ACE PROGRAM - Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment Program for Year 7 2022



The Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment program is an educational program designed to meet the needs of high performing, highly motivated students who are ready for the challenge of a complex, fast paced and integrated program of learning.


ACE testing is open to all Grade 6 students.

The cost of testing is $80.00 per student and the ROUND 2 exam will be held at Ashwood High School on Friday 22 October 2021.

To apply for testing please click the following link:




Further Information

Round 1 of testing for the 2022 Year 7 ACE class will be conducted at Ashwood High School on Friday 22 October 2021. Applicants are able to register by clicking here.


The application process commences in the first half of 2021 and has four stages:

  1. Entry test – Round 1 registration and testing on Saturday 15 May 2021, Round 2 registration and testing on Friday 22 October (an applicant can only take one test each year)
  2. Submission of forms, reports and NAPLAN results (if available)
  3. Application for enrolment in Year 7 2022 at Ashwood High School (if not already enrolled)
  4. Interview (if necessary)

 Step 1: Edutest Registration and Testing

Candidates must register to sit the ACE 2022 entrance test, which is administered by Edutest. Registrations are now open.

Students will complete Round 2 of the test online on Friday 22 October 2021; applications close on Friday 15 October 2021. A payment of $80 is required as part of this registration. 

Participation in the testing does not guarantee a place in the ACE Program. 


Step 2: Submission of Forms

When you register for testing you will recieve some forms to fill out:

  • Application form
  • Parent Assessment form
  • Student Self-Assessment form
  • Primary Teacher Assessment form

Along with these forms we would appreciate the following documents:

  • A copy of the their most recent school reports (generally Grade 5, Semester 2)
  • Grade 5 NAPLAN results

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we understand that these documents may be difficult to source. If you are having difficulty supplying documents, please provide us with what you have available.

These forms may be emailed to using the students name and 'ACE 2022' in the subject line or posted to Ashwood High School, Vannam Drive, Ashwood 3147  


Step 3: Enrolment Application for Ashwood High School

Candidates must apply to Ashwood High School in the standard way. These forms are distributed by your primary school and must be submitted as part of the normal process for all primary school students.


Step 4: Interview

Candidates may be invited to take part in an interview. Families will be contacted later in the year.



Offers will be made in August 2021 for Round 1, or during October/November for Round 2. Candidates who are not initially offered a place in the ACE class will be added to a wait list, and may be offered a place later in the year if spaces open.