people and added a jewel in between them, representing the “Jewel of the East”. Thank you Sharon—you have done an amazing job!

If you are in need of a fantastic graphic designer, you can contact Sharon via her website at

Music Banners
The PFN has organised and paid for 40 music banners for the school’s Music Department at a cost of $1155. They should arrive at school just in time for the start of Term 3 and will be proudly on display at all school musical events in the future.

Entertainment Fundraiser

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing, why not purchase an Entertainment membership and support the school. The school receives 20% of the value of each membership sold, and if you order before July 13th, you get two free months membership and a bonus Wish gift card. It’s now completely digital via an app for both Android and Apple phones. This way you carry your discounts everywhere you go and it can also be shared over two devices. This link will take you straight to the Ashwood High School page.

What's App Parent Groups
Sometimes you have a question that only another parent can answer! There are currently three WhatsApp parent groups for Years 7-9 and you can join them via these links:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Upcoming Virtual Meetings
6:30pm - 8pm Wednesday
22 July
With Debbie Whitehouse, Business Manager

19 August
With Kate Davis,
Student Outcomes Leader Everyone is welcome!

If you have a skill, service or business that you think could help the PFN, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at: