Careers and Pathways

The  Careers Coordinator assists students in their career aspirations and educational pathway. Careers and pathways play a major role in all subject areas from Year 7 upwards through curriculum content which reflects ‘real-world’ scenarios and applications.



Through the compulsory Vocation course Year 10 students undergo a range of learning tasks and activities to help them identify their aspirations and interests in careers and vocations. Intensive Managed Individual Pathway (MIPs) interviews complement these studies. Guest speakers, visits to tertiary institutions, resume writing and Mock Interviews conducted by members of the local Rotary Club help to define pathways beyond Year 10. All Year 10 students undergo work experience as an integral part of this program.


Every student in the school has a one on one subject selection interview with a senior staff member to plan a course of study for the following year. This rigorous process considers student ability, interest and aspiration in the development of the study program.


For students going into Years 10, 11 and 12 this interview involves parents, and is based upon the investigations and experiences of the Vocation program.


All careers counselling staff work closely with teachers, coordinators, students and parents to ensure students are pursuing a pathway which is suited to their future goals and their current skills and interests. Our Career Centre provides access to an extensive range of resources for students.


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