Ashwood High School turns 60 in 2018

What a huge day it was when we celebrated  our 60th birthday in 2018.


From the Principal:
The 60th Alumni day on Sunday 28 October was well attended and enjoyed by past students. Over 1000 visitors passed through on the day and over 250attended the cocktail party in the evening. There was a great community ‘vibe’ with students taking tours, Parents & Friends Network attending to stalls, outdoor music performances by Ashwood High School students and a museum of artefacts in our Middle School Centre which recreated our school’s progress from 1958 to the present day.

The majority of the attendees were from Ashwood High School in the 60s and 70s and I received a great deal of gratitude from them for my work with the School’s name change back to Ashwood High School. Alumni were amazed at our ‘elaborate’ new
school and impressed with the poise and confidence of our students. As Peter Flinn, student 1961-1966, writes in his memoir, Tales Out of School, written for the 60th reunion:
‘A brand new Phoenix has risen in its place. From what I see, the Principal and his staff run a tight ship and a happy school. The atmosphere is good, and it deserves to succeed’.

Thank you to the organising committee comprised of past alumnus, led by Donna Mineo; all staff who volunteered their time on the day and evening; Parents & Friends Network and also to Marc Peters, parent and School Council Member, who kindly took class photos on the day


Brett Moore


You can also email for information about how alumni can get involved at Ashwood High School.