1:1 Learning Devices

With a mobile learning device, anywhere, anytime learning will only be a click away. A personalized learning device will open up a whole new world of knowledge for students and prepare them for the innovation and knowledge economy of the 21st century.

Importantly mobile learning devices provide students with ongoing access to a digital library full of innovative and interactive learning tools and educational resources as well as a window to online learning environments. Mobile devices give students the most important tool of the digital age – their own portable device – so that they can connect, collaborate and create.

Ashwood High School is committed to providing an education relevant to the 21st century. In this learning environment students are actively engaged in their own learning. They solve problems, they work on a curriculum focused on their individual learning needs and they engage with a global community. The days of teacher centred classrooms bound by the four walls of the classroom are long gone. At Ashwood High School, we are committed to providing appropriate access to technology to support student learning. 21st Century education integrates technologies, engaging students in ways not previously possible, creating new learning and teaching possibilities, enhancing achievement and extending interactions with local and global communities.


Students in Years 7-12 use student-owned Lenovo Yoga 11E Tablet Laptops. These should be purchased via the Learning with Technologies website (http://ashwoodhs.orderportal.com.au/ ) and will come preloaded with the following approved software applications such as Office 365, Adobe Photoshop, Wolfram Mathematica and more.


Frequently asked questions
1. Who can I contact if I have further questions?
Questions regarding the Student Laptop Program can be directed initially to the General Office
on (03) 9807 1333 Your inquiry will be responded to as quickly as possible.

2. Will a student be using their digital learning device in every subject every day?
A student will not necessarily be required to use the computer at all times. The use of computers
will take place alongside a range of learning activities. However the device is an essential
learning tool that must be available to be utilised when required and therefore should be taken
to all classes unless specifically advised.

3. Where will a student store their digital learning device when it is not in use?
Students must store and secure their device in their locker during recess and lunch times. If
students are unable to secure their device at these times they should report to the appropriate
sub-school office. Students will need to store their devices in their lockers before Physical
Education practical classes unless otherwise instructed by their class teacher.

4. Can a student add their own software to their device?
Yes, students are enabled to install any software they might want to use. Anti-Virus products
must be installed with caution as they often interfere with network and internet connectivity.

5. What is the process if my child exits the school?
Student owned computers are the property of the family and therefore will be taken with the
student, however any Department of Education licensed software must be removed prior to
departure. Families will be responsible for any finance agreements pertaining to the device.

6. Is my child expected to take their device home every day?
Yes, students are expected to take the device to and from school each day. This will enable them
to fully utilise it at home and at school. It is expected that computers will be charged overnight
ready for a full day’s use at school. Parents are asked to ensure that the computer is used
responsibly and cared for appropriately in the home environment. Devices must be transported
within their protective cases inside the student’s school bag to and from school.

7. Can I recharge my computer at school?
Students can drop off their devices in the IT office. They can borrow a loaner laptop in the
meantime for the day but we have limited supply and may not be able to use a device. Also it is
expected that a students computer has a good working battery that has more than six hours
charge. The device must be fully charged on arrival at school. Students must be aware that the
use of the device outside class time may impact on the ability to remain charged for all classes.

8. Can the device be taken overseas?
Parents are advised to check the insurance provisions they have selected on the device to
determine what cover is provided.

9. Will the student software on their computer be private?
Students can expect their computers to be periodically inspected and monitored for
inappropriate usage. Students and parents need to be aware that apps stored locally on the
device or on school servers are not private.

10. Does my home need Internet access?
No. Students will be able to access the information they need when they are at school. Even
when not connected to the internet, notebook computers are still very useful tools for learning.

11. Do I need to buy a new device?
Year 7 students are expected to start at Ashwood High School with a new device that should last
for 4 years and replaced when starting VCE.

Other year levels are expected to use a device comparable in age or newer.
Devices over 4 years of age are likely to under perform, be unreliable and potentially impact
student learning. Older devices will be scrutinised more carefully to determine their suitability
prior to enrolment.