Principal's Report

Visit from the Premier of Victoria, The Hon. Jacinta Allan MP - ‘The Jewel of the East’
We were honoured to welcome The Hon. Jacinta Allan MP, Premier of Victoria, to Ashwood High School. Her visit on Wednesday 17 April 2024 marked a momentous occasion for our school community, showcasing the exemplary school culture, the exceptional achievements of our students, and the outstanding facilities we have to offer. Premier Allan was deeply impressed by the calibre of our students, the quality of our buildings, and the beauty of our grounds. In particular, she was captivated by our new STEAM and Research Centre, which stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation in education. This visit holds special significance for us, as it marks the second consecutive year that a Premier of Victoria has visited ‘The Jewel of the East’. It is a testament to the remarkable reputation and achievements of Ashwood High School that we have had the privilege of hosting such high profile public servants for two years in a row. This recognition reinforces our position as a leader in educational excellence and underscores the importance of our continued efforts to provide exceptional learning opportunities for our students. I have included some photographs from the visit, capturing the memorable moments shared with Premier Allan. I am incredibly proud of our school community, and am grateful for the opportunity to showcase the incredible work being done at Ashwood High School.  I would like to thank Matt Fregon MP, Member for Ashwood, for coordinating this wonderful visit.

Ashwood High School - Revealed Campaign - Increasing Positive Parental and Community Engagement
The Ashwood Revealed Campaign continues to soar to new heights, marking its ninth consecutive year of success. This year's event, held on Wednesday April 24 2024, welcomed an astounding total of 900 visitors, showcasing our school's commitment to excellence and innovation in education. The morning session attracted a crowd of 400 eager visitors, while the evening Open Night saw an impressive turnout of 500 attendees. This significant attendance reaffirms Ashwood High School's status as the preferred educational institution within our community, drawing applications from families from far and wide.

The collaborative efforts of our dedicated staff, students, and parents were instrumental in the success of both the day and night programs. We were honoured to hear inspiring speeches from our Year 7 Student Speakers, Leah Newton (7C) and Thomas Perillo-Phipps (7E) in the morning session and Tegan Hew (7Z) and Cooper Portman (7A) in the evening session, who eloquently shared their experiences and reflections on their journey to Ashwood High School. Special recognition goes to Meg McLellan, Assistant Principal, and Donna Mineo, Executive Assistant and Director of Marketing, Communications, and Admissions, for their outstanding contributions to the campaign. Their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have been instrumental in making this year's Revealed program a resounding success.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the 200 students who actively participated in the Ashwood Revealed Campaign, as well as to our entire staff for their dedication in showcasing student work and engaging activities. The overwhelmingly positive feedback received from visitors further underscores the impact of our Revealed program in fostering positive parental and community engagement. As we reflect on the success of this year's Revealed campaign, we are filled with pride in the exceptional teamwork and commitment demonstrated by our school community. Together, we have once again showcased the diversity, inclusion, and excellence of Ashwood High School, leaving an indelible impression on all who attended.

Marketing at Ashwood High School – ‘Ongoing Growth and Sustained Success’
At Ashwood High School, we proudly embrace our identity as a distinguished Boutique-Niche School, a distinction that resonates deeply within our community. Our commitment to personalised education and individualised attention sets us apart, ensuring that every student receives the support they need to thrive. Our school culture prioritises understanding each student as an individual and as a learner. We believe in fostering strong connections and tailoring support to meet the unique needs of every student. Whether it's academic guidance, social development, or emotional support, we are dedicated to nurturing the holistic growth of each individual.

By creating a nurturing and inclusive environment, we empower our students to excel academically while also fostering their social and emotional wellbeing. At Ashwood High School, every student matters, and our collective efforts are geared towards ensuring their success both inside and outside the classroom. As we continue on our journey of ongoing growth and sustained success, we remain committed to upholding our identity as a Boutique-Niche School and providing an exceptional educational experience for all our students.

Year 7 2025 Enrolment Restriction and Ceiling – Ongoing Growth and Sustained Success
There has been a significant uptick in applications for Year 7 placement in 2025. It seems like everyone wants to be a part of our school community, and this is little surprise considering the exceptional education we offer.

Keeping in mind our branding as a niche school where students are known as individuals, I have been negotiating with the Department of Education to establish an enrolment ceiling at Year 7 to secure the sustained success of the school. The Department initially requested a ceiling of 180 students that would deliver a total enrolment of 1050. I pushed for an enrolment ceiling of 190, delivering a total enrolment of 1150, enabling the school to retain the relocatables (Building I). I received correspondence confirming this from the Department of Education on Friday 3 May 2024 indicating that due to the overwhelming demand for places, there will be an Enrolment Restriction imposed for the upcoming school year. In collaboration with the Department of Education, an enrolment ceiling of 190 students has been set for Year 7.

From this point forward, priority for enrolment will be given to:

  • Students residing within our school zone (guaranteed entry).
  • Siblings of current students, regardless of their zone status.
  • Students living outside the zone, prioritised based on proximity to the school as determined by the findmyschool website.

It is quite remarkable to see how much interest there is in our school. People are practically ‘banging down the doors’ to get in! However, we are committed to maintaining our status as a niche school where every student is known by name.

Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment (ACE) Program – Growing Pride and Achievement
The Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment (ACE) program remains a beacon for high-performing students seeking advanced educational opportunities. Students interested in this program must sit an entrance exam, scheduled for Saturday, 17 August 2024. Parents are required to register and submit payment before 9 August 2024. Due to overwhelming demand and our school's popularity, the school has encountered challenges with the testing schedule. Earlier advertised dates had to be adjusted to comply with Department policies, which restrict government schools from testing students before they enrol. Despite these hurdles, we remain committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for academically advanced students through the ACE program.

Working Parties – Ongoing Growth and Sustained Success
I want to express my sincere appreciation to members of the three working parties of School Council, responsible for camps, policy, and sporting excellence, who all report to the Education Sub-committee. Additionally, the Education and Finance & Resources sub-committees report directly to the School Council.

Thank you to the working parties for their unwavering commitment to sound governance and support of "The Path Forward" at Ashwood High School. Each member's dedication to the Vision of the school is commendable, and their support is allowing the school to achieve the objectives outlined in the 2024 Annual Implementation Plan, as discussed in the recent Education Sub-committee meeting.

I am appreciative of School Council’s support for ‘The Path Forward’. Ashwood High School is a transformed school. As a School Council, we must remain focused on the key elements of the School Vision that underpin the school’s transformation and successful branding in the local and broader community:

  • Four pillars of our GREAT school
  • The Ashwood High School CHOIR
  • Four key priorities
  • Educational Philosophy.

We have worked very hard to turn around our school’s reputation and standing in the local community. I am committed to Ashwood High School remaining a School of First Choice – a school of high trust with outstanding academic and social outcomes for students. Initial enrolment projections for Year 7, 2025 will become known after Wednesday 19 June, 2024.

Annual Report at the AGM – Great to Exceptional, Ongoing Growth and Sustained Success
I am pleased to announce that the 2023 Annual Report which was officially approved at the Annual General Meeting was subsequently uploaded and endorsed by the Department. Your invaluable contributions have played a pivotal role in enhancing our school's continuous improvement journey. A special note of gratitude goes out to Ms Sarah Reynolds for her outstanding contributions, as well as to all School Councillors who dedicated their time and efforts to ensure a positive outcome for the 2023 Annual Report at the AGM.

As we eagerly await the final approval from the 'Quality Assurance' team at the Department of Education, prior to its release on the website, we will continue to strive for excellence and aim to deliver continuous school improvement.

School Strategic Plan 2023 – 2026 and Annual Implementation Plan 2023  – Ongoing Growth and Sustained Success
The School Strategic Plan 2023 – 2026 was an outcome of the School Review. The theme of the last Strategic Plan (2019 -2023) was From Great to Exceptional. The theme of our current Strategic Plan is Ongoing Growth and Sustained Success. The main goals for our next Strategic Plan are as follows:

  • Goal 1: To maximise achievement for all students
  • Goal 2: To enhance student agency in their learning
  • Goal 3: To improve student wellbeing and holistic learning growth for all students.

I am delighted to report that Ashwood High School is making excellent progress in working towards these goals as outlined in the end cycle 2023 Annual Implementation Plan. I remain dedicated to creating an environment that fosters academic success, empowers students to take ownership of their learning, and promotes the overall wellbeing and holistic growth of each student.

Leadership for Excellence and Equity – ‘Valuing Staff and Building Capacity’
At present I am working with my leadership team to identify and develop our next generation leaders. As part of ensuring the school’s ongoing growth and sustained success, I have been able to attract high calibre teachers to the school, which in turn will provide additional leadership opportunities to meet the complex needs of a high performing school. Please refer to the Leadership Excellence Framework which is being used to build leadership capacity among staff (see image below). The Leadership Excellence Framework sets out the practices, capabilities and dispositions required for excellence at all levels of leadership. ​ It aims to equip teachers and school leaders with the skills and mindset to navigate student-centred decision making and drive positive change. Please see the diagram below.

Staffing – Excellence, Continuity and Coherence – ‘Valuing Staff and Building Capacity’
In 2022, 18 new staff members, in 2023, 36 staff members, and in 2024, 22 new staff members were recruited and inducted into the school. Due to the continued growth and prosperity of the school, a total of 75 new staff members have joined Ashwood High School over the past 3 years. It is easy to learn your way on The Path Forward at Ashwood High School. The culture, structures and processes in place at the school, make the workplace a predictable and coherent setting for quality teaching and learning. The following staff members have joined the school this year and have settled in very well.

In addition to students and families, Ashwood High School staff are also extremely fortunate to belong to a school that is strategically resourced. Recently, I have accepted letters of resignation from Mr Nick Franich and Ms Nicole Gladman. We wish Mr Franich and Ms Gladman well in their future endeavours. We recently welcomed a new Integration Aide, Ana Arango to the team. Unlike many other schools in the state of Victoria, Ashwood High School is fully staffed. In 2022 and 2023, the school’s strategic intent demonstrated the importance of recruitment and the development of quality staff in the context of statewide workforce supply challenges.

STRIDE – Framework for Sporting Excellence Program – ‘Enhancing the Student Culture’, Four Pillars of a GREAT school’
Our school continues to have a creative orientation instilling purpose, awareness, and insight. I am working with academics from Deakin University’s Exercise and Sports Science to develop our exciting Framework for Sporting Excellence Program titled ‘STRIDE’. This framework (like all other frameworks and models at this school) is informed by evidence, research and best practice. I am pleased with the progress of the framework which I will table for discussion at an Education Sub-committee meeting in Term 4, 2024. Following this discussion, a Sporting Excellence Working Party will be called for further input from members of the school community. It is not the responsibility of School Council, the Education Sub-committee nor the Working Party to consider the operations and implementation of the sporting excellence program. A brief preview of the draft Framework for Sporting Excellence Program has been provided for your information below, and I enjoyed speaking about it with students at our recent assembly. The Framework for Sporting Excellence Program will form a strategic part of our School Improvement Framework.

Attitudes to School Survey - Enhancing the Student Culture
The annual Student Attitudes to School Survey was completed in Week 2, Term 2, commencing Monday 6 May 2024. The purpose of the survey is to obtain student opinion on the quality of the learning environment and student connectedness to school. The results will be reported to the school community later in the year. 

National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) 2024 – ‘Growing Pride and Achievement’
The NAPLAN tests for our Year 7 and Year 9 students took place in Week 7 of Term 1 from Wednesday 13 March 2024. I would like to acknowledge Harsha Dias, IT Manager, Lahiru Lokuge, DE IT Support, and Rob Gray, Middle School Student Outcomes Leader, for their outstanding efforts in ensuring the smooth administration of NAPLAN. Students approached their tests with seriousness, reflecting the school's commitment to accountable and disciplined learning. Schools will receive their comprehensive NAPLAN results, including writing scores, from June 2024. Subsequently, parents and carers will receive their child's Individual Student Report at the start of Term 3. ACARA is then expected to publish the National Results in August 2024. Once again, thank you to all involved for their dedication to our students' academic success.

House Athletics Carnival 2024 - ‘Enhancing the Student Culture’
In line with STRIDE – Framework for Sporting Excellence Program, the 2024 House Athletics Carnival was a resounding success. Held at the Bill Sewart Athletics Track on Monday, 29 April 2024, it showcased our students' sporting prowess, exemplary behaviour and community participation. Special thanks to Director of Sport, Tom Grbac and our dedicated staff for orchestrating this event. Their collective involvement underscored our commitment to creating a memorable experience for all students. Students demonstrated exceptional behaviour, respect, and teamwork throughout the day, embodying our school's CHOIR values. We also appreciate the administrative team's meticulous organisation, ensuring smooth operations. Congratulations to the Houses:

First Place: Flynn House: 837 points

Second Place: Cowan: 773 points

Third Place: Paterson: 655 points

Fourth Place: Melba: 497 points

Co-curricular Programs 2024 – ‘Enhancing the Student Culture’Co-curricular Programs have included:

  • Sport:
    • House Cross Country Carnival Monday 25 March 2024                  
    • Girls AFL / Boys Netball Tuesday 16 April 2024                     
    • Years 11 and 12 Interschool Sport Monday 22 April and Tuesday 7 May 2024
    • House Athletics Carnival Monday 29 April 2024
    • Dance Incursion for Year 8 From Wednesday 1 May 2024

Other events:

  • Harmony Day Thursday 21 March 2024
  • Monash Tech School Excursion From Friday 22 March 2024
  • Senior School French Film Festival Friday 22 March 2024                                      

Co-Curricular Clubs including AshBook Club (Ms Van Olst); Creative Writing Club (Ms Leane, English Teachers); French Club (Madam Marie, French Teachers); Homework Club (Yonghong Williams, Kai Yin); Humanities Club (Mr Hayward, Ms Van Olst, Ms Poland); Maths Club (Mr Jay Chan, Maths Team); Study Hall (Mr Cifra, Mr Williams, Ms Robinson); Aerobics Club (Ms Schinina, Ms Cameron, Eirini Vilianioti); Badminton Club (Dr Verity); Running Club (Mr Newman); Volleyball Club (Mr Boarotto, PE staff); Art Club (Ms Hamilton, Ava Lillywhite); Drama Club (Ms Laffan, Leah Reid, Hamish Lee); Open Studio (Ms Edmiston); Ashfeed Club (Ms Miller, Daisy Harvison); Breakfast Club (Mr Long Nguyen, wellbeing team); Chess Club (Mr Fahey, Ryan Lim, JayC Carter); Cross Cultures Club (Mr Kai Yin); Debating Club (Ms Madan, Daisy Harvison, Cormac Morrin, Amy Russo, Hannah Williams); eSports Club (Mr Daniel McBride); Interact Club (Ms Mooney); SRC Club (Ms Miller, Ms Van Olst); Wellbeing Club (Ms Renee Callander).

The outstanding array of high quality co-curricular activities make you proud to be a part of the Ashwood High School community. 

House Performing Arts Festival – Enhancing the Student Culture, Growing Pride and Achievement, Valuing Staff and Building Capacity, Increasing Positive Parental and Community Engagement
Sachael Miller, Director of Student Voice, Inclusion and Agency is the producer of the House Performing Arts Festival in 2024. The theme is centred on Aboriginal art and culture focusing on the Wurrundjeri symbols for each of the four Houses: Cowan - Balayang (Bat), Flynn - Wang (Crow), Melba - Bunjil (Eagle) and Paterson - Berimul (Emu). Students will be developing Aboriginal theme songs and dances for each of their houses based on the Aboriginal icons / symbols. The House Performing Arts Festival will be held on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 September 2024. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to be an audience member and witness innovation and excellence in the creative arts at Ashwood High School.

2024 Flood Damage to Building B and Building A – Restoring ‘The Jewel of the East’
Upon arriving at the school at 7:20 am on the last day of Term 1, Thursday 28 March 2024, I observed a significant amount of water and liquid clay spilling out from under Building B. After contacting the plumber, investigations revealed that this flood was caused by a cracked hydrant pipe that was poorly positioned over a concrete structural form. Over time, the 'backfill' exerted pressure on the pipe, causing it to crack. The water pressure on a hydrant pipe is immense, resulting in the washing away of three large skip loads of backfill clay and debris that supported the slab that forms the balcony of Building B. Prior to any work being done, I had the VSBA provide written assurance that it would cover the cost of all damages. Unfortunately, this safeguard measure was not implemented prior to the restoration, following the 2022 flood of Building B. The VSBA has also agreed to undertake repair works to the storm water at the front of Building A. My direct management of these restorations has saved the school $350,000.

School Driveway – School Access Road – ‘Ongoing Growth and Sustained Success
Efforts have been concentrated on overcoming challenges, particularly regarding construction cost escalations that exceeded the allocated budget. Collaborative initiatives involving Monash City Council, Vic Roads, and the VSBA are actively addressing these challenges to ensure project continuity. I have been informed that as the project has exceeded budget, it is likely to be addressed in the 2025 State Budget. As principal, I remain vigilant in monitoring these developments and will promptly communicate any updates to the School Council.

Our ‘Commitment to Excellence’ Continues – ‘Ongoing Growth and Sustained Success’
In closing, I want to reiterate our unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of school life. As we move forward, I am confident that our collective efforts will continue to drive Ashwood High School towards new heights of success and achievement. Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to our school community. Together, we will continue to make Ashwood High School a place where every student can thrive and achieve their full potential.   

Dr Brett Moore
Executive Principal

Upcoming Events

Ashwood Revealed


Middle School News

Middle School Buzz: Celebrating Achievements and Supporting Your Child's Wellbeing

A Roaring Success at the Athletics Carnival!
The Middle School was abuzz with cheers and friendly competition at our recent Athletics Carnival. Students showcased their athletic prowess across a range of events, displaying teamwork, sportsmanship, and a whole lot of fun!

A Special Shoutout to Flynn! A big congratulations goes to Flynn, who emerged victorious in the overall individual competition!

Beyond the Track: Supporting Your Middle Schooler
While we celebrate athletic achievements, we also recognise the importance of well-rounded development for our young adolescents. Here are 10 tips to support your child in key areas:

  1. Keeping Safe Online:
  • Open Communication: Foster an open and trusting relationship where your child feels comfortable discussing online experiences, good or bad.
  • Co-explore the Web: Explore websites and apps together, helping them understand safe online practices.
  • Set Ground Rules: Discuss age-appropriate online behaviour and establish clear house rules regarding device usage.
  1. Screen Time Management:
  • Collaborative Approach: Work with your child to create a balanced screen-time schedule.
  • Tech-Free Zones: Designate specific times or areas in the house that are technology-free.
  • Encourage Alternatives: Promote alternative activities like sports, hobbies, or spending time outdoors.
  1. Managing Anxiety:
  • Listen Actively: Create a safe space for your child to express their anxieties. Listen patiently and validate their feelings.
  • Develop Coping Mechanisms: Help them identify calming techniques, like deep breathing or mindfulness exercises.
  1. Supporting Neurodiversity and ADHD:
  • Understanding Differences: Learn about your child's specific needs and strengths.
  • Routine & Structure: Establish predictable routines and schedules to provide stability.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Acknowledge and celebrate even small victories to build confidence.

We are thrilled to continue recognising students who demonstrate exemplary behaviour and overall success within their learning. Our "Student of the Week" program acknowledges these outstanding individuals. A big congratulations to all students who have been awarded this honour throughout Term 1 and Term 2!

Gearing Up for Exams: Supporting Your Child During Exam Week
Mark your calendars! Exam week is approaching in Week 7. To help students feel prepared and confident, we'll be dedicating time in Tutor Groups for them to tackle exam preparation together. Here's what you can expect:

  • Collaborative Study Guide Creation: Students will work together to create a comprehensive study guide for each subject, ensuring key topics are covered.
  • Exam Preparation Strategies: Tutor Group teachers will guide students through effective study techniques, like creating flashcards or practicing past exam papers.
  • Time Management Tips: Students will learn valuable time management skills to stay organised and tackle exams efficiently.

Working Together for Success:

By fostering collaboration and providing practical study tips, we aim to empower students to approach exams with confidence. You can support your child at home by:

  • Creating a dedicated study space: Ensure a quiet, well-lit area with minimal distractions.
  • Encouraging a regular study schedule: Help them establish a routine that allows for focused study sessions.
  • Providing healthy snacks and breaks: Support their energy levels with nutritious snacks and encourage short breaks to avoid burnout.

Harriet Cooper
Middle School Engagement, Wellbeing, and Transitions Leader

House Reports

Cowan House
Term 2 has commenced with a vibrant and very enthusiastic tone with Cowan House claiming second place in our recent Athletics Carnival!  

It is my pleasure to also introduce Ms Megan Mooney, our newly appointed Cowan Assistant House Coordinator. I would like to congratulate Ms Mooney on her appointment to this role and I look forward to continue our collaboration in supporting all Cowan House families and students, while fostering a nurturing environment of High Expectations.

I would also like to congratulate our recent Cowan House Nominees as Student of the Week:

We commend these students for exhibiting excellent behaviour and being positive role models of our school.

Georgia Kazis
Cowan House Coordinator

A few words from our Cowan House Captains

My name is Jack and I am the Middle School Cowan Vice-Captain. Being one of the Cowan Captains has been great so far this year as it has allowed me to really feel a part of this great House. This term the Ashwood High School annual Athletics Carnival took place at Bill Stewart Athletics Track and it was a huge success. Nearly all students gave some events a go and it was a very fun day. Overall Cowan came 2nd out of all the Houses which was a great effort. It was so close with Cowan just 60 points behind the overall winner, Flynn House.

Jack Newton
Cowan House Middle School Vice-Captain

My name is Asha and I'm the Middle School Cowan House Captain. Last Monday, Cowan House students tried their best to come out on top at the Athletics Carnival by participating in events and supporting Cowan’s spirt. Overall, we came second [in place, very close to Flynn. Cowan is eagerly preparing for the House Performing Arts Festival where I know Cowan will shine and show the spirt to take first place.

Asha Ramirez-White
Cowan House Middle School Captain

Flynn House
Flynn House has been excelling over the past couple of months within all pillars of our school and the community. We would like to congratulate all Flynnians on their efforts both within and outside the classroom. It has been great to see the large number of School Colour nominations that members of Flynn have been gaining across the entire year, as well as the House points that come along with them. It has also been great to have a large level of participation in several student clubs which include, but are not limited to, the Debating Club, Drama Club, Chess Club, Art Club or one of Ashwood High School's many Music ensembles. 

Recently, we had both our House Cross Country Carnival, as well as the House Athletics Carnival. The House spirit was abundant throughout both days and participation levels were high. Due to this, Flynn was able to secure another two wins, making our House three out of three with our Sports Carnivals this year, so all participants should be very proud.  

Furthermore, on Wednesday 24 April we had our annual open day and night, Ashwood Revealed. The whole day was a huge success, with hundreds of people coming for tours during the day and evening to learn about our school. We would like to thank all the members of the Ashwood High School community who helped out with the night promoting our wonderful school and  to ensure the event ran smoothly.  

Additionally, several members of Flynn have been preparing for the House Performing Arts Festival, which will take place in Term 3. We have seen multiple Flynnians eagerly getting involved with the planning and preparation processes. Students can get involved with several aspects, whether on or off stage. We cannot wait to see everyone’s talent and hard work in achieving the final product! 

Maddy Rado, Matilda Rostan, Lily Wingate and Kaiah Norton
Flynn House Captain, Flynn House Vice-Captain, Middle School Flynn House Captain and Middle School Flynn House Vice-Captain 

Melba House
Before we reflect on the fantastic start to the term, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back after what was hopefully a wonderful term break. We both hope that everyone is rejuvenated and ready for the big term ahead.  

Although we are only in Week 4, we have already had several events happen this term. Ashwood Revealed, our annual open night, was a fantastic success. All students, regardless of House, represented the school with pride. A highlight for us was observing many of our Melba students being invited to assist certain faculties throughout the night. All students spoke with confidence and pride – congratulations to all that participated in the evening.

Week 3 saw another House event in the Athletics Carnival. Melba students participated well and It was fantastic to see all the students giving events a go. Melba was well represented in Year 7 with many events seeing multiple entrie. It was wonderful to see such high House spirit from our junior students. A special shout out to Oyvind Nkyekyer who won Age Champion for his year level – such a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding efforts and contributions to the vibrant atmosphere on the day.  

As we look ahead to the remainder of the term, we remind our students of the importance of diligent exam preparation. Although it is important to prepare yourselves as best you can it is also important to look after your mental wellbeing. Remember to find a good balance between studying, exercising and socialising with your friends and loved ones. With determination and focus, we are confident that each student will excel in their academic endeavors. Please remember that coordinators, teachers and wellbeing staff are all here to support you in your exam preparation.  

Furthermore, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming House Performing Arts Festival, an event that celebrates creativity within our school community. We encourage all Melba House students to participate and embrace this opportunity to showcase their creativity and expression through arts, dance, drama and music.  

Lastly, we would like to congratulate the following students on being nominated for Melba Student of the Week. So far this term we have celebrated the achievements of June Badral, Archie Jarvis-Stewart, Cooper Laier, Sienna Bianchi and Jayda Green.   

Shenae Dixon and Stephanie Poland 
Melba House Coordinators

Paterson House
Preparations for the House Performing Arts Festival have commenced! This term the Paterson leadership team have begun our work on securing our victory at the House Performing Arts Festival. This year's theme is the houses themselves, so our 15-minute play must include or reference Banjo Paterson, the colour blue, emus, and our motto “Battle with Delight”. We have delved straight into our work, writing our script and recruiting actors, backstage hands, musicians, and set and costume designers to collaborate with us for this exciting event. 

Ashwood Revealed was a great success earlier this term with record numbers of guests visiting our school. I personally had a great time playing viola in our schools Chamber Strings Program, touring guests around the Jewel of the East and participating in some of the activities we had set up for it. Ashwood Revealed is a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate their leadership skills and step out of their comfort zone whilst showcasing our great school. 

Earlier this term we had the Athletics Carnival. There were many different activities to participate in such as shotput, discuss, long jump, high jump, sprints, long distance running and relays and whilst Paterson put up a good fight, we didn't quite get the result we were hoping for, coming in 3rd place. We are coming for the title next year!! Watch out Flynn House!

Ava Morrin
Paterson House Vice-Captain





Middle School Captains' Report

With Term 2 well underway, let’s take a look at what our community have gotten up to so far!

The Ashwood High School Athletics Carnival was a great success. Lots of students got involved and showed great House spirit.  A big congratulations to Flynn for taking home the win and to every student that got involved.  

‘The Athletics Carnival was a great opportunity for everybody to participate in some physical activity and enjoy the fun day.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!’
Amy Russo – Sport Vice Captain

As you know, Ashwood High School has a fantastic Music Program that both of us are a part of. The music community is looking forward to its upcoming String and Percussion Recital.

‘This term the Ashwood High School Music Department has acquired 2 brand new Timpani. Our fortnightly lunchtime concerts have also kicked off, and we are so excited to continue this amazing musical journey with our Ashwood community!’
Jane Lee  – Music Vice Captain

Ashwood Revealed was a great community event and so many Middle School Students were involved, helping out and promoting our great school. A massive shout-out to our Year 7 ambassadors who did an amazing job as well as all the other Middle School students that got involved!

Hannah Williams and Ameer Bux
Middle School Captains

Senior School News

Dear Ashwood High School Community,

Ashwood High School Senior School continues to grow and improve. This has been recently evident in the Senior School where we have been. Fostering student academic drive, developing sessions on learning tools to access data within all classrooms and improving our understanding of the potential of every student. One of our strategic goals is to grow pride and achievement, and this has been evident with the after-school Study Club, which allows students to gain extra tuition in all subjects across the Senior School. 

Ashwood High School was showcsed on the evening of Tuesday 23 April, at our annual Ashwood Revealed. The school promoted the amazing programs and facilities that are on offer here at Ashwood High School. One of the highlights in the Senior School, was an engaging Physics class that was not only a display for the evening but a real class being undertaken by all students currently enrolled in VCE Unit 3.  

One of the community highlights during this term has been Ahwood Basketball League Grand Final, a lunchtime basketball competition that has involved over 200 students from Years 7 to 12. After many high-spirited games and amazing skills over Term 1 and part of Term 2, the Grand Final was played out between a Year 11 and Year 10 team with over 300 students in attendance to watch the final game. I would like to thank the students involved for their efforts in playing in the Grand Final, their sportsmanship and performance was outstanding and was played in line with our school values. For this competition to take place, involves many hours behind the scenes, organising teams and making sure all players can attend the scheduled games. For this, I would like to thank Ms Dixon and Mr Simonson who organised the competition. The competition has focused on one of our key school priorities: enhancing school culture and sporting excellence.

Our school continues to be at the cutting edge of innovation with regards to career pathways and programs that allow our students to prepare for their future. I would like to acknowledge our school Executive Principal Dr Brett Moore, who has developed the Deakin University and Ashwood High School Alliance over a number of years. This alliance has allowed our school to work with Deakin University to provide the best possible knowledge and understanding about life after high school at a university level, to our students.

Our Senior School continues to develop a strong focus on student's understanding of careers. On Wednesday 8 May, the Year 10 girls went on a Careers excursion to the Careers Expo in the city while the Year 10 boys had a Wellbeing Day with a number of motivational speakers. This helped students to understand the number of optionsavailable to them beyond school and helped them to consider their academic and long term goals, with the Course Cousnselling soon approaching.

Upcoming Events: As we approach the end of Term 2, we would like to remind you of some upcoming events:

  1. Future Focused Fair Year 10 Students/Parents/Carers Subject and Pathway Information Eveninng – Tuesday 21 May
  2. Pratice GAT – Thursday 23 May
  3. General Achievement Test (GAT) (Year 12 VCE and VCE-VM students) - Tuesday 18 June
  4. Course Counselling for Years 10 into 11 2024 -Tuesday 25 June

Ashwood high school continues to develop the high expectation of every student. In week 7 of this term, students from Years 7 to 11 will be undertaking examinations. This will allow students to display their knowledge and skills learned throughout Semester 1. Our academic rigour and high expectations at Ashwood High School continues to foster learning growth in every student. The exam process continues to develop improved study skills and habits to help best prepare our students for the future.

We would like to express our gratitude to the teachers, staff, students, and parents for their continued support and involvement in making the second term a productive and successful one for our Senior School students. We look forward to the remaining weeks of the term leading into exams and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for the beginning of Semester 2.

Tom O'Toole
Senior School Engagement, Wellbeing and Pathways Leader



School Captains' Report

As we approach the end of May, we have become well accustomed to our roles as your School Captains. We wish to thank the Ashwood High School students, teachers and parents. The year thus far has been a testament to the culture of High Expectations and the effectiveness of our CHOIR Values.

The beginning of Term 2 has been busy, lively, and successful. Last month, Ashwood High School was privileged to host a tour, led by Dr Moore and members of the school executive body, for the Victorian State Premier, Jacinta Allen and the State Member for Ashwood, Matt Fregon. Multiple classes, ranging from Years 7-12, were given the chance to speak with Premier Allen as she toured the school. The tour was a success, and it was a wonderful experience for both of us.

The annual Ashwood High School House Athletics Carnival was held on 29 April 2024. The day was a thrilling and tense competition between the school's Houses, in a bout for the House Athletics Trophy, with Flynn House, once again, emerging victorious. The Athletics Carnival continues to be a fundamental piece of Ashwood High School's culture and the willingness of students and teachers alike to get out and compete exemplifies the school's values. Throughout May, each House has been at work, rigorously planning for the House Performing Arts Festival. The students have been given control over their productions, allowing them to plan their own stories, with this year focusing on an Indigenous Story theme. House Performing Arts Festival is a well-loved tradition of Ashwood High School and allows students to form bonds with their fellow students and nurture their creativity.

As the Ashwood High School Years 11 and 12 Formal draws near, finalisations of tables, catering and events are being planned by the Formal Committee members, and Years 11 and 12 students alike are eagerly awaiting the event.

As May draws to a close, it is important that students look ahead to the end of Term 2 and their upcoming mid-year exams. Term 2 can be a stressful time for students, and it is important that we all maintain a positive school-life balance. We wish all students the best with their studies!

Emma Hew and Miles Guy
2024 School Captains

Careers & Pathways

Ashwood High School Careers Expo
Yes, it is close to that time of year again, Ashwood High School “Future Focused Fai’. Save the date Tuesday 21 May 2024 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. The purpose of the night is to showcase career options such as undergraduate programs for both local and international students, pathway programs, traineeships and apprenticeship opportunities and services offered by institutions for students who require extra assistance due to a disability.

We have a number of fantastic exhibitors including Monash University, the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Box Hill Institute, Deakin University, COLLARTS, Holmesglen Institute, University of Tasmania, American Summers, Swinburne University, Chisholm Institute, Photography Studies College, Richmond Football Club Leadership Program, Waverley Gymnastics Centre Inc. and many more.

Years 7 and 8 Careers Sessions
On Tuesday 30 April all Years 7 and 8 students participated in a career’s session in Tutor Group. Years 7 and 8 students completed year level specific activities to help them recognise different jobs requiring different interests, skills, values, and beliefs. As well as what teamwork and problem solving are and how to work effectively in a group.

Year 7 Photos

Year 8 Photos

Year 10 Careers
Term 2 is an important time for Year 10 studnets in regards to careers. During Form Group, Year 10 students are engaging in careers sessions to prepare them for VCE Subject Selection, study habits and the Mock Interview Program including resume and cover letter creation.

While some Work Experience Arrangement Forms have been submitted Year 10 are continuing to find Work Experience placements. If you need assistance Ms Robertson is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in Building E or via email so, see Compass News Feed for Work Experience Spotlights and refer to your work Experience Information Pack.

Remember you need to have your placement locked in with your Work Experience Arrangement Form submitted to Ms Robertson by Friday 28 June 2024.

Wednesday 8 May 2024, Year 10 female and gender diverse students attended The Trade and Tech Fit: Young Women in Trades and Tech Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.  The Trade and Tech Fit was 100% hands-on, allowing the students to design video games, lay bricks, weld, use a flight simulator, program a robot, safety test equipment, use power tools, learn to paint and more. The students had a fantastic time and tried many activities they would not usually have without this opportunity. Two lucky students also had the chance to speak with the Deputy Premier of Victoria, Ben Carroll.

Jodie Hechenberger 
Careers & Pathways Coordinator
Kristin Robertson
Jobs, Skills & Pathways Assistant Coordinator


Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment Program

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself to the ACE community of Ashwood High School as I will be stepping in to the role of Acting Director of Enrichment, Partnerships and Professional Learning for 2024, which I am very excited about! I know our Accelerated Learning program here at Ashwood High School is something we as a community are proud of and I am delighted be able to work more closely with the students and families.

This month we are shining a spotlight on the Year 7 ACE Class for our Newsletter. April was a busy month that saw many opportunities for the ACE students to immerse themselves in our school community and continue to settle into high school. As we navigate through the rest of Term 2 with curiosity and enthusiasm, it's time to reflect on our recent achievements, challenges, and memorable experiences.

Outside of our Year 7 ACE students’ academic achievements, their contribution to the social aspect of our school this month has been remarkable. Recently, we held our renowned "Ashwood Revealed" event, where our students showcased their talents, creativity, and academic prowess. From captivating presentations to innovative projects, the Year 7 ACE volunteers left a lasting impression on both prospective families and peers. It's inspiring to witness the diverse talents and passions that each student brings to the table, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing excellence in all its forms. In addition to this, our Year 7 ACE student’s participation in our Athletics Carnival was outstanding. Special shout out to Oyvind Nkyekyer who represented his class with pride with impressive speed in many races. Well done Oyvind!

Many of our Year 7 ACE students have also been selected for the Victorian High Ability Program which started recently. This program not only challenges students academically but also encourage them to think critically and explore new horizons within the areas of Maths and English. Through specialised seminars, and enrichment activities, they continue to push the boundaries of their potential.

As we embark on the rest of our academic journey in Term 2, I look forward to us embracing the opportunities that lie ahead with confidence and determination. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of excellence, support one another in times of need, and celebrate each other's achievements with pride. Whether it's in the classroom or in the community, let us strive to make a positive impact.

Edwina Nolan
Acting Enrichment and Professional Learning Leader

English Learning Area Report

This has been an exciting term with Year 8 students commencing their study of the dystopian film text ‘The Hunger Games’. ‘The Hunger Games’ directed by Gary Ross, presents the dystopian society of Panem where division and control are used to suppress any form of revolution. Despite this, individuals fight against oppression through rebellious acts and building unity.

We commenced our study with a persuasive oral presentation addressing the topic: Why is ‘The Hunger Games’ a good film for teenagers to study? Some of our students’ answers are below.

While ‘The Hunger Games’ includes aspects of dystopian and totalitarianism ideas, these aspects are fundamental to the story and serve to highlight the film’s central themes of survival and resistance. With proper teaching and discussion, ‘The Hunger Games’ can provide a valuable and enriching experience for teenagers, sparking ideas and growth of mentality and values. Who knows? Maybe one day your child could lead people to a better future.
Charlie Wong

‘The Hunger Games’ is a great way to give us teenagers an opportunity to think deeply about the “what if” situations. This film is a great introduction to reality as its reflective on big problems that happens in parts of the world. As we are getting older, we start forming our own views on the problems that are happening. A news article was written about an 11-year-old boy being scared of movies with killing involved but still managed to watch ‘The Hunger Games’ as he said that “it made him think”. This is showing that letting us watch ‘The Hunger Games’ gets us to reflect and consider things that thisworld can potentially be capable of.'
Jennifer Nguyen

'The devastating reality of poverty is given a new light in the film ‘The Hunger Games’ showing the hard life of Katniss and her family living in District 12. The access to resources and care are hard to come by yet the people living in these harsh conditions still strive by proving they are just as strong and powerful. An example of this is showcased when Peeta and Katniss demonstrate their strength by winning ‘The Hunger Games.’ I believe that ‘The Hunger Games’ is a great film for teenagers to study because it opens their eyes towards real world issues, demonstrates a good example of resilience and bravery and touches on the unfairness of poverty and judgment.
Amelia Sim

We have now progressed to writing text responses essays in response to ‘The Hunger Games’ and the students are completing excellent work honing their critical thinking skills, building robust vocabularies, and refining their structural writing.

It has been a pleasure unpacking ideas of social inequality, rebellion, and control with students within this unit. We all look forward to seeing what they achieve by the end of term!

Phoebe Lindsay
English and Drama Teacher

Mathematics Learning Area Report

Year 12 Specialist Maths
In Term 2, Year 12 Specialist Maths students are preparing for the comprehensive application task that encompasses the entirety of Unit 3. This task covers a range of interesting yet challenging topics, including vectors, proof techniques, complex numbers, circular functions, and calculus.

‘We learn a lot of CAS programming in Specialist Maths. It has a lot of functionalities and is quite powerful, it also provides an algorithm based type thinking.’ Jason Suryanata

‘I really like the new concepts that are taught in Specialist Maths. I like being able to apply what I’ve learnt into real life and more complicated and theoretical situations, which is something I find very interesting.’ Pranav Karthik

‘These questions in Specialist Maths have been keeping me up at night. They're incredibly intriguing, even though they've led to some sleep deprivation, which is both good and bad. Despite the complexity of the concepts in Specialist Maths and the time needed to grasp them, they enable a higher level of thinking about Maths and its real-world applications, particularly in calculus. This understanding extends to the origins of formulas like volume formulas and how Mathematics is utilised in Engineering and the Sciences.’ Bruce Li

Year 12 Methods Maths
Students investigate the behaviour of both exponential and logarithmic functions and apply them in practical contexts. Furthermore, the periodic nature of circular functions was explored, and students also had the opportunity to solve trigonometric equations whilst taking into consideration said periodic behaviour. These topics will be reviewed in an upcoming assessment, in which students strive to achieve their personal best, fully embodying one of Ashwood High School’s values: High Expectations.


Jay Chan
Maths Learning Area Coordinator


Science Learning Area Report

In the dynamic world of scientific exploration, our Year 7 students have been actively engaged in a hands-on journey into the fascinating realm of mixtures. Where they recently participated in a practical activity aimed at unravelling the mysteries of separation techniques.

Their primary objective was to gain a holistic understanding of different methods used to separate mixtures, ranging from the subtle art of flotation to the magnetic allure of magnetic separation.

Students delved into the intricate processes involved in separating mixtures into their individual components. From understanding the principles of flotation to mastering the technique of decanting, each step of the journey was marked by curiosity and discovery.

Stephanie Richards
Science Learning Area Coordinator

Humanities Learning Area Report

Dear Ashwood High School Humanities Community,

The focus for this term in the Humanities Department has been squarely on academic growth and development. From Middle School to Senior School, our students have been immersed in a myriad of activities aimed at honing their geographical and historical skills.

In the Middle School, our students have diligently completed a series of assessments designed to sharpen their understanding of key concepts in Geography and History. These assessments not only test their knowledge but also foster critical thinking and analytical skills, essential for success in their academic pursuits and beyond.

For our Senior School students, the focus has been on meticulous preparation for VCE. As they gear up for this crucial phase in their academic journey, they are putting in the hard work and dedication required to excel in their chosen fields of study.

Looking ahead, we have an exciting event on the horizon – the Business Management Expo. This expo will provide our VCE students with a platform to showcase their knowledge and skills by presenting stalls for our younger students to visit. It's an excellent opportunity for our seniors to share their insights and experiences, inspiring the next generation of Humanities enthusiasts.

We wish our students success in the upcoming exams and with the remainder of the term.

Ned Hayward
Humanities Learning Area Coordinator

Creative Arts/Technologies Learning Area Report

It has been a busy term already in the Arts and Technology area.

In Year 7 Art students are creating Zines short for ‘Magazine’. They are creating stories focusing on using only imagery to tell a story, and are exploring how to manipulate a range of materials and techniques to bring these stories alive.

In Food Studies students are developing their culinary skills.

Year 7 Food Studies
Recently Year 7 Food made a delicious Beef Stir Fry (or a vegetarian alternative). The students did a fantastic job and enjoyed eating what they cooked.

Kath Robinson
Food Studies Teacher

Year 8 Design Technology students are focusing on textiles and sustainability. Creating handmade objects using hand sewing and embroidery skills. Year 8 Drama students are exploring Radio Plays – focusing on the aspects of dialogue, narrative, music and sound effects. These aspects of radio plays build an understanding of the importance of sound. Students are also learning how to utilise their voice in performance as they learn to manipulate their pitch, volume, accent and tone!

Year 10 2D Art students are creating paintings considering the idea of ‘Internal landscape’ using the artists Mia Boe and Rick Amor as inspiration. We are looking forward to seeing their final paintings.

Year 11 and 12 Art Making and Exhibiting students experienced a hands-on workshop with contemporary artist Esther Stewart at MUMA – Monash University of Modern Art Museum before travelling to the NGV to experience an insight into Top Arts with a talk and folio viewing session.

VCE Food Studies are completing of their last SAC, where they have focused on food choices, health and wellbeing. They have investigated the principles of encouraging healthy food patterns in children and undertake practical activities to develop a repertoire of healthy meals.

Student engagement and voice continues to inform our curriculum design at Ashwood High School and the snapshots into our classes this month, certainly reflect this focus.

Carolyn Hamilton
Arts Technology Learning Area Coordinator

Health & PE Learning Area Report

Year 7
In Physical Education, the Year 7 cohort are currently engaging in a Netball SEPEP Unit which places them in groups of 7 and has them take on specific roles such as team captain, coach, equipment organiser and governing body. Students work with their group members as well as students in the same role as them to run training sessions, learn the skills of Netball and come up with an agreed upon set of rules for Netball. Students learn the skill of Netball whilst improving their teamwork, communication, and confidence in group settings.

The other half of the cohort are undertaking a Gymnastics/Movement unit that focuses on learning different types of static, dynamic, individual and group holds and movements. Students self-learn and coach others these movements through detailed instructional videos and pictures. This unit is always received positively as the Year 7s are eager to show their creativity and energy for movement.

In Health, the Year 7s commenced a crucial unit on Puberty, aiming to educate students on the effects it can have on adolescence. This vital education will enable students to understand and make informed decisions about the physical, social, and emotional changes that may be going on in their bodies.

Year 8
In Physical Education, students are currently participating in a Dance Unit which is ran by The Nikki Visaj Movement (a Dance Company located in Melbourne). Students have taken part in a Commercial, Hip Hop and Cultural Dance session. These sessions are inspiration for students who will be creating their own group routine for their assessment.

In Health, students are learning about the Dimensions of Health (physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual). The dimensions are a common theme that students are exposed to in every year level of Health, so it is essential they understand and can evaluate them at an early stage of their education.

Year 9
In Physical Education, students are focusing on a unit called ‘Invasion Games’ in which they learn and apply the skills of ‘attacking, defending, creating space and maintaining possession’. Students are participating in small, sided games that will give them a base skill set that will allow them to be successful in any sport they play.

In Health, students are learning about the Skeletal and Muscular Systems. This information is crucial to learn as it allows students to make connections with the movement skills they replicate in PE and Sport lessons.

Year 10
The Year 10s have started with a Fitness Unit in Physical Education. Students have taken part in different fitness sessions such as Strength and Conditioning, Core, HIIT and Yoga session. Students will use this acquired knowledge to create their own fitness session that they teach and run for the rest of the class.

In Health, students have learned about ‘Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and Performance Enhancing Drugs’. This knowledge will enable them to make healthier food choices and gives them an understanding of what fuel and hydration choices they can make if they want to train for a specific sport or event.

James Boarotto
Health and Physical Education (HPE) Learning Area Coordinator

LOTE Learning Area Report

Faithful to the tradition, our students studying French from Years 9 to Year 12, were able to explore French through language and culture. The French faculty organised two excursions for the French Film Festival. The first outing was on Wednesday 6 March 2024 for the Years 9 and 10 who went to the Kino in the city to watch the movie 'The Princes of the Dessert’. The second outing was on Friday 2 March 2024 for the Years 11 and 12. Our VCE students also went to the Kino in the city to watch the movie 'The Three Musketeers’. Here is what our students had to say about their excursion.

‘On Wednesday 6 March 2024, Years 9 and 10 French students went on the train to Kino Cinema in the city. When we arrived at Kino Cinema, we got very comfy seats and ordered some popcorn. We watched 'The Princes of the Dessert', which told the story of a little boy Zodi and his friend the camel Téhu.  After the movie, we went to a French café, where we bought some French food like croissant and baguette which we took to Flagstaff Gardens for lunch. Overall, the French excursion was wonderful!
Ashlan Tseng Year 9 French

On Wednesday 6 March 2024, all Years 9 and 10 French students went on an excursion where we immersed ourselves in the captivating world of French cinema by watching ‘The Princes of the Desert.’ The film featured a boy who took in a dromedary which ended up being one of the fastest in the world. Overall, the movie was very entertaining and even had some in tears. Following the movie, we ventured to a charming French café where students were able to buy baguettes and other French foods. We ate our lunch in a beautiful park and later took the train back home. The whole experience was very enjoyable!
Lily Wingate Year 9 French

'We recently had the delightful experience of attending the Alliance Française French Film Festival at The Kino Cinema, where we watched ‘The Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan’  The film was a thrilling exploration of 17th century France. The viewing allowed us to consolidate further our understanding of how the language is used in everyday conversation as well as extend our vocabulary. After the screening, we embraced the French ambiance further by visiting a French Café, where we practiced our French while ordering baguettes. To finish off our excursion, we went to a park, completing a worksheet that helped us reflect on the film’s narrative and themes. The entire day was not only educational but also immensely enjoyable.'
Yunal Lutfi Year 11 French

'The French film excursion was one to not forget. The Year 11 and 12 classes of French watched a historical film called the ‘Three Musketeers D'Artagnan’ – Les trois mousquetaires, D’artagnan. The movie was set in 1627 and follows D'Artagnan in his journeys to become a musketeer. On the day, all the VCE students commuted by train to the Kino cinema where the movie was held. The movie ended  with a cliffhanger. Afterwards, we walked to the French Parisian Cafe, where we got baguettes or croissants for lunch. Then, we settled down in the vivid and calm Flagstaff Gardens to complete the booklet about the movie. The film enabled us to learn about the importance of friendship, courage, resilience, and has enabled me to gain more insight about French history and culture.'
Ryan Lim Year 11 French

'Last term, the VCE French students went to the city to see ‘Les Trois Mousquetaires: D'Artagnan’ at the Kino cinema. We learnt a lot about French culture, which was insightful and interesting. Overall, it was a great experience and we all enjoyed it so much.'
Chris Sequeira Year 11 French

Another important event this term is the French Poetry Competition Berthe Mouchette, hosted by the Alliance Française, which will take place next week. The theme this year is the Olympic Games. This year we have more than 120 students competing from Years 7 – 12. Whilst the Years 7 – 10 will recite their poem in Week 5 this term, the Years 11 and 12, will participate next term and use the competition to prepare themselves for their oral exams. We wish them all the very best!

Delphine Marie
LOTE Learning Area Coordinator


Director of Sport Report

Year 8 Interschool Sport – Friday 15 March 2024
The Year 8 cohort turned out in their droves to participate in the sports of Baseball, Tennis and Volleyball. Some great results were achieved all round, including the Year 8 Boys Volleyball Team backing up their victory from 2023. Congratulations to Huey Brown, Jack Dvorak, Rian Keating, Tommy Martino, Darcy Moreland, Troy Morton, Orlando Thea, Ben Thompson, Owen Trippit and Lawrence Vo who will now play in the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) round in early Term 4.

EMR Swimming Carnival – Tuesday 26 March 2024
20 students descended on the Aquanation pool in Ringwood to do battle against the other elite swimmers from the Eastern Metropolitan Region. Once again, some outstanding individual and team efforts were acheived throughout the day. The highlight being Ryan Thach of Year 11 progressing to the State Swimming Carnival – an absolutely outstanding achievement. Congratulations Ryan, we are all very proud of you.

Girls AFL and Boys Netball – Tuesday 16 April 2024
The second day of Term 2 began with a bang with huge numbers turning out to attend Girls AFL and Boys Netball. For the first time in a long time, possibly ever, Ashwood had 3 Female AFL teams – one Junior, one Intermediate and one Senior team. The Boy’s Netball was also well represented, with 4 Junior and 3 Intermediate teams. Smiles were all round, particularly for the Girls AFL teams that enjoyed some Maccas with Coach O’Toole after a day of tough competition. In Boys Netball, with the Ashwood High School boys victorious in both the Junior and Intermediate competitions. Congratulations to the following students (Junior team): Nikola Arapovic, Harry Cutfield, Charlie Foster, Archie Jarvis-Stewart, Will Minniece, Jake Morrison, Troy Morton, Aarav Sharma and William Tull.

(Intermediate team): Zachary Brockway, Lachlan Bugeja, Shakthivel Dhivakar, Aidan Doyle, Alexander Forgione, Beli Ng, Cooper Peschke, Tarik Srinivasan, Nathan Thea and Will Thompson.

Well done Ashwood High School!

Year 11/12 Interschool Sport – Monday 22 April 2024
The Senior cohort turned out in strong numbers, despite missing a few Year 12s due to their studies. The Seniors were able to field teams in Basketball, Hockey, Soccer and Table Tennis. Whilst there were no winners on the day, there were good reports from all sports. Well done to all those who proudly represent Ashwood High School.

Tom Grbac
Director of Sport

Student Culture

Student Voice, Inclusion and Agency
Alpine School for Student Leadership Term 1
Congratulations to our wonderful Year 9 students who attended the Alpine School for Student Leadership for Term 1. We are extremely proud of you and so glad you had such a fantastic, lifechanging experience.

‘The Alpine School is an amazing experience where students live and learn together, and are educated on how to be a good leader, and how to be independent. I strongly recommend it to any Year 9s who want to challenge themselves and grow in the leadership area.’  Mitchell Chin 9Z 

‘Alpine school was the greatest schooling experience I have ever had, at first I was very nervous to be away from home for a whole term but I ended up having such a great time learning loads about different leadership skills, styles and techniques and most of all made friends that I will have for the rest of my life.’   Lachlan Bugeja 9Z 

‘SSL has been a once in a lifetime experience providing a range of experiences, people, and learnings I will draw from forever. A specific experience I highly enjoyed was expedition 2. The challenge of the razorback hike pushed everyone, but we overcame the challenge through collaboration. I really enjoyed this as it was such a reward to relax and take in the view once the challenge was over. I loved the outdoor aspect of the whole camp, the educational life lessons, and the social aspect of SSL, making friends I will remember forever.’  Isla Minton 9D 

‘The SSL experience gave me a different perspective on the world and it was an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade anything for.  All the people and staff are so inspiring and I would 100% recommend it to everyone who wants to go.’  Emily Buckley 9D  

 “The School for Student Leadership is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity for year 9 students. If you go to the SSL you will undoubtedly create friendships and memories lasting for years.’ Jonathan Ryan 9Z  

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser SRC
On Wednesday 15 May the SRC hosted a Non-Uniform Day to raise awareness and funds the Breast Cancer: A big thank you to Harvey Mackay and the SRC Team for their amazing preparation for this important event! A big shout out to Monique Collins at Breadhead Bakehaus for her generous donation of beautiful cookies. Check out her business and give her some support for anything cake and sweets in the future!

2024 Leadership Summit Camp Sydney Scholarship
Congratulations to the following students who have received a fully funded place on the 2024 Magic Moments Youth Leadership and Business Summit Camp in Sydney.

  • Daisy Harvison 11F
  • Xuan Lu 11A
  • Georgie Taylor 11E

Student Clubs at Ashwood High School
It has been an extremely exciting and busy start to Term 2, with a large number of students attending and participating in the diverse range of clubs Ashwood High School has to offer:

  • ‘Chess Club is so amazing because I get to play chess with my friends and new people who I can get to know. Chess Club also brings a fun level of competition with the tournaments run by Mr Fahey.’ Caedan Walker, Year 12
  • ‘In French Club there are a variety of things to do and a variety of skills to be learned.’ Katania Major, Year 7
  • ‘In Debating Club we put our critical thinking to the test and I enjoy the contrast of differing opinions.’ Ved Karve, Year 11
  • ‘Art Club is a fun and supportive place to test your creativity. Every Wednesday in the art room, students are offered the opportunity to congregate with other artists, collaborate on projects or activities, or sit and create by themselves. What I like best about Art Club is seeing so many enthusiastic people in one place; the students' passion for creating is always so clear to see.’ Lily Robertson, Year 12
  • ‘The Dance Aerobics Team improves individual’s health and fitness while building on teamwork and is an amazing experience!’ Eirini Vilianioti, Year 12
  • ‘Drama Club is a great space where like minded students are able to express themselves on stage. It gives students an insight into the different elements of performance and how to manipulate those skills.’ Matilda Rostan, Year 10
  • ‘The Ashfeed Newspaper Club has been incredibly fun and rewarding experience. I’ve been a part of the it for three years now, and each year is filled with fun and interesting articles to write. I highly recommend joining if you love writing in any shape or form. Ashfeed allows you to write about what you love which makes it all the more fun.’ Ameer Bux, Year 9
  • ‘Running Club is a fantastic opportunity to experience the exhilaration of an early morning jog with others. Whether you’re training for a competition, aiming to improve your running in general, or just want something to do on a Friday morning before school; at running club there’s no pressure to run at a certain pace or for a specific distance, and it’s always a great feeling afterwards, having run a lap or 3 around the school before class begins.’ Leah Ried, Year 11

French Club
Bonjour, French Club Enthusiasts!

French Club is back on this term! Get ready to immerse yourself in French language, culture, and traditions as we embark on a journey filled with learning and fun.

When: Our French Club meetings takes place every Thursday at lunchtime in Room B05. Mark your calendars and make sure to join us for an hour of linguistic exploration and cultural exchange.

Hosts: Led by our passionate French teachers, Mademoiselle Kakkar and Mademoiselle Van Der Vliet, the French Club promises to be an engaging and enriching experience for all participants.

This is what some of our students had to say about the club:

‘I love French club. You can do many activities while enjoying your lunch. The best part is that you get free food! Each time you attend a lolly is handed to you for participating and contributing. French Club is great and you should come.’  Alice Lee, 7G

‘French Club is a great way to learn and meet new people! I love coming to French Club every week and doing fun activities. This week we watched Ratatouille and we have done several craft activities! If you want a fun experience to learn, socialise and make new friends, French Club is the place to go.’  Katania Major, 7G

The students from 8Z
‘French club is a great way to make friends and learn some more French.’ Richard Pham

‘It’s fun because you can decorate things, play games and have a good time.’ Owen Trippit

‘You can learn about the French culture and it is very interesting.’Haruki Yamin

‘You get to learn a new language and culture while having fun.’ Noah Stewart

‘I love learning French and French club makes it way better.’ Orlando Thea

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the French Club and embark on a rewarding journey of language learning and cultural exploration. Whether you're a seasoned Francophile or just beginning your French language journey, there's a place for you in our vibrant and welcoming community.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursdays! À bientôt!

Middle School Study Hall
Middle School Study Hall runs every Tuesday and Thursday after school during term excluding special event weeks. It runs from 3.20pm to 4.20 pm in the school Library.

Tuesday afternoons we have an English/Humanities/Arts teacher supervising and Thursday afternoons have a Science/ Math teacher present.

All students in Years 7 to 9 are welcome to attend.

Kath Robinson, Michael Cifra and Ed Williams
Study Hall – After School Homework Coordinator

Student quotes:
Why I come to Middle Years Study Hall instead of doing work at home…

‘To stay focused by not getting distracted by games.’ Owen Trippit

‘Because it’s quiet.’ Eric Trippit

‘To stay focused and it is quiet.’ Isaac Tay

‘So that I can get help from my teachers.’ Neil Yadav

‘It’s so much easier to do at school where there are teachers to help you.’ Michael Di Camillo

‘It is a space I can focus in and do my work with friends.’ 
Mikaela Thomaidis

‘Here it is quieter than at home.’ Hasti Navaei Ardeh

‘Because of the environment, I can focus better.’ Lima Li

The Ashwood High School Running Club 
The Ashwood High School Running Club is back with vigor in Term 2. There has been an increase in new members both pre and post the Ashwood High School Athletics Carnival as many students are choosing to earn their breakfast before attending the Breakfast Club for recovery pancakes.  

Mr Jeff Newman and Mr Rory Fahey continue to be amazed at the dedication of a core group of Running Club members who persevere no matter the weather. Pleasingly, our club has become a family affair with several runners attending with their siblings. It is always fun to see the variety of students who are choosing to start their Friday mornings with a bit of running and socialisation, we now have 35 student members.  

Remember, running is for everyone and there is no pressure to be fast or perfect, it is just another option to assist in good health and wellbeing for Ashwood High School students! 

Students wishing to join the running fun are invited to come along: please ensure your parents/carers consent to your participation via email to or with a signed note when you first attend Running Club, you will then be added to the event on Compass for regular participation. 

Look forward to having you along for the run! ??? 

Sachael Miller
Director of Student Voice, Inclusion and Agency



International Student Program

Compass training for Chinese parents
On Friday 26 April the International Student Program Team provided a Compass training session to Middle School International Students’ parents from China. This session was designed to improve parents’ ability to effectively use Compass to monitor their child’s learning at school and strengthen their belonging to our school community. The session was delivered in Chinese and was a great success.

At the session, Mr Yin taught the parents how to use Compass with the help of google translate. Mr Yin introduced some very basic but important functions on Compass, such as how to check teachers’ feedback, student’s learning progress and results, how to contact teachers via Compass by email, how to consent for school activities and make payments and how to use online translation tools to read news and emails from school to stay connected to our school community. Mr Yin also encouraged parents to share their experiences on how they supported their children to improve their learning results.

Very positive feedback was received from the participating parents. They appreciated the high level of support from our school.

Athletics Carnival
On Monday 29 April Ashwood High School held the Athletics Carnival at Bill Sewart Athletics Track. We were very pleased to see many international student participants in different competitions across the day. Congratulations to all our international student athletes, and in particular the winners! It was also great see our international to witness some positive interactions between international students and local students. We look forward to seeing more international students to participate in sports activities in the future.

Learning Experience Workshop
On Wednesday 1 May the International Student Program Team organised an after school workshop for Years 7-10 International Students. This session was designed to motivate International Students and provide effective learning tips to improve their learning results. The session also provided an opportunity for high achievers to develop their public speaking and leadership skills. The session also strengthened the connectedness among the international student community.  Kexin (Keke Liu) and Manchengyan (Lima) Li from Year 8 and Anya Zhu and Zihan Shen from Year 10 were invited to share their learning experiences and tips. The questions from the students and meaningful discussions among the students proved the session was very successful. 

Anya Zhu:
‘I’m Anya Zhu, a Year 10 International Student.  

For me personally, learning has always been connected to interest. English is my second language. I started learning it when I was about five years old—I’ll spare you the details, but the short story is that my parents, in preparation for me to study abroad, even when I was very, very young, began drilling a variety of stories written in English into my mind, mostly in audiobook form, which is the reason why I find it easy to understand and communicate here.

As time passed, I began developing an interest in writing, and the more I wrote the better I got at it. This helped me get better at spelling and fixed a lot of the grammatical mistakes that I was still making, and this is also why I can keep up with my English class—mostly I find the writing we do at school very challenging, but to be fair, so do the rest of my class.

In my spare time, I read to further improve my language skills. Interest in a particular topic does a lot to boost my curiosity in it, and that curiosity usually becomes the motivation for me to investigate and learn more, sometimes even beyond what is taught in class.

It sometimes is very difficult for me when I’m dealing with a subject that I’m not overly interested in. I have no tactics for these subjects except to put away any distractions (phone) when I’m doing the homework or studying for a test, and try to find motivation for myself by envisioning the benefits that this subject has for my future, or tell my brain to get the priorities straight (study first, more time to play later, and less stress too). It usually works just fine, but that’s just for me. Different people do have different techniques that are effective for them when it comes to learning.’  

Kexin (Keke) Liu: 
My name is Kexin (Keke) Liu, and I am a Year 8 International Student here at Ashwood High School.   

On Wednesday 1 May, I attended the International Student Experience Sharing Workshop.  During this session some of us had the opportunity to share with others, good ways of studying such as how to become good at time management and improving our reading abilities among other things.   

Moreover, Year 10 students, given their position in the educational journey, were also able to give some great input about how to deal with distractions and stress. Specifically, we talked about controlling phone use while studying. I thought that it was interesting and useful because what was said was applicable for everyone. We shared our own personal experiences as well as strategies which can help one stay focused on work. 

Our goal was to give our peers useful tips that can be adapted to improve their learning results. Additionally, we understand the importance of working together as a team and helping each other out.  

I would like to give my sincere thank you to our International Student Manager Ms Williams and International Student Program Officer Mr Yin for organising the workshop. I also would like to thank our wonderful school for allowing us to study in a home away from home.’   

Yonghong Williams
International Student Program Manager


Library Report

World Book Online
Encyclopedias have long been important resources for school libraries. They are a reliable first port-of-call for all student research, providing a bridge between classroom education and self-directed learning. In our digital age, online encyclopedias offer from-anywhere, at any-time access to current, accurate, concise and useful information, on a vast number of subjects, in a variety of formats and languages appropriate for a wide range and unlimited number of users. 

Our library is currently trialling a suite of encyclopaedic resources from World Book Online.  These resources are conveniently searchable through our library’s catalogue, as well as directly through the World Book website. Students can find details and links on the library homepage

Premiers Reading Challenge

The Premiers’ Reading Challenge continues until the first week in September. It is a great program, that encourages students to read more, and to read more broadly. All Ashwood High School Years 7-10 students are registered and invited to participate. Participants earn house points, and those who successfully complete the challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier. Students can find details on the library homepage.

Anzac Day Eve coincided with this year’s Ashwood Revealed. Many visitors expressed their interest in the library’s ANZAC book display and their appreciation of our recognition of the day’s significance.

New Books
Among the recent library acquisitions are two important additions to the non-fiction collection, Richard Broome’s highly regarded, comprehensive history of Australia’s First Nation’s People, and Sveiby and Skulthorpe’s investigation into what can be learnt from traditional First Nations’ cultures and lifestyles, that can help build a sustainable society in modern Australia.

Remember to find time to enjoy reading every day.

Matthew Feeney


Parents & Friends Network Committee

Fundraising, Revenue & Building Works


Parent Payments
Thank you to the families who have made contributions through the revised structure of the Parent Payment process. 

Parent Payments have been added to your Compass Portal with a variety of payment methods.

Ashwood High School values the high level of support it receives from families. Your contributions continue to assist us to broaden the educational experience of our students.

If you need any assistance on how to use the Compass portal for payments please do not hesitate to contact reception.

School Saving Bonus
You may have seen the recent announcement of the School Saving Bonus, as part of the Victorian Budget 2024/25. We are sharing more information about how families will be able to access and use this support.

This one-off support will include $400 for each eligible student to help families cover the costs of school uniforms and activities in 2025.

It will be available to parents and carers of every child enrolled in a Victorian government school in 2025.

Cash will not be paid directly to individuals or families. Instead, families will receive the bonus as credits on their school accounts that will help meet the costs of your children’s activities and uniforms.

Existing supports

The School Saving Bonus support will be in addition to existing and continuing means-tested supports for camps, sports, excursions and uniforms.

The application-based Affordable School Uniform program, through State Schools’ Relief, will continue to be available to families experiencing financial hardship or other forms of vulnerability and short-term crisis. This program allows schools to make multiple applications for support on parents' behalf throughout the year if needed.

There will be more information and guidance about the School Saving Bonus in Term 3, 2024, ahead of its implementation in 2025.

Camps, Sport, Excursions Fund – CSEF
CSEF applications can be submitted to reception up until Friday 28 June 2024.  For secondary school students the amount received will be $250.00.  This funding must be spent on school camps or trips, swimming and school organised sport programs, outdoor education programs, excursions and incursions.

If you are eligible for the CSEF fund and haven’t submitted a form or your family situation has changed, please contact reception on 9807 1333.

Car Parks
Student drop off and pick up points are Gate A at the top of Vannam Drive, Gate D at the rear of the school, Farmer Street.  The administration car park (Gate B) is for visitors only and not for student drop off or pick up.

Debbie Whitehouse
Director of Business

School Information