Teenagers! Life is pretty busy with teenagers in the house. These few years at high school are ‘full on’ academically and socially and we generally get to be the chauffeurs, cheerleaders and support crew.


We entrust our kids to the school environment for the majority of their time during their teenage years in the hope they will thrive, develop and achieve a great education and a solid foundation for their future. There are great things that go on in our school – achievements, opportunities, fun stuff, challenges and awards. We see the spaces and facilities, so different to what school was like when we were there! It makes sense that we should get involved at school.


We can help out in lots of ways but we need to roll up our sleeves and be part of it. Parents and Friends provides the link to the school so you can support the teachers and students of Ashwood. You can meet other parents, hear what’s going on and encourage one another and the school by joining in.


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