At Ashwood High School we believe it is important to offer students choice in their studies. Our curriculum enables students to select a course of study that is appropriate in its level of challenge and is relevant to a student’s personal interests and aspirations.


Ashwood High School provides a comprehensive Year 7-10 curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum - which includes a broad range of units of study. The school promotes an integrated, inquiry, evidence-based approach to develop a differentiated curriculum which effectively meets the learning needs of all students. The 21st century curriculum at Ashwood High School provides rich, real-world tasks to embed skills and knowledge, whilst at the same time developing the student as a well-rounded individual who is prepared to embark upon their post school future capably and confidently.


Our professional team of teachers deliver this curriculum using a range of teaching and learning practices. We embrace and integrate technology in all classes so that our students are able to effectively engage with a range of technological platforms. Learning is extended beyond the classroom as students are provided with opportunities to connect with local and global communities.


Post compulsory programs include VCE academic studies, VET options and the applied learning VCAL course. Ashwood High School is the only secondary school in the Waverley Network that provides this vocational pathway.