Ashwood High School eNews

Issue 2


Principal's Report

End of Term 1 Acknowledgement - Good to GREAT, Great to Exceptional (all four priorities)
As Term 1 draws to a close I would like to acknowledge the extraordinary effort of staff and students over the past 10 weeks.  After almost two years of lockdowns and interruptions to our schedule, it has been a delight to complete a full term of academic, social and emotional learning. I would like to thank staff for their efforts at a time where the school has experienced unprecedented levels of absence due to the pandemic.  My staff have remained flexible and adaptable despite the challenges.  I have visited students weekly in their classes and have observed their overflowing optimism and excellent work ethic in class.

COVID-19 Management in Term 2
The Department of Education and Training will continue to supply our school RA Tests for the first 4 weeks of Term 2. The school will also be provided with further air purifiers leading up to winter. We expect that the current COVID-19 settings will continue during Term 2 2022.  If the school is advised of any changes to the current settings a principal’s letter will be sent via Compass to all families.

Professional Practice Day in Term 2 - Valuing Staff and Building Capacity
Each term our teachers undertake Professional Practice Days where they are released from their scheduled duties, including teaching, to focus on the improved delivery of high-quality teaching and learning. Our school would ordinarily use available staff to cover classes or employ a Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) to cover classes for the day. The Department of Education and Training (DET) have announced a state-wide strategy to alleviate the pressure that schools are facing with a limited pool of Casual Relief Teachers (CRTs). An extra pupil-free day will occur on Friday 27 May 2022.  On this day our entire teaching staff will undertake professional learning. There will be no timetabled classes in this additional pupil-free day. The previously scheduled Report Writing Day (pupil-free) will occur on Friday 17 June 2022 as previously communicated to staff, students and parents.

2022 School Council Elections – Increasing Positive Parental and Community Engagement
We received three nominations for the parent representative category.  As there were only three places available, an election process was not required. Congratulations to new parent members Mr Philip Connell, parent of Declan Connell, Year 8; and Mr Graham Hawtin, parent of Murray Hawtin, Year 7. Ms Nicki Dear was also nominated to continue as a School Council member. Ms Nicki Dear is the parent of James Lee, Year 12; William Lee, Year 10; Hamish & Samuel Lee, Year 7. Thank you to the outgoing members of School Council, Mr Dean Matchett and Ms Edwina Harvison for their contributions to School Council.  Also thank you to Mr Dean Hurlston who has completed his term as a co-opted member. It has been my pleasure to work with them. Thank you to outgoing Department (staff) members Ms Phoebe Lindsay and Ms Lucy Rimmer. New DET members include Ms Niesha Moorad and Ms Caroline Servadei who will join Mr Tom O’Toole and Ms Meg McLellan as existing DET members. Student members Sam Harvison and Elizabeth Tziafas have replaced Sivan Chen and Lula Tadesse.

At the AGM and the subsequent meeting afterwards held Wednesday 30 March 2022, we welcomed all members of the 2022 Ashwood High School Council.  Congratulations to the following members of Council on being elected to the following positions: Ms Nicki Dear, President; Dr Lisa Gillespie, Vice President; Mr Philip Connell, Treasurer. I am looking forward to forming strong governance and working with all members as a team to fulfil the objectives set out in ‘The Path Forward at Ashwood High School’ reflected in the 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan and the 2022 Annual Implementation Plan.

Thank you to Ms Debbie Whitehouse, Director of Business, for ensuring that technical governance processes are of a high standard.

Annual Report to the School Community - Good to GREAT, Great to Exceptional (all four priorities)
The 2021 Annual Report was tabled and endorsed at our recent AGM and will be loaded to our website. I would urge our community to take a look at the range of positive results. Thank you to Meg McLellan for her contribution to the 2021 Annual Report.

 Staffing – Excellence, Continuity and Coherence - Valuing Staff and Building Capacity
The 2022 inductees have settled in very well to the school. School leaders have assumed their positions with growing confidence and purpose with a commitment to student wellbeing, engagement, and learning. Congratulations to our new staff for the way in which they have embodied the Vision and Values of the school.

Co-curricular Programs 2022 - Enhancing the Student Culture
Co-curricular events have included Student Leaders representing Ashwood High School at the Darwin Defenders 80th Commemorative Service; House Swimming Competition on Monday 28 March, Year 7 Camp Monday 21- Wednesday 23 March, a visit by politician Will Fowles MP and Matt Fregon MP; Lunchtime concert on Friday 11 March, Interschool sports for various year levels; Debating Club and Art Club each Monday.

Co-curricular Program 2022 – Year 7 Camp - Enhancing the Student Culture
The Year 7 Camp was a positive experience for students and staff. The commitment of Ashwood High School staff towards the holistic development of each child is outstanding. Thank you to organiser Sachael Miller and her team including James Boarotto, Harriet Cooper, Vivian Chen, Matt Dexter, Danielle Di Carlo, Marnie Edmiston, Michelle Leane, Jessica Lindholm, Nic McMahon, Andrew Padbury. Also, thank you to Elisa Jones-Arango and Meg McLellan who also attended camp on Tuesday 22 March 2022. 

Co-curricular Program 2022 – House Swimming Carnival – Enhancing the Student Culture
Attendance and participation at the 2022 House Swimming Carnival was extremely positive on Monday 28 March 2022. Congratulations to the overall winners, Flynn House. Flynn finished on 294 points, followed by Cowan (215), Paterson (184) and Melba (173).

Camps Program - Enhancing the Student Culture
The commitment of Ashwood High School staff to the co-curricular program is outstanding. The following camps have been approved by School Council and will occur in Term 2:

  • Year 10 Camp – Canberra 9-13 May 2022
  • Year 9 Camp – Cape Otway 22 - 24 June 2022
  • Year 9 Outdoor Studies Camp – Wilsons Promontory 14-16 June 2022

 VCE Data Analysis Valuing Staff and Building Capacity
The Annual Implementation Plan for 2022 outlines clear strategies in relation to evaluating impact on student learning.  For the sixth consecutive year Carmel Richardson has been employed as a consultant as part of building practice excellence. There is a strong focus on building the capacity of staff to analyse student learning data to inform teacher practice. Success breeds success.

University Partnerships and the Ashwood Alliance - Increasing Positive Community Engagement
We have pre-service teachers attending Ashwood High School from Monash University, Deakin University and The University of Melbourne. The Ashwood Alliance was formed in partnership with Deakin University in 2015. In 2022 pre-service teachers will be working with Ashwood High School staff on two main research projects:

  • wellbeing
  • Data literacy as part of the Intensive English / Intensive Maths and Learning Mentor Program.

Student Flag Bearers - Enhancing the Student Culture
Student ambassadors have once again been selected from Years 7, 8 and 9 to take responsibility for the raising and lowering of the flags each day. I have also seen our School Captains leading the way. Respect is intrinsic to the Ashwood High School culture.

Student Voice and Agency – Growing Pride and Achievement; Enhancing the Student Culture
Student membership of the Education Sub-committee for 2022 has been considered. Congratulations to Yufei Wang and Sebastian Millan who have been appointed to the student representative positions on the Education Sub-committee.

Student Led Conferences – Good to GREAT, Great to Exceptional (all four priorities)
2523 Student Led Conference bookings were made by families, representing over 4 bookings per family. The decision to hold the meetings via teleconferencing over a two day period was met with positive feedback from our families.  Parents are strategic partners of the school in the education of Ashwood High School students.

After School Study Hall – Growing Pride and Achievement; Enhancing the Student Culture
The Study Hall - Afternoon Homework Club is now a hub of learning with many students regularly enjoying extra assistance in Maths / Science and English / Humanities / Languages each week. Study Hall runs two afternoons per week 3:30pm – 4:30pm in the Middle School.  The Senior School Study Hall runs daily sessions.

After School Study Hall – Senior School – Growing Pride and Achievement; Enhancing the Student Culture
The implementation of the two mini schools has also had a positive impact on Senior School students.  The Senior School Leadership Team has implemented study classes after school every day of each week. We are providing outstanding academic tuition across all levels in the school. Congratulations to the staff of Ashwood High School for their commitment to the students and their learning / wellbeing.

School Capital Works Program – Great to Exceptional
The successful builder in the tender process was Intrec Management.  Capital Works commenced on Monday 21 March 2022 with site establishment, the installation of fences and site sheds and minor excavations in readiness for the ‘Turning of the Sod’ Ceremony.  The school is liaising with the VSBA and the Minister’s office for a date for the official ‘Turning of the Sod’ ceremony.

Due to the school’s outstanding financial management, the school has been in a position to contribute $2.1 million to the project.
Ashwood High School Revealed Campaign – 2022 – Increasing Positive Parental and Community Engagement
All local students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 have been provided with an Ashwood Revealed postcard. These postcards have been delivered to our local primary schools in the past two weeks.  Advertising in our local schools’ newsletters occurred last week. I have been taking weekly tours of up to 60 parents throughout the term, strictly following our COVIDSafe plan.  Tours have been increased this year not only because of demand, but also to minimise crowding on our Open Day in which we expect to see reduced numbers.

Parents and Friends Network – Increasing Positive Parental and Community Engagement
School leaders will be present at all PFN meetings in 2022. Each PFN meeting will focus on a particular theme that aligns with the needs of the PFN and the portfolio (area of responsibility) of the participating school leader. It is pleasing to note that the school has a purposeful Parents and Friends Network who are engaging our entire community, strengthening the connection between parents and the school. Thank you to our PFN President, Merran Taylor, for her (and her team members) excellent work. Ashwood High School remains supportive of a viable and healthy PFN as its commitment to increasing positive parental and community engagement.

School Review 2022 – Growth & Sustainability – Great to Exceptional
All schools participate in a School Review every 4 years.  The School Review provides assurance of ongoing compliance with the requirements for school registration and informs the development of the school’s 4 year School Strategic Plan. The dates for the School Review have been confirmed with Dr John Hunter (School Reviewer), Eva McMaster (NEVR) and my two Challenge Partners Roger Page (Principal Nossal High School) and Nathan Chisholm (Principal of Prahran High School). The dates are as follows:

  • Panel Day 1: Validation Day: Wednesday 11 May 2022
  • Field Work Days: Tuesday 14 June and Wednesday 15 June 2022. This will involve the School Reviewer with various focus groups.
  • Panel Day 4: Tuesday 21 June 2022.

A Safe and Enjoyable Term 1 Break
Ashwood High School extends its wishes for a safe and enjoyable break to all members of the school community. I would like to thank all members of the school community for their contribution to a very busy, exciting and rewarding start to the year at Ashwood High School. To Year 7 students and other students new to the school this year, I trust you have all settled into school life and enjoyed being part of our great school culture at Ashwood High School. For most VCE students, the break will present an opportunity to consolidate on a solid term’s work. Details of staff availability and classes running during the term break has been provided via Compass by Niesha Moorad, Acting Student Outcomes Leader.

I wish all members of the Ashwood High School community a rewarding Easter holiday break.  We look forward to seeing you back at school for Term 2 on Tuesday 26 April 2022. It has been wonderful that COVID-19 restrictions have eased and I have enjoyed meeting with students and staff face-to-face once more. Please look after one another and stay safe, well and connected.

Brett Moore
Friday 8 April 2022

Key Dates - Term 2 2022

What's happening at Ashwood High School?

Ashwood High School Swimming Carnival – Monday 28 March

A beautiful day at the Oakleigh Recreation Centre as the whole school converged on the picturesque pool. Staff and students had a wonderful day. Congratulations to the overall winners, Flynn House. Flynn finished on 294 points, followed by Cowan (215), Paterson (184) & Melba (173). The day was also highlighted by the debut of the 4 new House Gazebos, generously donated by the Parents and Friends Network. They look wonderful and will now become a permanent fixture at future House Sporting Carnivals.

Congratulations also to our 12 age group champion winners: Melody Kim, True Drezner, Anjali Rao, Jimin Cha, Leah Ried, Horim Lee, Bianca Ting, Angus Cutfield, Gloria Li, Isaac Roder, Freya Bolton-Rogers & Sam Harvison.



Year 7 Camp

Year 7 students have continued their excellent transition to Ashwood High School and experienced an amazing 3 days away at the outstanding Kinglake Forest Adventure Camp.  Our incredible team of staff and students dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to joining the Survivor style camp and gave their absolute best to all the challenges.

Students and staff enjoyed delicious food, feeding wallabies, engaging in mindfulness sessions, and completing group activities focused on developing students’ confidence and leadership. Students spent one night camping and attended tribal council as well as setting up their tents and cooking food for dinner. This experience was excellent, and students were asked to reflect on the development of themselves and others in this new environment. Students who were awarded ‘Most Developed’ in their tribe were: Kaveesha Gunesekara, Max Preyser, Athan Vagias, Theo Rangas, Gargi Karve, Ryan Susanto, Matilda Sperryn-Jones, Ariana Ali. Students who were awarded ‘Outstanding Leadership’ in their tribe were: Aayati Desai, Christopher Lillywhite, Akira Hughes, Fletcher Leaper, Hannah Williams, Jessica Mouzis, Minju Kim, Jane Lee.

Congratulations to Ms Michelle Leane, Aaleyah Gooden, Akira Hughes, Alexander Forgione, Ameer Bux, Athan Vagis, Atia Johan-Hafiz, Benjamin Brough, Bella McKenzie, Jensen Park, Lily Wingate, Liyah February, Max Pomeroy, Noah Tomic and Lachlan Bugeja (The Gugum Tribe) who were awarded ‘The Ultimate Survivor Tribe!’


One of the things I love about this school is the sensational teaching staff we have here at Ashwood High School who make these experiences for students possible. I would particularly like to thank Ms Harriet Cooper for all her organisation in the lead up to the camp and for her outstanding leadership in running and assisting me with the day-to-day management of activities, groupings, staffing and her genuine care for students and their growth as learners and people.

I would also like to thank our School Camps Coordinator Jeff Newman for his organisation of the logistics of the camp and for being brave enough to sleep outside on the first night under the stars! Thank you so very much to the following staff for your attendance and for making this experience one that our students will never forget: James Boarotto, Harriet Cooper, Vivian Chen, Matt Dexter, Danielle Di Carlo, Marnie Edmiston, Michelle Leane, Jessica Lindholm, Nic McMahon, Andrew Padbury. A big thank you to Elisa Jones-Arango and Meg McLellan who made the huge effort to visit and stay with us on the second night and for your wonderful support of our students and staff as always. I would also like to acknowledge the amazing work of Laura Higgins who completed all the admin in preparation for the camp and was an excellent support to myself and my team in the lead up. 

Well done to all our students on your incredible efforts. You represented our school so beautifully and the camp staff were so impressed by your conduct, behaviour and willingness to give everything a go. You should all be very proud of yourselves

Sachael Miller
Middle School Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Transitions Leader


Middle School Assistant Principal's Report

Congratulations to the successful end of Term 1 to our new and returning students and families in the Middle School. Please see below for a few key event since Newsletter #1, as well as some important reminders.

Year 7 Camp
Camps enable our students to engage with valuable learning outside of the classroom. Our Year 7 cohort attended camp from Monday 21 March 2022 to Wednesday 23 March 2022 at Kinglake Adventures Camp. Students demonstrated their resilience, tenacity and optimism throughout – by engaging in a number of skill-building activities, including an overnight stay in tents on one of the nights. Congratulations and thanks to Ms Sachael Miller – Middle School Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Transitions Leader and Ms Harriet Cooper – Paterson House Coordinator - for leading the Year 7’s and staff in attendance.

Students on School Tours
The engagement of our students on School Tours helps provide prospective students and their families a view of the school from a student’s perspective. Many thanks to our Year 7 Ambassadors who assisted Dr Moore on School Tours this term:

Lachlan Bujega

True Drezner

Izzy Gullan

Kaveesha Gunasekara

Isla Minton

Elisabeth Oh

Amy Russo

Milan Tulia

You make us proud!

Swimming Carnival
The weather worked in our favour for the Cross-Country Carnival on Tuesday 29 March 2022 for our annual Swimming Carnival. A record number of students participated. We are so fortunate to be able to run these events again. Congratulations to Mr Tom Grbac – Director of Sport - for his organisation and delivery of another highly successful sporting event.

Important Reminders:

We uphold high expectations of our students in all aspects of their conduct at Ashwood High School. Thank you to parents who assist us in ensuring your child’s uniform reflects our school’s CHOIR values. Please refer to the Uniform Policy in the Student Planner relevant to permitted jewelry items, as well as hairstyles. In anticipation, thank you kindly to all members of our community for your support.

Best wishes to all students, parents and families for a restful Term 1 Holiday. We will look forward to seeing you back at school in Term 2.

Meg McLellan
Middle School Assistant Principal

Middle School Engagement, Wellbeing and Transitions Report

What an exciting and fun filled term we have had here in the Middle School. From Year 7 Camp, House Swimming and students building their connectedness to their House and peers within the Tutor Group Program, there has been a lot of learning, growth and development and I am so proud of our Middle School students for beginning the year with such success.

Throughout Tutor Group this term, students have begun to complete ‘Twenties’ to support the development of their Learning Characteristics in line with our CHOIR values. They have also put together an ‘Academic Folio’ to support their learning growth across their subjects and collate reflections, feedback, work samples and school colour nominations. It will be exciting to see where this journey takes students next term when they are given the freedom to select their own ‘Twenties’ in line with their personal learning goals. Thank you to all Tutor Group teachers for your support of this program and for your enthusiasm in always promoting house spirit and connectedness. I would also like to acknowledge the fantastic work of our Middle School House Leaders who have run various activities during our Tutor Group lessons as well as workshops at lunchtimes preparing for the House Swimming Carnival. Well done on your excellent work.

It was wonderful to see so many Middle School students enthusiastically representing their Houses in the Swimming Carnival this term. I saw some amazing costumes and was impressed by the excellent creation of banners and House chants across the Middle School. Congratulations to Mrs Vicky Dernikos and Flynn House for their big win! Congratulations once again to all Middle School Leaders, House Coordinators and all Middle School students for your support and involvement in this fantastic day.

I would like to wish all families a wonderful Term 1 break, full of rest, relaxation, and fun. Term 1 has been a big adjustment back to the routines of school after two years of COVID disruptions and I want to thank you all very much for your support of our school and the work of our Middle School Team. Wellbeing is always our sole focus and I want to thank and acknowledge the tireless efforts of our incredible House Coordinators, Mr Guy Driscoll, Mrs Vicky Dernikos, Mr Ned Hayward and Ms Harriet Cooper. I would also like to thank Middle School Student Voice, Leadership and Agency Coordinator, Mr Calvin Yin and Middle School Admin Officer Ms Laura Higgins who play a central role in our team. Thank you to the amazing School Psychologist Ms Elisa Jones-Arango for your support of our team, students, and families and finally I wish to also thank our amazing Integration Team, including Integration Coordinator Ms Julie Clearwater and Integration Aides, Ms Jessie Coe, Mr Matthew Dexter, Mr Matthew Feeney Ms Kavita Balvally and Ms Meera Yadav.

Sachael Miller
Middle School Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Transitions Leader

From the House Coordinators

Cowan House Report

Cowan has worked through Term 1 fantastically, and has finished on a very positive note. After a brilliant showing in the pool during Swimming Carnival, it is evident that our House is producing extremely strong participation throughout, as well as some exceptional individual performances. Congratulations to the many Cowan students being awarded age group champion awards. Special mentions to all students who competed or volunteered on the day, and also to our Middle and Senior School House Captains and House Vice Captains for leading us to a strong result!

Heading into Term 2, I have been thrilled to see the increasing participation in co-curricular activities from Cowan students. We are very privileged at Ashwood High School to have a range of lunchtime and afterschool activities for our students to develop their interests, passions, skills and knowledge, all whilst making new friendships. From the School Musical Production, to sporting prowess in the ABL and soon to be APL, and through the creative sphere with Art Club and Animation Club, Cowan students really can do it all.

Tutor Group will also continued to develop in Term 2, with students being able to start selecting their own modules to complete, based on their personal learning goals and areas for improvement in their Learning Characteristics, based on their Interim Reports from Term 1.

With exams and semester reports quickly approaching, I encourage all Cowan students to set High Expectations for themselves in line with our CHOIR values, and then develop a rigorous and viable plan for revision to ensure they are able to achieve at their best. As House Coordinator, I look forward to reflecting with pride on the improvements achieved by Cowan students when I shortly begin proofreading their reports.

Guy Driscoll
Cowan House Coordinator

Flynn House Report

As Term 2 comes to a close, we celebrate our first entire term at school since 2019. It has been exciting re-connecting with our wonderful community and once again observing the successes of our students and the efforts being made to strive for excellence. Enjoying our amazing school gardens once again has been moving for many of us.

On the topic of successes, a huge congratulations to our Flynnians for winning the Swimming Carnival for 2022! As a team, many Flynn students collaborated weeks before the carnival to plan and execute a fun and victorious day. Many thanks to our wonderful captains and vice-captains, Mickey Van Dalen, Emma Hew, Mitchell Morton and Teghan Rado who demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities leading up to the Swimming Carnival and on the day. It was heart-warming to see senior students being excellent role-models on the day and encouraging younger students to participate in many events that amassed the grand total that enabled Flynn to be the superior House. I am very proud of the House spirit that prevails at our great school and eagerly await the forth coming challenges.

I would like to thank our tremendous team of Flynn tutor group teachers, Ms Leane, Mr Rayner, Mr Grbac, Ms Chen and Mr Christiansz, who have met the challenging task of settling students into a comfortable and calm routine throughout the term. Our Year 7 students have embraced our CHOIR values beautifully and have already taken up many opportunities offered to them at Ashwood High School.

I wish our entire community a safe, healthy and happy term break and look forward to Term 2 bringing great successes to everyone.

Vicky Dernikos
Flynn House Coordinator

Melba House Report

Term 1 has been off to an exciting start with Melba students participating in a range of activities around the school. There are so many opportunities for co-curricular involvement including the Debating Team, the instrumental music program, bands, ensembles and choirs, and a range of lunchtime clubs including Animation Club, the A-Z Community, Interact Club, the Ashwood Basketball League and the Ashwood Premier League. These opportunities allow Melba students to demonstrate their commitment to our CHOIR values, particularly Community, as well as earning some handy house points along the way.

Positive participation was also seen during the Swimming Carnival. Whilst the number of students participating from Melba was excellent, there is always room for improvement, so we encourage everyone to get in the pool and have a go. Congratulations to our Melba House Captains and House Vice Captains in both the Middle and Senior School who modelled participation and encouraged all students to perform at their best.

Our six Melba Tutor Groups have also been going from strength to strength as they get to know peers, their Tutor Group teachers, and form connections with students from other year levels. I look forward to seeing all Melba students do their best next term by successfully studying hard for exams and then reflecting on their performance this semester when reports are released. Go Melba!

Ned Hayward
Melba House Coordinator



Middle School Student Leadership & Agency Report

The growth and effectiveness of Student Leadership in the Middle School during Term 1 has been outstanding. The students appointed to positions of leadership have shown great commitment to the enhancement of their school community by participating in regular meetings, proposing new initiatives and serving as positive role models at all times.

Many of these students are undertaking a formal leadership role for the very first time but all student leaders have adapted to and upheld their positions with vigour and enthusiasm. The newest members of the Middle School Student Leadership Team are the Year 7 SRCs and Ambassadors. Congratulations to Jane Lee, Ameer Bux, Izzy Gullan, Isla Minton, True Drezner, Elisabeth Oh, Kaveesha Gunasekara, Amy Russo, Lachie Bugeja and Milan Tulia for their appointment to these positions.

The various Student Leadership teams have begun to plan and implement events and activities for the student body to participate in and enjoy. One such event was Clean Up Australia Day held on Thursday 24 March, which was led by the Interact Club Executive. 93 students signed up and stayed after school to clean up litter from around the school to preserve out wonderful school environment and raise awareness around issues related to sustainability. This event was a great success and was well attended by students of all year levels. Well done to all who participated! Thanks also to the staff members who supervised and participated during the event, Mr John Sheehan, Ms Ruby Cameron, Mr Guy Driscoll and all the Pre-service Teachers.

During a recent visit of local MPs, Year 7 Ambassadors demonstrated their professionalism and their love for the community by assisting in the tour with Dr Moore and our guests. Middle School Student Representative Council Members also attended in the conference with the local MPs to raise concerns facing our student body.

Congratulations to all Middle School Student Leaders for a wonderful first term in their roles!

Calvin Yin
Middle School Student Voice, Leadership and Agency Coordinator

As Term 1 comes to an end, we have had several fantastic events take place with many more still to come. Our names are Georgie Taylor and Yunal Lutfi and we are the Middle School Vice-Captains for 2022. We hope that this term has been a good start to the year, and for the new students and staff, we hope that you have had a warm welcome and a smooth transition into the school year.

After much anticipation for an additional Oakleigh school bus, we were finally given the opportunity to have our voices heard. The SRC and leadership team met with politicians in the surrounding suburbs and highlighted the problems that occur on the bus. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this possible.

On Thursday 24 March, Ashwood High School took part in Clean Up Australia Day with the help of the Interact Club. We had 93 students and volunteers participate in this event to keep the school clean and green. A big thank you to the students and volunteers who took time out of their Thursday to help our school.

Despite a bit of rain, the Ashwood High School Annual Swimming Carnival was a day to remember. We saw great participation across the student cohort, staff and Dr Moore. All four Houses showed great team spirit although of course only one house can claim victory. This year we saw Flynn win and Melba lose, but next year that will hopefully be different. We loved seeing everyone dressed up in their house colours/themes showing great house spirit. Thank you to Mr Grbac, and all other staff involved that made this event run smoothly.

As we end the term on a good note, the SRC organised a free dress day with a gold coin donation to support the charity of SisterWorks - a not-for-profit organisation that supports, empower and upskill migrant women. Thank you to the SRC for organising this event for all the students leaving us happy and excited for the holidays.

We would just like to congratulate you all on an amazing and successful term 1 and cannot wait to see what term 2 brings! Have a safe and happy holiday!

Georgie Taylor and Yunal Lutfi
Middle School Vice-Captains

Clean Up Australia Day

Best Dress Competition at Swimming Carnival

Accelerated Curriculum & Enrichment Program

Ability grouping is known to have a beneficial effect on the academic achievement of highly able students (Steenbergen-Hu, Makel & Olszewski-Kubilius, 2016). High ability grouping allows opportunities for social comparison and competition, both of which are considered to be beneficial for developing students’ resilience and facilitating individual growth (Dai & Rinn, 2008). Ashwood High School’s Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment program is tailored to support the educational needs of our most able students and provides a comprehensive program of instruction that supports the development of the whole learner.

Applications are now open for entry to the Year 7 2023 ACE program. Students currently enrolled in Grade 6 are invited to apply. Entries close 29 July 2022.  Applicants will need to be available to sit the entry test at Ashwood High School on Saturday 6 August 2022. For more information, please contact Mrs Caroline Servadei on 9807 1333.

The Victorian High-Ability Program is an initiative developed by the Department of Education and Training to support high-ability students to excel through structured learning extension programs. The program aims to stimulate students’ critical thinking, problem solving and creativity through enriching their understanding of English and Mathematics. Entrance to the program is by invitation and is based on the results of statewide testing. Six students from Year 8 were invited to participate in the Maths program in Term 1. A further 15 students from Year 7 have been invited to participate in the English and Maths programs running in Term 2 this year. We hope they enjoy the opportunity to extend their literacy and numeracy skills and make new friends.

Dai, D.Y., & Rinn, A.N. (2008). The big-fish-little-pond effect: What do we know and where do we go from her? Educational Psychology Review, 20, 283-317. Retrieved from doi:10.1007/s10648-008-9071-x

Steenbergen-Hu, S., Makel, M., & Olszewski-Kubilius, P. (2016). What one hundred years of research says about the effects of ability grouping and acceleration on K-12 students’ academic achievement: Findings of two second-order meta-analyses. Review of Educational Research, 86, 849-899. Retrieved from

Caroline Servadei
Enrichment, Pedagogy Partnerships & Professional Learning Leader

Senior School Assistant Principal's Report

Dear Ashwood High School Community,

I have had the privilege of being involved in first Sports Carnival for 2022 the Ashwood High School Swimming Carnival. I would like to congratulate Mr Grbac, Director of Sports, his teacher team and student leaders for the organisation of such a fantastic event that provided our school community with a platform to showcase the sporting talent at Ashwood High School. As a school, we are always looking for ways to develop and show our community values and sportsmanship and it was on full display at the 2022 Ashwood High School Swimming Carnival.

Ashwood High School continues to have high expectations and strive for improvement. This has been recently evident in the Senior School teaching team who over the last few weeks, have been working with Professor Carmel Richardson from The University of Melbourne University on analysing our past GAT and VCE data. Carmel is working with all our Senior School teachers in 2022 to develop strategic teaching techniques with regards to our Senior School.

All students undertaking a Year 12 subject in 2022 will be involved in the General Assessment Test (GAT). As a Senior School we have very high expectations for all our students undertaking this test and we endeavour to make sure they are best prepared for this test. To achieve this, we are conducting a practice GAT before the real GAT. This will allow our students the best understanding of the process and expectations for success in the GAT test.  

Ms Niesha Moorad Student Outcomes Leader, has been preparing our students for the upcoming Term 3 GAT preparation and implementing the Senior School Study Club that occurs Monday to Friday in the Senior School centre from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. During these sessions, several Senior School teachers are available to provide students with extra tuition and understanding in all subjects from Years 10, 11 and 12.

The Senior School teaching team has been meeting to continuously develop the learning and knowledge of our teachers. These meetings have been used to discuss strategies on how to ensure students continuously engage in their learning, with the community and remain innovative learners.  

Our school continues to be at the cutting edge of innovation with health and wellbeing programs thanks to our Principal Dr Brett Moore. He has worked with a number of our teacher leaders to develop the health and wellbeing programs at Ashwood High School in 2022 and, as a result, the school has a number of new wellbeing programs introduced through our School Psychologist, Dr Elisa Jones Arango. During this term, Dr Jones Arango has been working with our Senior School year levels to present stress and self-management workshops to best prepare our students to thrive in the years ahead.

As the Assistant Principal of the Senior School, I wish all members of the Ashwood High School community a safe and happy break over the holidays and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 2.

Best Regards

Tom O’Toole
Senior School Assistant Principal

Senior School Engagement, Wellbeing & Pathways Report

Term 1 at Ashwood High School has seen our Senior School students settle into 2022 and build positive relationships with their new teachers and Year Level Coordinators. The upcoming school break is a good opportunity for our Senior Students to rest, regroup and review their studies so far. It is also a good opportunity for students to evaluate their work habits of the first term and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth and positive outcome for the year. Students will also have tasks to complete over this break - these are vital to ensure learners are feeling prepared and confident in their studies.

Our Year 11 and 12 students have been busy preparing for and completing SACs (School Assessed Coursework) throughout Term 1. I have been very impressed by their dedication and the high expectations they hold for themselves, students should be commended on their rigour. To ensure students are able to consistently achieve their goals, it is important to take the time to care for their health and wellbeing. See below some simple suggestions to assist students with this goal.

In 2022, the Year 10 students have been supported by our Form Group Program specifically designed to target their needs as they begin to consider career pathways and prepare for VCE and Vocational studies. These sessions are conducted to facilitate specific educational programs and resources to support Year 10 students in their unique experiences and stage of development. The Form Group program has so far covered:

  • Goal setting
  • Research skills and plagiarism policy
  • Year 10 work experience information session
  • Study habits and creating a study timetable
  • Career Portfolio Action Plans
  • Resume writing

At Ashwood High School, we have a keen focus on empowering student voice and agency to improve engagement in academic studies, extra-curricular activities, and overall school culture. The Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) provides a wealth of research and information on the benefits of increasing student agency within schools, some of which are outlined below.

Currently we are supporting student agency and voice through our extensive leadership program, student led conferences, whole cohort feedback, and the building of independence in senior school students. With the aim to excel in the field of student voice and agency, this year we have also introduced a new role to our senior school team - Senior School Student Voice, Leadership and Agency Coordinator - Danny Meagher. Mr Meagher has been working with our student leadership team to continuously find ways to improve the experience students have at Ashwood High School.

Lastly, I would just like to congratulate the senior school cohort on a fantastic return in Term 1 and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings.

Phoebe Lindsay
Senior School Engagement, Wellbeing and Pathways Leader (SSEWPL)

Year 10 Coordinator's Report

Well done to all Year 10 students on a positive and successful Term 1 of 2022. All students have settled into the schedule and expectations of the Senior School and have been warmly welcomed into the community by the Years 11 and 12 students. This has been clearly evident when viewing Year 10s working alongside older students in their VCE Early Commencement classrooms, in shared study spaces and through co-curricular activities.

An exciting upcoming event for our students is the Year 10 Wellbeing and Careers Day, which includes an excursion to the VCE and Careers Expo at Caulfield Racecourse. This day will include workshops on maintaining one’s wellbeing, study skills, and an introduction to the pathway options available in Senior School and beyond. More information about this exciting opportunity will be available on Compass.

We are all looking forward to the upcoming Year 10 Camp in Mt Evelyn, which will take place Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 May (Term 2, Week 3). Information on payment and consent is available to parents and guardians on the Compass event and Year 10 students are encouraged to look out for and attend all pre-camp briefings, which will occur early in Term 2.

Matilda Wraight
Year 10 Coordinator

Being in Year 10 this year has gotten off to a great start. We have been exposed to a new schedule and a new form of learning in the Senior School, which has been an amazing learning experience so far. We have gotten to know everyone in the year level, and we have welcomed new students. We are all looking forward to our upcoming Year 10 Camp and the year ahead.
Amber Balmer, Year 10 SRC Representative

I feel Year 10 has been a very interesting year so far and that it has most definitely had its challenges for me. Some of these include the amount of work compared to past years and getting used to onsite learning again, but nevertheless it also has its positives. I found the range of subject selection and the range of topics covered to be very well thought out and planned. This helped me organise my study routine and found my strengths and gaps in certain subjects. Overall, I think this Year 10 so far has been pretty good and I’m looking forward to the rest of this year.
Luke Noy, Year 10 SRC Representative


Year 11 Coordinator's Report

As the end of a busy term draws near, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Year 11 students on the positive and productive start they have made to their senior studies. Regardless of how well-prepared students are, the increased expectations and workload of Year 11 can come as a shock. This situation has naturally been exacerbated by the interruptions of the past two years; however, it has been pleasing to see students meet the challenges maturely and enthusiastically, settling into strong routines of study and revision.  

It has also been particularly pleasing to see many students taking the opportunity to study after school as part of the Senior School Study Program that runs each afternoon from 3:20 pm. These sessions present a great opportunity for students to seek assistance with their work from teachers and peers.  Student communication with teachers is very important and I would encourage all Year 11 students to approach their teachers or communicate via email if they are having any issues with their work, or if they require additional support or extension. Students are encouraged to use the upcoming holidays to revise the material covered so far this year and to look for opportunities to build upon this strong foundation in readiness for Term 2. I wish the Year 11 students and their families a safe and happy Easter holiday and I look forward to seeing the students back at school relaxed and ready for a productive Term 2.

John Sheehan  
Year 11 Coordinator

Year 12 Coordinator's Report

It seems that the conversation about how the first couple of weeks of Year 12 is going has just taken place not long ago. Now we are already on the verge of completing Term 1. The first 30% percent of Year 12 academic weeks is not at all humdrum as our Year 12s take on the challenges to find their momentum to sprint and scamper towards their respective destinations, from the day they were presented with the Year 12 badges on Tuesday 22 February in our first 2022 whole school assembly.

Following the requirements of our VCAL curriculum, many of our Year 12 VCAL students are now learning to juggle with the increased demands of workload, as they not only need to look after their 2-day study at school but also need to take on the demand in their structured workplace learning. Thanking to all VCAL teachers and our Careers and Pathways Coordinator/School Organisation Manager Jodie Hechenberger, studying and working at the same time has been made easier for our VCAL students. They also go extra minds to communicate and check in with the third parties to ensure our VCAL students’ wellbeing is looked after when attending study or work.

Whilst our Year 12 VCE students’ priority and main focus is their academic progress. The ‘single’ focus has not been easy as each and every single subject has its own complexity and intricacy. Pleasantly, our Year 12s are now adjusting to the high demand of their Unit 3 study despite challenges, even when experiencing the cumulative tiredness and fatigue from the entire term, thanking to the collective efforts from all our Year 12s and the tremendous support from Year 12 teachers, all teachers and staff who work closely with our Year12s.

Apart from study, school-based apprentice and traineeship, VET and assessments, our Year 12s were also able to pencil in other curricular activities and fun moments in their schedule. For instance, our first whole school event school’s Swimming Carnival was successfully and smoothly held on Monday, Week 9. It was so great to see our Year 12s come together with other year levels and participate in different competitions. Regardless of the competitive nature of the event, all students united and created a motivating and encouraging environment! Not only that, our Year12s’ cartoon-themed dress up brought more excitement and highlights to the event! Thanks to our sports prefect, Dannah Casanova and other students involved in organsing the swimming carnival signup and finalising the theme!

As the term break is approaching, I would encourage all Year 12 students to take some time off to rejuvenate and also take this opportunity to reflect on their approach to bring necessary adjustments. For those who seek teacher support over the holiday, please remember that there are holiday classes running by Year 12 teachers. Just look out for the School Outcome Leader Niesha Moorad’s compass newsfeed for the schedule.

Wishing everyone a relaxing and productive term break!

Jessie Tian
Year 12 Coordinator


Senior School Student Leadership & Agency

The remainder of Term 1 of the 2022 academic year has continued to bring forth opportunities for all student leaders to continue to demonstrate high levels of leadership, initiative and a sense of community.

Throughout the second half of Term 1, our student leaders have been acknowledged at an official Student Leadership Investiture and conveyed their leadership capabilities in the preparation for the Swimming Sports Carnival in the form of theme selection, House chants and drumming up support for House spirit. A selection of student leaders, the entire Student Representative Council and student delegates attended a conference with local MPs to address concerns around issues facing our student population. All opinions voiced at this seminar were respectful yet focused on addressing what our student body would like to see amended for current and future students of the Ashwood High School community.

A large amount of planning and collaboration has also gone into further supporting our community such as brainstorming ways to further promote more ethical recycling processes as well as ways to raise awareness and further support for Reconciliation Week later in the year. Our Student Leadership Executives look forward to sharing updates on these later in the year.

The Senior School Executive have also chosen SisterWorks as our not-for-profit to support in Term 1 through our termly casual clothes day. Held on Wednesday April 6th under the theme of ‘Journey’, students are encouraged to come dressed in the theme of neat casual clothes with a gold coin donation going to the initiatives of SisterWorks. SisterWorks aims to raise funds to assist, empower and upskill migrant women.

Our student voices are also being heard on various school committees with the School Captains Sam Harvison and Elizabeth Tziafas repeatedly joining School Council over Term 1, and our Year 11 SRC leaders Sebastian Millan and Yufei Wang joining the Educational Sub-Committee.

Once again we congratulate all our student leaders on their exceptional leadership skills and focus on motivating the student body to be as vibrant, accepting and empowered as possible. We look forward to continued excellence within our Student Leadership folios.

Daniel Meagher
Senior School Student Voice, Leadership and Agency Coordinator

Throughout the second half of Term 1, a great deal has been going on at Ashwood High School:

On Thursday 3 March, Ashwood High School held its first annual Student Leadership Investiture. The event aimed to celebrate all areas of student representation within the school and recognised those selected for roles by presenting them with their official badges, formally beginning their terms as student leaders. The special assembly went well and was demonstrative of Ashwood High School’s collective support of one another.

Friday 4 March saw a select group of Ashwood High School students attend the Mullum Division Swimming Carnival held at Ringwood’s Aquanation to participate in events on behalf of the school. Ashwood High School students put in a tremendous amount of effort, garnering an age group champion in Year 10 Luke Noy, as well as multiple relay team wins and a 3rd place overall ranking out of 7 schools. The event was a great success and Ashwood High School’s student representatives showed commendable sportsmanship on the day.

The first Student Led Conferences for 2022 were conducted on Wednesday 16 and Friday 18 March. These were both pupil-free days so that staff could best focus on preparations for interviews with students, allowing everyone to make the most of the opportunities that the conferences provide.

On Thursday 17 March, the Senior School Leadership Executive welcomed MPs Will Fowles (Member for Burwood) and Matt Fregan (Member for Mount Waverley) to Ashwood High School. In response to a candid letter from Thomas Duckworth, 8Z ,Mr Fowles and Mr Fregan came to us to hold a student-led discussion regarding the overcrowding on the school bus service to Oakleigh Station. After being taken on a school tour by Dr Moore and Year 7 ambassadors Kaveesha Gunasekara and Amy Russo, Mr Fowles and Mr Fregan attended the Performing Arts Centre where Student Representative Council members from all year levels were holding a forum to discuss the issue. Discussions were held in a polite yet passionate way, and both of our guests were very impressed by our students and their initiative.

Despite initial postponements to the event, the Annual School Swimming Carnival was held on Monday 28 March at the Oakleigh Recreation Centre. The event saw high levels of participation and sportsmanship and was a major success for Ashwood High School. Congratulations to Flynn House for the overall win, and a special commendation to Mr Tom Grbac for organising and coordinating the event.

We would like to congratulate Ziming Zhuang for being nominated for and subsequently receiving, the Global Learning Award for Resilience and Innovation. This is a prize which rewards students for their academic efforts and resilience in all areas of their studies. We are incredibly proud of Ziming for staying motivated and driven despite being online for the entirety of Year 11, and we cannot wait to see what more he will bring to our school community.

With another busy start to the year at Ashwood High School, we would like to express our gratitude to Dr Moore and everyone within the school community for your kind encouragement and support for us as leaders. We are grateful for the opportunity to be your representatives and are incredibly thankful for your help whilst transitioning back into relative normalcy. If anyone at school should have any concerns or wish to discuss anything, both of us are very happy to hear anything you have to say. We wish you the best for next term and hope you all have a great holiday!

Elizabeth Tziafas and Sam Harvison 
School Captain


VCE VCAL VET Curriculum Services

As Term 1 draws to a close, and following the recent Student Led Conferences, the upcoming term break is a good opportunity for the students to reflect on how their year is progressing.

Year 11 students should be focusing on how they feel they are managing the transition to VCE or VCAL and what supports and changes they may need to put in place to ensure that the rest of the year progresses smoothly. 

Year 12 students should be focussing on how well they are managing their workload and developing their time management and study skills further where necessary. To enable the best outcomes in all areas of their studies.

All students have completed some formal assessments, whether SACs for the VCE students or Outcomes for the VCAL students, and thus will have some quantitative measure of how they are progressing.  Students are reminded to follow up on the feedback provided by their teachers in order to continue to improve their outcomes.  If you are unsure about any of the feedback please speak with, or email, your teacher for clarification.

A number of students within the VCE program at both Year 11 and Year 12 have not been able to demonstrate a satisfactory level of understanding of an Outcome, either through coursework or a SAC.  In these cases both the student and their parents/guardians will have been contacted via email.  These emails will advise of the steps that need to be taken to redeem the Satisfactory completion of the outcome.  This may include the need to complete overdue homework tasks prior to a redemption task being set.  As per the VCAA guidelines, these redemption tasks are solely to determine a satisfactory pass.  The original grade for any SAC will not be altered.

For some members of our school community this has been a disrupted term due to the need to isolate for various reasons.  I would like to thank all students and staff for their adaptability within the appropriate guidelines that has allowed students to successfully access their studies and complete assessments in a timely manner.

A number of staff are providing extra sessions over this term break for Unit 3/4 subjects and all students are encouraged to attend these sessions. 

I wish all students a safe and restful break and remind you that while, as senior students, you will be expected to complete schoolwork over this break it is still important that you take some time to recharge.

Julie Huggins 
VCAA Curriculum Services Coordinator

Careers & Pathways

It has been a busy few weeks for the Year 10 students. On Tuesday 1 March 2022 they had their first career lesson for the year, a Work Experience Information session. During the information session they students learnt the basic of Work Experience:

  • When is Work Experience and the duration?
    • Monday 12 September 2022 – Friday 16 September 2022, one full working week – 5 days.
  • Who is responsible for finding my placement?
    • You are, however, I am always here to help and offer guidance.
  • What is my deadline for securing placement?
    • Friday 24 June 2022

They also received a Work Experience information pack which included a letter for parents. If you missed out on a pack please email me directly at, and I will organise one for you.

With the holidays just around the corner it is a great time for Year 10 students to source their Work Experience placement for September.

Some tips for sourcing placement include;

  • Local councils are quite good as they offer structured work experience programs for schools:
  • Also, use your connections!It’s not what you know but who you know. Ask your aunties, uncles, cousins, older siblings, friends, neighbours, and acquaintances if they can offer you a work experience position within their organisation.

On Tuesday 22 March 2022, Year 10 participated in their second career lesion for the year. During this session Year 10 Completed their Career Action Plans. For the Year 10s who have not yet completed you still have time, if you need a refresher you will find the student user guide here – remember to click ‘Share with your Teacher’ it will come through to me for feedback. Or I am happy for you to make contact with me via email at to set up a time to go through the CAP process.

Ashwood High School Careers Expo, Yes, it is close to that time of year again. Save the date Tuesday 31 May 2022 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. The purpose of the night is to showcase career options such as undergraduate programs for both local and international students, pathway programs, traineeships and apprenticeship opportunities and services offered by institutions for students who require extra assistance due to a disability.

We have a number of fantastic exhibitors who have already RSVP’d including Deakin University, Holmesglen Institute, University of Tasmania, Box Hill Institute, JMC Academy, Australian Catholic University (ACU), Kangan Institute, Torrens University Australia, Richmond Football Club Leadership Program, Gateway LLEN and many more.

Jodie Hechenberger
Careers and Pathways Coordinator


School Psychologist's Report

Dear Students, Parents and Carers!

As Term 1, 2022 comes to a close we look back to a great start to the year.

Our focus this term has been to support students’ transitions. We have many transitions taking place over Term 1. We have a new cohort of Year 7 students, we have students transitioning from Middle to Senior School, and we have the Year 12 cohort begining last year of school. As a whole school, both staff and students also transitioned to a “new normal”, with consistent face-to-face learning and the return of school events.

The Wellbeing Team has supported students in these transitions in different ways. I had the privilege of visiting our Year 7 students in camp. It was a great opportunity to see many students out of their comfort zone, engaging in outdoor activities and building new connections.

We held a workshop for Year 12 students, challenging students to be proactive in managing their stress by learning about their stress clues and committing to a simple action when stress starts to creep in.

Finally, Breakfast Club has been running for a whole term! It has been great to see the relationships build between volunteers and our students.

The end of the term is a time to reflect on the hard work of students and staff, especially thinking about the tools, strategies and routines that have been supportive and adaptive.

Warm Regards,

Dr Elisa Jones Arango on behalf of the Wellbeing Team
School Psychologist

Director of Digital Learning Report

The Director of Digital Learning role is new at Ashwood High School in 2022, and aims to optimise the way we use technology to support and enhance learning. Technology can be used to support and enhance learning through the teacher, the learner, and also connecting families with the teaching and learning process.

Digital Learning Project Snapshot: Preparing for NAPLAN online delivery in 2022

Niesha Moorad (Acting Student Outcomes Leader) and the IT team have been working tirelessly to prepare our school’s systems, processes, and most importantly, our students and teachers for the inaugural online delivery of NAPLAN in May 2022.

Students were part of the School Readiness Test in Week 7 and the NAPLAN Practice Test in Week 8. In the lead up to these events, the IT team worked to audit device functionality, assist students with troubleshooting their devices where the audit indicated there were issues and year level wide installation of the NAP Locked Down browser.

Students demonstrated our CHOIR values during the two sessions, holding themselves to High Expectations and demonstrating Respect for the process and for their teachers and peers. A reminder to students and families that if they did not bring headphones to the two preparatory sessions, these will be required for the NAPLAN testing in May.

A huge congratulations to Ms Moorad, Harsha Dias (IT Manager) and Brendan Ariens (IT Technician) for their exemplary work in ensuring our school is prepared for this important process.

As per the reminder in the last article, if one of the online resources (Edrolo, Education Perfect, Stile, Dynamic Science, MusicEDU) was booklisted for your child, please ensure you have purchased the subscription to ensure your child is able to access the resource in class.

There are a number of exciting future projects within the digital learning portfolio including:

  • Planning for VCE Digital Learning pathways in response to student voice
  • Internet provider upgrade to increase reliability and speed of school internet
  • Investigating a whole school approach to use of Learning Tasks to ensure family visibility of learning data to support improved learning outcomes for students

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the projects being undertaken in the Digital Learning space, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Meg Brydon
Director of Digital Learning

Student Outcomes Leader's Report

As Term 1 draws to a close, it is an excellent time to both reflect on our students’ progress thus far in 2021 and look ahead to what Term 2 will bring.

During Term 1, students in Years 7-10 completed PAT testing in the areas of Numeracy and Reading during their Maths and English classes. This literacy and numeracy data will be further analysed by teachers in Term 2 and will be very important in guiding teacher practice so that we best meet the needs of all our students.

Students in Years 7 and 9 also completed a NAPLAN School Readiness Test and NAPLAN Practice Test in Term 1. These tests provided students with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the question types found in the new NAPLAN Online tests. Students completed a Practice Writing Test and a Practice Omnibus test, which contained a combination of reading, conventions of language and numeracy questions. It was fantastic to see the students treat these tests as valuable opportunities for practice in preparation for the official NAPLAN Online tests which will occur in May. Further information will be communicated prior to the NAPLAN Online testing period, however it is important to note that students will need to come prepared for the tests with a charged device and headphones. If students were absent for the NAPLAN practice tests, they have the option to complete their familiarisation via the use of the ACARA NAPLAN Online public demonstration site.

It has also been great to see Senior School students attending Study Hall to complete work in a dedicated study space to build their study habits and routines. Our Senior School Study Hall takes place Monday to Friday after school between 3:15pm and 4:30pm in Building E. All students in Years 10-12 are encouraged to attend these sessions. Another valuable opportunity for our Year 12 students is the schedule of revision classes running at school in the first week of the upcoming term break. We thank the teachers who have given up their time to support our students during this break. Students should check Compass to view the full schedule of events, and I would encourage all students in the relevant subjects to attend as applicable.

I wish everyone a safe and restful break, and I look forward to continuing to work with our staff and students in Term 2.

Niesha Moorad
Student Outcomes Leader

Enrichment, Pedagogy, Partnerships & Professional Learning

Pedagogy, partnerships and professional learning have all been running at full throttle in Term 1 this year. Peer Observation groups are being finalised in preparation for the launch of a pilot program of learning walks and peer observations that will commence in Term 2 this year, and the consultative process to develop a series of rubrics for use as part of the pilot project is now well underway. Thanks must go to Ms Niesha Moorad (Acting Student Outcomes Leader), the School Leadership Team, and the Teaching and Learning Committee, for their support with this process.

In partnerships news, the first meeting of the Deakin Alliance for 2022 took place on Wednesday 23 February. A warm welcome to our new site director for the Ashwood Alliance, Ms Melissa Haley, who was also the guest presenter at a highly successful workshop on “Buffering Teacher Burnout” which took place on Wednesday 23 March. Melissa will return in Term 2 to present a follow-up presentation on differentiation.

Congratulations to Ms Meg Brydon (Director of Digital Learning) and Mr Daniel Christiansz (Technologies Learning Area Leader) who have been invited to join the pilot for the Q Project’s Using Research Well in Practice professional learning program which is scheduled to take place in Term 2.

Communities of Practice launched on Wednesday 23 February with the Science and English Learning Areas. Staff worked collaboratively within their respective learning areas to arrive at a shared understanding of the new lesson framework and develop shared expectations around the use of the template. Teachers also collaborated to develop a bank of strategies to implement student voice and review learning within their respective learning areas. Feedback from the workshops indicates that staff have been appreciative of the opportunity for collaboration and sharing of teacher expertise.

A huge thank you to Ms Peta Gannoulis (Director of Studies) who led a workshop on how to write and proofread interim reports on Monday 21 February.

Finally, a seminar on “Creating and implementing your Action Plan” was held for second year VIT candidates on Tuesday 1 March to assist teachers with the organisation and structure of their inquiry projects. A follow up session will be held on Wednesday 6 April to support teachers to document their inquiry projects in preparation for their panel presentations later in the year.

Caroline Servadei
Enrichment, Pedagogy Partnerships & Professional Learning Leader







English Learning Area Report

In 2023, the Study Design for VCE English will change. For those of us who have enjoyed teaching the comparative study of texts, it is a sad day because this area of study will be leaving the study design next year. However, the new area of study – ‘Crafting Texts’ – provides some exciting opportunities for students to experience a wider range of shorter texts as well as to develop their skills in writing texts in a range of different forms.

The Crafting Texts curriculum
Each crafting texts units is designed around a specific framework – an over-arching ‘theme’ about which they read and respond. At Ashwood, the frameworks are:

Year 7

Writing about nature

Year 8

Writing about the future

Year 9

Writing about isolation

Year 10

Writing about justice

In this unit, students are presented with a range of texts dealing with the relevant framework. These include short fiction texts, extracts from longer novels, non-fiction texts (such as new reports, scientific journals, blogs etc.), poems and short film. Students respond through maintaining a Reading Journal – a collection of guided writing tasks that suit their specific level and range of ability – in which they are encouraged to explore and play with written responses in a range of different forms.

The Strengths of Crafting Texts
Whilst reading extended literary texts remains a foundational component of the English course, crafting texts introduces students to texts that they are likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis. Understanding the language, structure and purpose of fiction and non-fiction texts, digital texts, informative and expositional texts permits students to develop targeted reading and comprehension skills as well as build a wider general knowledge.

When responding to what they read, students are also presented with a wider range of options in a crafting texts unit. Again, whilst essay writing remains a core skill, it is complemented by students developing their understanding of the purposes of different forms of written communication. For example, when creating a Feature Article students need to be able to both engage their chosen readership as well as demonstrate their knowledge of the topic at hand: to entertain and inform.

To demonstrate their progress, students will complete a wider range of assessment in the crafting text units. As well their Reading Journal, which will demonstrate their engagement and thinking about the framework in which they respond, students will produce written and spoken texts using the tools provided by their teacher.

For example, the Year 10 Advanced English class is currently undertaking an oral assessment on Kafka’s novella The Metamorphosis. In this, students are producing their own podcast in a genre of their choosing in order to explore the wider themes of this story. Examples include: True Crime – exploring the events of the text in the form of investigative journalism; an essay writing guide for next year’s class; a lifestyle program that employs satire to reflect Kafka’s underlying message about the nature of the modern world.

Ultimately the Crafting Texts units allows students to develop skills in ‘real-world’ English. We have designed the Crafting Texts curriculum to encourage students to engage with the frameworks by accessing the texts they may already be reading. In Writing about Nature for example, Year 7 students are encouraged to consider issues that they might encounter in Science or Humanities that relate to the natural world, events that they might see on the news, or even experiences they may have had in encountering nature themselves. In this way Crafting Texts allows them to see that English is more than a series of themes in a novel, but is a key tool in reading and responding to the world that is going on around them.

Dom Holloway
English Learning Area Coordinator


Mathematics Learning Area Report

After returning from a BIG three-day camp, the Year 7s started the third chapter in Maths; Chapter 3 Number Properties and Patterns. What better way to introduce the topic than with maths games to relax after camp but also engage with maths learning. Year 7s started the new chapter with a multiple and factor games.

‘This is so fun!’ 

‘Thanks for letting us learn like this after the camp.’

It is fair to say that students engaged with the content and consolidated their understanding of multiples and factors. If you are interested, feel free to access the rules and grid here to try it out. You can always level it up by including larger numbers!

Multiples And Factors for Two Players/Teams

Entry Level
The first player/team chooses an even number that is less than 50, and crosses or covers it out on the grid. The second player/team chooses a factor or multiple of the number to cover. Then the second player chooses an even number to cross out or cover. The players continue to take it in turns to cover numbers. The 1st person/team who is unable to cross out a number loses.

 Level Up
The first player/team chooses an even number, and cross or cover it out on the grid. The second player/team must cross out all the factors for that number. Players continue to take it in turns to cross out or cover numbers and find all factors. The 1st player/team who is unable to cross out a number loses.

Jay Chan
Maths Learning Area Coordinator

Science Learning Area Report

Science in the Middle School has had an outstanding Term 1. Year 7 Science students have been given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the different states of matter through a range of multimedia presentations. Some of the innovative displays included poems, rap, jazz and film. The results and engagement have been outstanding and the balance between creativity and scientific investigation has been rewarding to all students.

Four presenters from Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWBA) presented a workshop for the 7C Science class, with a focus on 'Appropriate Housing'. The purpose of the EWBA is to educate, empower and inspire present and future engineers to harness their skills for humanitarian solutions. 

The workshop expanded the student's ideas of engineers to include many different fields and industries and encouraged the students to consider engineers as people who are designers, analysers, problem solvers and builders, of many modern solutions. The main activity of the workshop was inspired by the Tonle Sap floodplain region of Cambodia, and the housing solutions that are chosen for those that live there. 

With an introduction to the science of buoyancy, student groups were assigned a budget for materials and given time to plan a 'house' that could exist on a lake, tested by its ability to hold marbles. With time to plan, assemble equipment and then build, the students attempted some varied approaches with their builds, flat floating platforms to attempts at vertically supported structures, with each group making valiant attempts.

Statements from students about the workshop

"I learnt that many people have different ideas and they use them in different ways. Engineering is not what I think and it`s so fun. I enjoyed challenging each other to think about floating things on water. "
Bella McKenzie

"We got to learn about what inventing really was about and being in a group with my friends trying to make a boat that can float and hold up marbles whilst trying to sustain how much money we use”
Chris Lillywhite

Stephanie Richards
Science Learning Area Coordinator


Creative Arts Learning Area Report

The Art Room and Design Spaces have been a hive of activity this past month – students have been working busily with an exciting variety of art and design materials and techniques to create truly unique and intriguing works of art. Year 9 Artists have sent their final ceramic vessels into their first voyage through the kiln (they will need to go through the kiln one last time over the holidays!). Year 10 Artists have successfully completed screen printed works on a variety of surfaces including jumpers, tote bags, glass and paper. Year 8 students have begun the process of forming their own skateboards using plywood, PVA glue, wooden jigs and every single heavy-duty clamp that could be found. From the entire Arts Learning Area, we wish students and staff a wonderful, creative break over the holidays.

Jessica Lindholm
Creative Arts Learning Area Coordinator

It has been a race to the finish line for Years 11 and 12 VCE Visual Communication Design students as they submitted their folios at the start of Week 9. Students have been actively using their time in and outside of the classroom to create impressive pieces of visual communications to depict creative ideas or realistic objects. The Year 12s have also been working through a range of analysis tasks to breakdown existing visual communications, such as speakers, residential buildings or playing card packaging. The responses to these tasks are then used to create solutions that attract different audiences or address the different contexts that the new designs may be located in.

Please take a look at the impressive work below.

Emily Wilcock-Stuart 11A has presented a precise Third Angle Orthogonal Drawing.

Thomas Seabrook 11C
interpreted a complex Third Angle Orthogonal Drawing into Isometric Drawings.

Lucas Leventakis 11A
depicted a Spider-Man Noir inspired Ice Cream Shop using the Planometric Drawing Method.

Jessica Lewis 11A
has presented forms and an exciting street view using One Point Perspective.

Emma Newcombe 11A
used Visualisation Drawings to translate Lego into various objects.

Giselle Dutta 11A
has completed various Rendering Tasks using Media such as Copic Markers and coloured and grey lead pencils.

Lucy Jordan 12A
has storyboarded her idea of a shoe speaker which aims to attract an early 2000’s audience.

Greer Van Rooyen 12A
has promoted the opening of a new building to complement the existing Crackenback Stables in NSW.

Yao Zhang 12D
created a mock-up of her packaging for Queen’s Slippers’ 52’s playing cards.”

Rosario Ripper
VCE Visual Communication Design, Design and Technology, Mathematics and Computing Teacher

Technologies Learning Area Report

It has been a busy and rewarding First Term within the Years 7-12 Food Studies Classrooms. Students have been provided the opportunity to enhance both their theoretical food knowledge and their practical skills. Theory classes have consisted of topics such as Nutrition, Food Intolerances, Modern Australian Cuisine, Indigenous foods and Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines. Students have shown an overwhelming interest in these interesting and relatable topics throughout their participation in the practical and theoretical components in class. In our practical classes students have prepared a variety of delicious dishes including Chilli Con Carne, Sushi, Rice paper rolls, Apple Tarte Tatin, Apple Muffins, Cornish pasties and the Year 12s made Hollandaise Sauce for their practical SAC to demonstrate the properties of eggs.

Special mention to the Year 10 students who have been busy preparing for their Term 1 Summative Assessment Task. This task requires students to get creative and design their own Café, Restaurant or Food Truck. Students wrote a detailed description about their venue and designed impressive menus with a variety of dishes. As part of the practical component of this task, students chose a dish from their menu and created it in class with some outstanding results. Well done to all the Year 10 students on their effort and dedication to the task. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Technology/Food Studies Learning Area!

Edwina Nolan
Food Studies Teacher


Instrumental Music Report

Lunchtime Concerts Fridays at 1:00pm in the PAC
Please see Music Captains James Talbot and Leah Ried or Ms Anderson for sign up

The Lunchtime Concert series provides a fantastic performance opportunity for our students to prepare and play perfected pieces or works-in- progress to an audience.

In addition, our fabulous Student Media/Tech Team are honing their own professional skills to provide lighting and sound to enhance the performance environment.

This is proving to be a most valuable, entertaining experience for all, and to those who are regular performers, crew or audience at these concerts we look forward to seeing you at our weekly events throughout 2022!

Stay tuned for the re-scheduled date for the Strings Recital in Term 2.

Ms Wendy Anderson
Director of Music

Health & PE Learning Area Report

As Term 1 draws to a close, we reflect on what has been a wonderful term.

We have got back into the swing of face-to-face teaching, and our students have demonstrated our CHOIR values at every turn.

We continue to focus on participation as a life-long physical activity in Year 10, and students have taken part in a three-week lawn bowls unit. Students have demonstrated new skills, and introduced new terms into their sporting vocabulary, such as “the shot”, “rink” and a “drive”.

Orienteering has continued to be a hit with our Year 7s with students completing star relays, cloverleaf and rogaine courses around the school.

Year 9s have been learning about safe partying, focusing on strategies to empower their decision making and develop the ability to make responsible and informed choices. Students have produced

a safe partying posters and brochures that are designed to inform other Year 9 students about the importance of safe partying. These will be on display at our upcoming Open Night next term.

Next term will see our Year 8 students participating in a three-week dance unit, where students will be taught a variety of dances, ranging from hip hop to indigenous contemporary dance. Year 8 students are reminded to consent and pay by the start of next term.

Wishing our Ashwood community, a relaxing break and a wonderful Easter.

Stay active!

Allison Phillips
Health and Physical Education Learning Area Leader


LOTE Learning Area Report

French Film Festival Excursion

On Friday 1 April 2022 my class and I went on an excursion. The teachers were really helpful to assist us in getting there, and we had lots of fun. We caught the train. Then, we went to see a movie, which was called L’Adventure Des Marguerite. It was about two girls who wanted to find their fathers. They accidentally time travelled using a trunk. To get back they have to get to their father and work everything out. Then we went to Fed Square and ate baguettes. I had a baguette with tomato, lettuce and bocconcini. It was very tasty. It helped me and the rest of my class understand what food French people ate. Then we completed a worksheet about the movie. In the morning it was overcast but the sun came out, and it warmed us for the rest of the day. Then we caught the train back home. It was really fun.
Oscar Barke, 9Z

On Friday, the Years 9, 10 and 11 French students went to watch a French movie. The film was exciting but also useful as the dialogue was in French and had English captions. This allowed us to observe a greater aspect of the language whilst also enjoying a memorable day with peers. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.
Grace Ry’dell, 9Z

Director of Sport Report

Mullum Division Swimming Carnival – Friday 4 March

With the Ashwood High School Swimming Carnival being postponed to a later date, students were given the opportunity to progress straight to the Mullum Division Swimming Carnival. Plenty of students wanted to sign up to different events and represent Ashwood High School. Congratulations to Luke Noy who was Age Group Champion for the 16 Year Males. Ashwood also came 3rd out of 7 schools, so another terrific result.

Year 8 Interschool Sport – Wednesday 23 March

Year 8 Interschool Sport returned with a bang with student teams going out for Baseball, Tennis and Volleyball. Whilst there were no winners on the day, the students were all well behaved and tried their best.

Eastern Metropolitan Region Swimming Carnival – Tuesday 29 March

The very next day after the Ashwood High School Swimming Carnival, 15 students took their swimming talents up against some of the mighty schools in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. Against some really strong athletes, the Ashwood students held their own managing to finish 2nd and 3rd in a number of races. Unfortunately, no one was able to win a race and progress to the State Swimming Carnival, but a thorough congratulations nonetheless.

Tom Grbac
Director of Sport


Sports Activities Report

Dear Students, Staff and Families,

As the term is drawing to a close, so is the finest lunchtime basketball competition, the ABL. I want to thank the 18 teams that signed up to play and gave up their lunchtimes to be apart of this great league. At the time of writing, we only have 4 teams remaining and by the time of publishing, there will be a 2022 ABL champion crowned.

As always, I want to thank all the students that volunteered with running the scoreboard, the music, and the refereeing. It is the effort of the students that enables these engaging lunchtime competitions to occur and be a showcase.

As the ABL wraps up, we move onto another lunchtime activity. I am proud to announce that in Term 2 the Ashwood Premier League (APL) will be returning. Students are encouraged to participate and enter a team of 5-8 students if they are interested in futsal (indoor soccer). The APL season was interrupted due to lockdowns last year so it will be great to see it return and be played out in full.

To enter a team, students are to create a list of teammates and a team name and either email it to me at or visit me in my office (Building D).

It has been an amazing start to the lunchtime competition in Term 1 and I cannot wait to build on the excitement and atmosphere in Term 2.

James Boarotto
Sports Activities Coordinator

Debating & Public Speaking Report

On Thursday 24 March 2022, Ashwood High School competed in Round 1 of the Debaters Association Victoria interschool debating competition at Wesley College. Before the excitement of Round 1 even began though, we were already breaking milestones, with the largest contingent of students we had ever sent to compete, supported by friends and parents. Truly, the Debating Club exemplifies the values of community that Ashwood High School holds dear.

Our first Year 9 team, consisting of Tom Marshman, Wesley Pryor and Grace Adler, debated on the affirmative side of “That sporting bodies should not accept sponsorship from gambling companies”. Although our debaters put in a strong performance and was awarded an above-average score, the team lost narrowly to Salesian College.

We had a second Year 9 team, consisting of Leah Ried, Cormac Morrin and Ved Karve, debating the same side of the same topic. They also debated strongly and defeated Sacred Heart Girls College, with Leah Ried being awarded Best Speaker.

Debating for the Year 10 team was Izzy Vulis, Annais Lewis and Haris Shehzad. They were on the affirmative side of “That we should boycott major sporting events held in countries with poor human rights records”. They lost to John Monash Science School, but did learn a lot about the topic in the process.

In the Year 11 team, we had Chai Couzens, Angela Hewerdine and Mel Saengyojarn. They were on the affirmative side of “That artists should be held legally accountable for deaths and injuries that occur at their concerts”. They defeated Salesian College, with Angela Hewerdine receiving the award for Best Speaker.

There was much to be proud of in terms of the quality of debating, as well as many positive outcomes to improve on. I would like to thank everyone who supported our students, as well as the students themselves, for what was a successful night overall.

Ronald Lee
Debating Coordinator

International Student Program

Dear fellow students,

Thank you to those students who participated in the School Swimming Carnival last week and congratulations to Gloria Li, who won the championship of the 17 years old female group. Also thank you to all YYDS Basketball Team members. You are absolutely our stars!

For those who have proactively participated in the school activities and events this year, I am so proud of you. And I would like to encourage more international students to participate in whole school events, present our best to our peers, and get more involved in supporting our school community. It is important that we embrace every opportunity offered at Ashwood High School to enhance our learning experience in Australia.

The upcoming inter-school sports and Athletics Carnival are great opportunities for us. Don’t miss them.

Term 1 is coming to an end. I hope you all stay safe and enjoy your holiday. I look forward to seeing you in Term 2.

Anthony Zhu
International Student Captain

Victorian Global Learning Awards (VGLA) Finalist

Ziming Zhuang, our Year 12 international student, has recently been announced as the finalist for 2022 VGLA in Year 11 Resilience and Innovation category.

Ziming started at Ashwood High School on 8 February 2021 as a Year 11 online student. He has demonstrated his strong resilience and innovation through overcoming a few challenges during blended online learning. With the support from our school, Ziming received excellent results for all his 6 subjects and he was Dux for Year 11 Chinese First Language. Ziming also actively participated in as many school activities as he could and won school colours in academic and service.

In addition, Ziming demonstrated strong innovation skills through his participation in dancing competitions and the New Year celebration program hosted by Xi’an Television Channel. He also won the best reporter in Banker to Be Roadshow for secondary students in China.

The International Education Division, Department of Education and Training sent a filming crew to our school to make a video of Ziming on 30 March and we look forward to the VGLA ceremony in June 2022.

YYDS Basketball Team

I am very proud that YYDS Team, our international student Basketball Team, participated in ABL this year. Felix Su, Roy Hu, Olson Ou, Ziming Zhuang and Yuhang Meng, your passion is so inspiring, and your skills are so impressive.

Thank you Felix and Anthony for leading the YYDS Team, and a big thank you to Felix, Roy, Olson for supporting Ziming’s filming project.

It is great to see international students proactively participate in more school activities and events to enhance learning experiences at our school.


International Swimmers

Congratulations to our international swimmers, Gloria Li and Olson Ou. Both Gloria and Olson won First Place in the Mullum Divisional Swimming Carnival and represented our school at the Eastern Metropolitan Region swimming competition last week.

Well done, Gloria and Olson!

Reflection on Year 12 Camp

Due to the restriction of COVID-19, we had to attend the Year 12s Study Advance on campus. However, we still had a fulfilling and memorable time with our teachers and friends in learning about useful ways to succeed in Year 12, and strategies to assist us with improving our studying and wellbeing during this two-day camp.

The aim of the program was to prepare Year 12 students educationally and socially for their final year of school. This required us to participate in a series of activities and courses which helped us to develop our study habits and make informed decisions in the coming year. It also developed us as a cohesive Year 12 group while experiencing a snapshot of university life.

During these 2 days, we listened to many lectures from excellent teachers of our school as well as some VCE examiners and teachers. They were all extremely conducive and taught us a lot. The Memory Mnemonic session provided us with many useful tips to develop our good habits of studying and memorising the large amount of content we will cover in Year 12. Ross Huggard and Michal E Daniel’s lecture introduced some special and invaluable ways to succeed in VCE English and EAL, including listening comprehension, test response and language analysis, as well as mark allocation of each part.

The most important thing that I would like to highlight is mindset. One thing can be seen differently depending on your state of mind at that particular moment. With a positive mindset, the world will look bright and full of sunshine, whereas the world will be grey and dim if you carry a negative mind. Mindset is very important in Year 12 learning. If you always treat people and things around you and your difficulties with an optimistic and enthusiastic heart, you will find that the world is so beautiful! Therefore, only give yourself a wonderful passion, always keep a heart that does not give up, then not only your time in Year 12, but also your life, will be fruitful and worthwhile.

Finally, thank you to Ms Tian, Mr Sheehan, Mr O’Toole, Mrs Huggins, Ms Price and other teachers for planning such good activities and lectures for us. Moments and memories in these days made me grateful and were a lovely start to my last year in high school.

Overall, the Study Advance helped us not only solve our potential studying difficulties in 2022, but also consider and plan for our future, encourage us to face the present with a smile and welcome the future with passion.

Amber Dong, Year 12

Yonghong Williams
International Student Program Manager


Education Resource Centre Report

  Premiers’ Reading Challenge - Opens Week 1, Term 2. Start reading now.

Access to Holiday Reading
Not being able to visit the ERC during school holidays doesn’t mean that we don’t have access to great reading material. If we have access to the internet, we still have access to the ERC’s digital collection of ebooks and a growing number of eAudiobooks. For a wider selection, the “Read” quick-link on the Infiniti homepage leads to a wider selection of the best, free, online sources of ebooks and eAudiobooks. Included are links to our local public libraries, and libraries throughout the state which have extensive online collections. Membership is free and you can sign up online at any time and access the resources from your home straight away. Easy!

Have a happy and safe holiday and remember to find time to enjoy reading every day.

Matt Feeney
Education Resource Centre Coordinator

Parent and Community Partnerships - Parents & Friends Network

Fundraising, Revenue & Building Works

Parent Payments
Parent payments have a positive impact for all students by providing valuable resources beyond the curriculum funding provided by the Department of Education.

Your financial contribution to subject areas allows teachers to deliver exceptional learning opportunities for your children and this funding does make a difference.

Camps Sport Excursion Fund
CSEF applications can be submitted to reception by 24 June 2022.  For secondary school students the amount received will be $225.00.  This funding must be spent on school camps or trips, swimming and school organised sport programs, outdoor education programs, excursions and incursions.

Accident Insurance and Ambulance Cover
Parents/Guardians are reminded that the Department does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.

As there is no whole-of-school policy for student accidents or ambulance cover, you are reminded that:

  • parents or guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs; and
  • parents or guardians can purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers.

Insurance can also be purchased for camps and excursions in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Vannam Drive is extremely busy during drop off and pick up.  There is a car park at the Farmer Street entrance where students may also be dropped off and picked up. 

The administration car park at Gate B is for visitors only and not for student drop off or pick up.

Debbie Whitehouse
Director of Business