ACE PROGRAM - Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment Program for Year 7 2021


Ashwood ACE An approved SEAL program Accelerated Curriculum & Enrichment Ashwood High School

The Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment program is an educational program designed to meet the needs of high performing, highly motivated students who are ready for the challenge of a complex, fast paced and integrated program of learning.


ACE testing is open to all Grade 6 students and is scheduled for June 12 2020 at Ashwood High School.  ACE testing, provided by ACER will cost $100 per student. If you pre-pay online you will receive an 'early bird' discount. Cost of testing (prepaid only) is $80. Payments can be made here


To register for the testing, click here - you will be sent a booklet which should be handwritten by the student (and parent).





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