Year 8-12 Enrolment

Ashwood High School welcomes new students.

Application for enrolment at these year levels can be made through or in the General Office. Please ensure details of your child’s current secondary school and contact name and number, and a copy of the student's most recent report is provided. Upon receipt of the completed application form, an appointment will be made with the Principal. The student is required to attend the interview with a parent. The student’s most current report, birth certificate and residency documentation (if applicable) should be provided.


Please note that and enrolment interview is not a guarantee of enrolment. Enrolment is subject to availability of places. If offered a place, parents are asked to confirm their acceptance by completing the appropriate enrolment forms. In situations where there are no places available at the time of enquiry, parents may request to have their child’s name placed on a waiting list. An offer can be made when a place becomes available. The school should be notified in case of any changes to your mailing address or contact details.


Further Information:
If you have any queries, please contact the General Office on TEL: +61 03 9807 1333, FAX: +61 03 9888 1441 or Email:


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